Did she fall?

I admire you much,
Your face i'd like to touch,

Your body is perfect,
Your hearts is prefect.

I admire you so tight,
But i love you so light.

I don't want you to be part of my mistake,
So you'll never be take.

For the love i thought,
But the real love you taught.

I'm very sorry,
For i did worry.

For this admiration,
is my infatuation.

More than a friend

I'm sick of this feeling, the feeling of love.
My heart is telling me that you're that special one.
But my heart is lying; it lies all the time.
And it's hard not to listen cause my heart rules over my mind.

I know I'll never have you; I'm not good enough for you.
And that fact will never change, no matter what I do.
If only my heart could understand, my cheeks would be dry.
But because my heart is stubborn, everyday I cry.

I shouldn't feel this way, I'm only fourteen.
So like every other time, its gonna end with a heartbreak scene.
My heart will bleed and break and more tears I will cry.
And with all the pain, my heart will make me wanna die.

But I won't let it get to that, I wont let my heart break.
And if I do, it's my fault, it will be my mistake.
Because I would have fallen for you and hurt myself again.
All because I love you, oh so much more than just a friend.

Love is.........

Love is..
something u share w/ ur lover
love is...
something u cant forget
love is..
something u cant regret
love is...
something special
love is...
what u see past the imperfections
love is...
caring about each other
love is...
something that u just plainly love about each other