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Tema: Granit Zela

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    The Muse

    In my lonely castle while trying to create
    a glamorous poem, a great work of art.
    Recalling old memories, living once again
    love for my sweetheart as time kept us apart.
    Sitting in a chair, looking nowhere,
    I waited for the Muse, drinking some red wine.
    Source of inspiration- your eternal flame
    that burned like volcano- I couldn’t write a line.
    I had to demonstrate the poet within me,
    but no... inspiration came to a dead end.
    The world without her, worse than a wasteland
    mundane and profane, her amorous look.
    Words cannot describe, it’s not enough a book,
    her angelic face like in a legend.

    I couldn’t concentrate, something to frustrate,
    make a masterpiece- a tough nut to crack.
    A bird came mysteriously in my window frame,
    waiting there in vain like an insomniac.
    I had no time to lose, so began to pray.
    White letters before me, I threw them in a can
    Looked out in the yard, it was so hard.
    Wished my Muse to come but there, there was none.
    It began to speak! Confused, thunder-struck,
    the bird talked to me like an ancient bard.
    In the break of the day I was taken aback
    maybe it didn’t speak and I had over drunk.

    "Listen," said the bird, "you’re waiting in vain,
    your Muse is in an island, very far away.
    Today is her birthday it’s St Love’s Day,
    a day of love and peace- write your masterpiece!"
    I couldn’t inhale, was it a nightingale?
    My room was like a cage I wanted to break.
    Memory couldn’t betray I knew how to portray
    like a painter to paint the image of a Saint.
    I tried to go back in that wonderland
    where she made me stare at her all the day.
    Fascinating me, I wanted to be with her day and night.
    Love, it means light.
    "Make her immortal or commit suicide,
    you won’t see her again- never in this life,"
    Said the ominous bird staying in the dark,
    torturing my soul and tearing up my heart!

    Her blaze of beauty inspiring me,
    while a breeze was blowing softly in the Black Sea.
    I looked at her eyes, being full of grace.
    No one in this world has eyes that can amaze,
    enchant, hypnotize- you only want to be always next to her
    and don't want to see anyhing else- she’s paradise.
    I was blinded from a siren who knows how to mesmerize.
    I spoke to the owl, "Become now a man and feel all my suffering
    just try, if you can, to bear it or just understand
    the pain that drives me insane, ‘cause I cannot stand.
    Let me be a bird, an owl! I don’t care,
    so I can fly and stay in her hair!
    Then I begged the bird to lead the way but it answered quickly,
    "Do not leave but stay, life is never fair and you have to fight.
    Writing is a battle against death and night."

    Be that as it may days will pass away,
    tomorrow, full of sorrow- it’s not like yesterday.
    When holding, in my arms, her body, full of charm
    saying the pray- I could stop time.
    She was like a mermaid and I was afraid I would loose her
    sometimes to the sea.
    "All the world is a stage," and we have to play a role
    in the world and vanish one day.
    This poem is that golden colonnade
    that time can’t forget- neither devastate.
    I told the bird, "Get out of my way!"
    I’ll write all my life for human love and pain...

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    Ode to you

    I’ll leave my door open and wait for you to come.
    I can’t obliterate the past to let you into oblivion.
    I owe to you all I wrote till now...
    Over flown with love, grateful of what you have given.

    You outshine all the girls I've met in this world,
    They didn’t mean more than a poem to me.
    An ode to you is not enough...
    words are left unsaid.

    An ode to you like an Orphean melody
    Originator of your legend in an Olympian race
    With all the poets of this universe...
    May be I’ll hold out the olive branch one day.

    Orchestrating words, not in a ordinary way.
    Overjoyed by my verse...
    its occult power.

    An ode to you,
    I oblate with my soul.

    An ode to you,
    like a spring flower.

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    Love in a foreign land

    It’s raining on the Rhine, Jana
    We were hidden in a German castle
    And created a kingdom
    I was the king and you were the queen
    Now the kingdom is ruined…
    It’s raining, or is somebody somewhere crying?
    Dionysus, god of wine
    Pray for us, my lord!

