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    Ceshtja shqiptare-tituj studimesh dhe punimesh

    Une po hedh kete bibliografi me qellim qe dikujt ti hyje ne pune e ta ndihmoje per tu orientuar nese po kerkon tituj librash ne lidhje me Shqiperine e shqiptaret. Nese ka dhe te tjere qe mund te hedhin informacion plus, do te ishte nje gje e mire, qofte edhe nese postoni nje titull te vetem.


    Albanian society between the wars: a working bibliography

    Beryl Nicholson

    Papers/Skrifter 4
    Centre for Scandinavian Studies/Senter for Skandinaviske Studier
    Newcastle upon Tyne

    © Centre for Scandinavian Studies 1999.

    This bibliography has been compiled in the course of undertaking studies of Albanian society in the inter-war period, mostly using sources outside Albania. It is work in progress and makes no claims to be complete nor to be correct in every detail. It remains open to amendment and correction.

    Its purpose is to be a practical tool. It informs researchers about a sizeable proportion of the publications that exist and indicates locations where they have been found. In most cases a catalogue number is supplied.

    It is deliberately uncritical. No comment is made on the content or the quality of the works listed. A critical bibliography would necessarily have adopted criteria of inclusion and exclusion, which would limit the range of uses to which it could be put. It is freely conceded that, along with many very worthwhile books and articles, the list includes some which provide negligible information on Albania and which are biased or unreliable. However, any study of, say, how Albania was represented in the wider world in the period covered would need to take them into account. The sheer number of references to ‘the Albanian problem’, or, more euphemistically, ‘the Albanian question’, for example, are indicative of how Albania has so often been regarded. There is a case for asking why this should be so, and what the consequences have been.

    References are listed by author in alphabetical order. Most publications are in West European languages, but those in Albanian found in West European libraries have also been included so that Albanian speakers can be aware of what is available outside Albania.

    The period covered has been defined flexibly, and works concerned with the time before 1918 or after 1939 have been included if they are thought to be useful for illuminating the inter-war period. The list was initially compiled in the course of a project on southern Albania, therefore some references on northern Albania may have been overlooked, though attempts have been made to make good the omissions.

    Information on locations is not comprehensive, but reflects the libraries it was possible to consult in the course of the research, and in what sequence. The items in the British Library were, on the whole, located first, so location information for other libraries has not always been added as a matter of routine, but only if they happened to be noted while searching a catalogue for further items. Thus, even though it may not be noted in this list that a specific item is to be found in a particular library, it may be nonetheless, and if it is not, in most cases a reader will be able to identify a library where it can be found. Not all catalogue entries have been checked, some refer to items no longer in the library concerned, and there were mistakes in library catalogues which it was not possible to rectify. Predictably, in most libraries a few books had been mislaid, some had even been discarded.

    Not all the libraries consulted are accessible to the public. Entry can in some cases be negotiated, and, increasingly, fees are charged. This applies particularly in Britain. Otherwise material must be sought through inter-library loan arrangements.


    A grant from the British Sociological Association Support Fund made it possible to start work on this project. Most of it was completed thanks to a Small Grant from the British Academy. Many librarians and ancilliary staff have helped me to negotiate their libraries, and Jim Beckford, Simon Katzenellenbogen and Etienne Revault have assisted in various ways without which the work might not have come to fruition.

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    Albanian society between the wars: a working bibliography

    Key to locations

    Number only - British Library, London
    BL - British Library, London
    BSpa - British Library Lending Division, Boston Spa
    BLPES - British Library of Political and Economic Science (London School of Economics)
    LSHTM - School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London
    RIIA - Royal Institute for International Affairs, London
    RGS - Royal Geographical Society, London
    MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, London
    BN – Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
    Hamburg - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek, Hamburg
    BSB - Bayrische Staatsbibliothek, München
    München - Albanien Institut, München
    SOI - Südosteuropainstitut, München
    ÖNB - Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien
    UBW - Universitätsbibliothek, Wien
    ÖOI - Österreiches Ost- und Südosteuropa-Institut, Wien
    IOS - Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropa, Universität Wien
    Graz - Abteilung für Südosteuropäische Geschichte (University), Graz
    BNI - Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Vittorio Emanuele II, Roma
    BSCM - Biblioteca di Storia Moderna e Contemporenea, Roma
    BNCF - Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Firenze
    Fir.Econ - Biblioteca di Economia (University), Firenze
    Fir.Geog - Biblioteca di Geografia (University), Firenze
    BNVE III - Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III, Napoli
    Lecce - University Library, Lecce
    Groningen - University of Groningen
    Rotterdam - Erasmus University, Rotterdam
    Wageningen - Agricultural University, Wageningen

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    Himarjot jet' e jet', Zot mbi male Hyll mbi det
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    Perjashtuar Maska e BARAT
    Himarjot jet' e jet', Zot mbi male Hyll mbi det
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    Perjashtuar Maska e BARAT
    Himarjot jet' e jet', Zot mbi male Hyll mbi det
    4 falenderime në 3 postime
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    Himarjot jet' e jet', Zot mbi male Hyll mbi det
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