    Let me tell you, Jana-- after you left home
    I was left alone
    In an abandoned castle
    Without the queen
    Without the kingdom
    I was frightened to death by the silence of the walls

    You taught me to dance in a German castle
    And drink from morning till midnight
    People thought I was crazy, but I wasn’t
    How can I teach when I want to learn?
    And I want to learn what love is
    It is the poet within me

    Do you remember some people playing music?
    In our castle some sirens sang an eternity song
    There was snow everywhere and we were kissing
    Trying to find a rhyme for my last best line ever written

    It’s raining on the Rhine, Jana
    No rhyme
    No wine
    No kingdom anymore, my queen
    Wherever I go I build kingdoms
    Maybe I’ll never love in this life, Jana
    May be never

    Koeln, Germany, May 29th 2005

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    As I have loved thee

    I long for you during long days and all empty nights
    The light of your lips filled me with delight
    These lines written passionately are a token of my love
    Oh, come back tonight my eternally beloved!

    I dreamed of other women, devoted all my thoughts
    Believing that one day I would feel that feeling
    I had in the delirium of your presence
    Afterwards I suffered under the ruins of your absence
    It was impossible to have that glorious love in me
    I could never love as I have loved thee!

    Time can’t terminate what’s deeply in my heart
    My love is so pure forever genuine
    I will love you with joy my entire life
    You inspire endlessly magnificent poetry

    If you only knew how my feelings
    Oh, happy were the days when I was with you
    I was completely yours you were totally mine
    I pray to our Lord to give it back to me

    I will never love as I have loved thee!

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    Waiting for Aurora Borealis

    When the sky is agleam with the setting sun
    My boat runs aground
    Be so good as to come
    One day I found
    Myself adventuresome
    Trying to fight the abyss of oblivion
    Come with the autumnal breeze
    Escaping the Eyes of Argus.

    If not
    Your aureate hair will astonish him
    He will say “What a woman I have seen!”
    I stay in the studio of the artist
    Trying to afforest Sahara of the white letters
    With avalanche of ardent words
    I dream of your argental face
    The night is advanced...

    Your advent is an adventure into unknown
    Come along with me amid the trees
    Alongside the river or Alps
    To wait together for Aurora Borealis
    O ascending star in the horizon
    You’re Aurora I’m waiting for
    For aught I know
    Time burns everything to ashes
    Not memories.

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    Why don't you love me?

    Cupid hit my heart with summer lightning speed
    I was shocked by your beauty; I couldn’t even breathe
    Why don’t you come with me in these crowded streets
    Your sweet lovely face fascinating me?

    Why do you wait in the bus stations for buses to come
    When I try every day to come to you before the day is gone?
    I have to dream all of your dreams and then begin
    To feel in silence the flow of the river that runs within

    My soul… trying and trying to find a way
    With words I write, gestures I make, and what I say
    And still, between us there always stands a wall
    I make attempts hoping that it will fall

    To let me free and come to you before the day
    Is gone forever and you won’t be there just as a ray
    Of light... oh no, by then it will be so cold
    I won’t be able to survive; it can’t be told

    Nor can it be repeated what is leaving and not been done
    Why do you wait in the bus stations days to have gone?
    Strangers in the night we may well be

    The night will be dark and cold will be air
    I will be warmed by your sunny smile
    I will see light coming from your hair

    In those bars there with candles burning slowly
    I will ask you to let be your man
    A poet found in you the greatest poetry
    Those mortals can find when no one can

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    The wind

    The wind blows slowly
    and I feel so lonely.
    I am looking for you
    maybe you are hidden
    Somewhere in the Garden of Eden.

    Your sweet voice is
    all that I need.
    To listen to its echo
    I am forever yours!
    I’ll be all my life
    looking in Elysium Fields.

    Trying to find you
    while writing my thoughts
    You live in Helicon,
    Kingdom of the Muses.

    I hold you so dear
    let me hear from you.
    Your pristine face
    in the heyday of beauty.
    Hydrangea of mountains
    in the heat of youth.

    The wind blows
    as love for you grows
    Now in silenced streets
    there is no one
    You, heavenly woman, became so ethereal.
    Are you hiding in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

    I took Pegasus, my flying horse, hereabouts.
    Came to visit you so many times.
    Forever and ever I have no doubts
    At least I hid you in one of my lines.

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    A fabulous woman

    A fabulous woman put dreams in my heart.
    I was blind; she gave me back the sight.
    I love with her with a love that lasts
    I only think for her and lie awake at night.
    I love a woman who brought love to me.
    I didn’t know I would love her forever
    It’s worth having this blessing in every endeavor.

    She makes me keep up dreams of victory.
    She is the best flower with the best flavor.
    She showed up in my life, inspired me do great things.
    She makes me believe that I was born to win.
    She looks too good to be true...
    but she is.

    Oh, I am blessed to have kissed her lips.
    I am...with her...
    what I want to be.

    A fabulous woman,
    a miracle to me!

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    Granit Zela

    Pėr Autorin

    Granit Zela ka pėrkthyer ese tė kritikės sė letėrsisė tė mbi njėzetė autorėve britanikė dhe amerikanė, ashtu si dhe shumė eseve nė revista dhe periodikė letrarė mė sė shumti nė gazetėn kulturologjike “Fjala”, ashtu sikurse nė “Mehr Liht!”, “Aleph”, “Albania”, “Ballkan”, “Drita”, “Temp”, “Poeteka”, “Milosao”, “Ars” mbi autorė si Uilljam Folkner, Oskar Uajld, Uistėn Oden, Robert Frost, David Lodge, Francis Bacon, Tomas Eliot, Xhejm Xhojs etj ku dhe ka botuar ese origjinale kryesisht me problematikė kulturore. Ka botuar dy libra poetikė “Apokalips” Mokra 2001, “Nė studion time hermetike” Aleph 2003 dhe njė libėr me tregime “Vdekje me dėshirė”, Globus R 2002. Ėshtė fitues i Ēmimit “Kėnga e Parė” pėr librin “Apokalips” nga Lidhja e Shkrimtarėve dhe Artistėve tė Shqipėrisė.

    Romani “Dodona”…

    …i shkrimtarit tė ri Granit Zela, ėshtė promovuar nė Lidhjen e Shkrimtarėve nė 2006. Fragmente tė romanit “Dodona” tė Granit Zelės u botuan pėrsėpari nė revistėn “Mehr Licht”; dhe mandej nė revistėn kulturore evropiane “Eurozine”, tashmė romani vjen para lexuesit i plotė. Romani “Dodona” ka nė pėrbėrjen e vet peizazhin e sė bukurės, ose mė saktė, rendjen mbas saj. Njė rendje e artistit mbas Dodonės, si njė rrugėtim i marrėzishėm mbas njė bukurie qė duket e zhduket, njė rrugėtim kah fati mė i mirė… Rrugėtimi i Lum Drinit, protagonistit tė romanit, ėshtė endja nėpėr njė pėrditshmėri traumatizuese, qysh prej ditėve tė fėminisė nė provincėn e zymtė dhe duke vijuar mė pas edhe nė kryeqendėr me pakėz dritė mė shumė, por ku merret frymė njėsoj. E njėllojta rrjedh e qetė dhe pa u ndjerė si ujėt e njė lumi me zhurmė tė shuar, megjithatė mbresat vijnė pikė-pikė nė kujtesėn e personazhit si tė zėnė vend pėr t’u derdhė herėdokur nė letėr, si shenjė e ripėrtėritjes sė kujtesės, por edhe si shenjė e energjisė sė njeriut pėr tė kumtuar ato gjėra, qė i sheh si tė nevojshme se duhen pėrcjellė tek tė tjerėt. Duke i parė pjesėt rrėfimore mė imtas, ėshtė vetė pėrpjekja e Lum Drinit-shkrimtar si njė mundim i gjithkohshėm tė ruajė nė krejt palcėn e rrėfimit atė qė ėshtė njerėzore, e pėrfytyrueshme vetėm si e tillė dhe ku sheh vetveten si nė pasqyrė se deri nė ē’masė e ka ruajtur tė paprekur ndjenjėn e njerėzores…

    Sipas njė komunikate pėr shtyp tė Akademisė sė Shkencave, emrat e pėrzgjedhur si anėtarė Nderi tė Akademisė sė Shkencave janė tė personaliteteve, qė kanė dhėnė kontribute tė rėndėsishme nė fushėn e studimeve tė botės shqiptare (si nė gjuhėsi, histori, arkeologji, letėrsi, kritikė letrare, shkenca tė tokės etj.) Ndėrkohė personalitetet qė kanė treguar interes tė veēantė bashkėpunimi me institucionet shkencore shqiptare dhe kanė dhėnė kontribute tė rėndėsishme nė shkencėn botėrore janė pranuar si Anėtarė Nderi tė Akademisė sė Shkencave tė Shqipėrisė.

    p.s. materiali ėshtė shkėputur nga Gazeta Ballkan, nurmi i datės 19/07/2006

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    DODONA Excerpts from the novel

    How beautiful and how nice-looking you are
    O my love
    With all the wanderings that surround in the path
    Your body is like palm and your breast is like grapes so much
    I say "In the palm I'll g o and grapes that are hers I'll touch"
    Song of the Songs

    When we were dining in the restaurant, I said that I really missed you, although I don't know if you thought of it as declaration of my love or simply as an expression of the longing that one has when being away of his country. I know, tens of writers may have begun their stories with the sentence "I really missed you [...]" but I said these words to you and this is quite a different, unbelievable story, beyond imagination, because it is about you, only about you. That's why I am mentioning that restaurant, that evening when we were drinking beer while I couldn't believe that I was with you just with you, celebrating the New Year in San Antonio. You were amazed by the lights hanging in the trees of San Antonio We ate dinner in a restaurant by the sea that reminded me of my river in Bregdri. Quite happy you walked slowly staying with me and taking pictures. We passed to the other side. We went till the end of the river enjoying its view in the night. A crowd of people was gathered in the city centre. There was a concert there but I was not looking at the crowd. I was looking at your lips, which I wanted to kiss. To the Tower Clock, we waited for twelve 0' clock to come, counting loudly. When twelve 0' clock came we embraced each other. At that moment, you thought that how was it possible that I was embracing you Dodona, at that blessed night, in a foreign land. You liked everything, the music, the city, and the restaurant. During all this time I was thinking how I would kiss a whole day your lips. The other day, from morning till evening, I would kiss your eyes. Then I would kiss your neck. For one day, I would touch your hair and your face. After that, day after day, the whole body till I would feel the movement of every nerve under the skin. You kept your eyes close during the entire trip back. You napped looking time and again towards me. Was it a dream everything happening to me? When I left that restaurant, I thought to have a walk around San Antonio, to see something new for the poet's eyes, may be an interesting building with a special architecture, a bridge, a river, but I didn't feel like walking around because you said that you felt tired and wanted to go back to the institute.

    Next day, I began dreaming about you time after time, as long time ago, thinking how many pages I had written for you. I was looking at you, but I couldn't dare to think about you because you seemed like an eternal creature, an angel coming with the soft breeze of the sea to amaze visitors of that city. The other day, when the classes ended and everyone went to the city, I wanted so much to go to the city too, because I love to see new things, but I was stuck there next to you, struck by the thunder of your beauty, saying the same words you were saying "I need to sleep because I feel tired!"

    Of course I couldn't go to the city. How could I go without you? You returned to the institute, and I returned to the institute too. I didn't want to stay in the room all the afternoon and I asked you if we could go and see the river, only you and me, and you answered "yes". It was the first "yes" you said, the beginning of an unpredictable life. We got on a truck; sitting next to you I was looking at you most of the time. After we traveled for a while I realized that we were traveling in the opposite direction. We were not going to the city, of course I wasn't coming to the city, I had begun the best journey of my life towards you. I was coming to you. You were trying to find the right way to the river but I was trying to find you. I was walking alone with you in the streets of the city but I was not looking at the streets, I was looking at you and saying to myself that I was lucky to be with you, to go with you to the sea, to see its water. It was becoming cold and we didn't stay for a long time but while were going back to the institute I felt that I would never go back anywhere, a part of myself remained there, in that, that sacred place which later became like a temple where me, a poet, adored the goddess of love, the queen of my kingdom, muse of my poetry, peace of my soul, light of my life.

    We went to the institute. You stayed with Mirbana and me after dinner to have fun while creating poetry and I saw that something was happening with you too. You were writing lines on a white paper. You were writing some lines and I was writing some lines too. A poem was coming out of our desire to create something different, something special, and something to remember. It was so natural. Do you remember? I was laughing all the time. You were writing so "seriously", concentrating on the white paper and above all, dancing, yes, moving your head and body in a very special way.

    I know, they were simple lines, but we stayed for a long time enjoying rhymes coming out of our minds. There was music in the background and I understood that you danced so amazingly, and I liked to dance too. You had been attending a dancing course during these months in Tirana but I thought that you were different from Dodona I had left there. No, there, you had been a bud while now you were blossoming. I saw that you smiled in a very special way and I wanted to see you smile all the time. The way you spoke, the way you made jokes, the way you blinked your eye, it was the way leading to paradise. This was not poetry, my love. This was happening with me. I went to sleep that night with this sunny image of you, in my dark lonely room.

    Next day[...] I know it will sound like in the tales, but I don't want to write dates. That time was like a time different from that of this world. It was the time when I lived with you, and I divided the years, in those before and after meeting you. I thought of the evenings, as those when I was or wasn't with you. I slept that night dreaming about you. I woke up in the morning wishing and praying that you would stay with me. And you did. That day after the classes we went to a disco near the sea, with glasses instead of the walls, through which we could see the lights of the city reflected on the waters of the sea. We were talking and staying with each other all the way there and when we went inside looked around where we could sit. It was a very nice place, which would become unusual more and more because of you. It was the first evening when you exploded in flames of creativity burning me with your artistic, shocking, astonishing wild dance which I thought it was a style you had learned in the dance course you attended in Tirana but later I found out that it was more unique, Dodona's style!

    I asked you to dance with me and shock the audience. It was the proper time, the proper place, and the proper people. Universe had found the harmony. And we danced like in a jungle, celebrating life. Do you remember when we climbed up the pole in the disco? Holding two cups with wine, we went next to the ceiling and all the people were really shocked. Even unknown people were taking pictures all the time without believing what we were doing. May be some of them had the fear that we were drank and could fall but no, I had no fear of falling. If I would fall, I would fly and come to you. I enjoyed dancing that night like I had not done never before. Everything was unpredictable like all other things, which happened after that and this because you were unpredictable. You were being so surprising and inspiring for me. This is what the poets wish for; find the Muse who makes them to be the most creative they can. Meet the Muse, the owner of their words and thoughts. And I was there, next to My Muse! It is a combination of lot of things reason can't explain. It is like the explosion of unknown volcanoes hidden under the earth. When you pass a wonderful time usually people can't sleep well because of lot of impressions that come again and again to their minds but that night I slept like in the paradise because you had an angelic purifying effect on me.

    Next day we went to Banderas, a small very nice city, typically cowboy style, with shops full of ancient things, hats, belts, but please don't ask me to describe it because I was looking at you all the time. I can describe you, sitting next to me in the minibus wishing for the tour guide to shut up, because I wanted to concentrate on your face. I wanted to listen to your voice. I wanted to feel only your presence. When we arrived to an ancient palace, you said that you were not going inside it, to see the palace but staying outside and have a walk around it. I wanted to see the palace but I liked to stay with you and if you would say me I would hate the castle even ruin it if possible!

    O you were more precious to me than every diamond. We tried to go to the river through complicated paths of the forest in front of the palace but later found out that it was farther than we thought and we didn't have time to sit somewhere. It was a sweet "torture" hanging around different paths of the forest, and then we went to the swimming pools near the institute. You bought a long towel with pictures of dolphins on it and, when we arrived, beauty of your body with a swimming costume shocked me. You looked like movie star, like top models of the first pages of magazines, but besides this something different at the same time. You were real and natural. I was looking at your hair, your face, your neck, your breast, your legs, your towel, your bench, the sand under you, and the ground on which you put your feet. We were lying there, in front of the water and I was creating poetry for you. I was singing for you. Do you remember songs we used to sing together with their translations of their texts while I would say that I wrote them?. Of course I hadn't written them but I wish I wrote all the songs that you sing. The songs you translated me were so nice, they were about love and I loved you, singing with my soul, living with within the words you used to articulate while expressing this feeling conveyed by the singers.

    We went to a kind of wine shop where we tasted ten different wines and after drinking each one I was saying to myself "she is sweeter, she is the only wine I want to taste and drink all the time until I would get drunk". Drinking one after another, emptying glasses of different wines I knew you were the best wine among thousands of wines. And I bought a bottle to take as souvenir in my country. In our way back to the Institute, you put your head in my shoulder and I couldn't believe that you had put your head in my shoulder! How was it possible?. I couldn't believe that and I wished once again that that the tour guide would shut up but in fact she was already drunk and was staying quiet next to the driver.

    We went to the hotel to have dinner, talking all the time with you, eating while looking at you, breathing with you. Everyone left but we stayed and a very nice music came to us, inviting us to dance. Dancing with you in that evening when nobody besides the waiters and waitresses were there. It was dark outside my honey, but I was dancing there, touching your body, feeling ecstasy. I was dancing like cowboys, like toreadors in the Spanish arenas and you were the red clothing curving in the wind driving me crazily. I was dancing with you till past midnight, only with you, alone with you in the night. The waiters used to pass murmuring and flushing enjoying that surreal dance using body language, English, French. Italian, Greek, and above all I spoke to you the language of love. I sat next to your knees singing for you, praying for you, saying to you that you are a miraculous creature. No, I was touching you but yet you seemed so unreal.

    A strong light used to come from you blinding me hopelessly, and I prayed to you "please help me, help me to escape from this magic spell that has made me prisoner of your love. My queen, this is the palace I have been dreaming during all my life! My queen, you are the queen I have been looking for centuries ago. My Dodona, this is the hour I have been asking to God to create for me so that I can write my best expressive lines rushing out of the soul noisily and loudly like when earthquakes destroy cities so that new cities can be reborn afterwards!

    I danced and danced, and then kissing you behind a curtain in the corridors, looking at a new moon moving quickly through the clouds. Then, in the corridor kissing you and speaking loudly, spoiling the dead silence of midnight, I was trying to kiss you and express the life living in my flesh. A kiss, a good night, an attempt, a song, a wish that had to become true was waiting for us.

    Nothing more beautiful can one see under the sun!
    Her eyebrow straight like an arrow
    The path of the forehead as path of the mountain
    When the moon starts going downward
    Love of Halil for Tanusha
    (Albanian epos)

    Immediately after the classes, we ran to the beach leaving the others. I didn't take my towel that day and I never took it after that because this way I could lie in the same towel with you, waiting for you to go to the changing room, imaging how you take of your clothes and put on the swimming costume, looking at you all the way back from the changing room to our towel, while you walked through people. Then you would come smiling like a siren that just came out of the water and lie next to me bringing the magic smell of your body.

    I stayed all the time looking at you and you told me that there were other people there that had came to the swimming pool to enjoy swimming, I didn't see anybody there, it was only you and me. I tried to find the people, the sun, umbrellas, but no, I didn't see anyone at all. It was only you and I. You were staying on a towel with a swimming costume and I was looking at you staring at you, speaking at you, confusing words, and realities. That evening after going back to the institute I said to you that I had to type something so may be you could help me with your computer. You said that you needed to have a shower and after half an hour I could knock at your door. I had bought a bottle of wine to take it to my country but as I saw on the table I thought that you deserved it so I would take back in my country the beautiful memory of drinking a bottle of wine with you, only with you, in your room.

    I knocked in the door of the Paradise and I saw an angel with beautiful eyes, reddish hair, tall body, and nice perfume coming out of it. I knocked and knocked because I thought I would meet a human being named Dodona, but I saw that she was more than a person, she had became an angel while I was waiting for her to have a shower. I don't know how it happened. I went in her room and typed for a while in her computer, some materials for tomorrow knowing that the present was the time I would like always to live.

    You waited for me in the balcony, preparing too some materials for tomorrow, but I knew, I could feel the perfume of your body even you were in the balcony. I came to and sat next to you. There was music on TV and you had switched off the lights. Your house was so beautiful, like the palace of a princess. I stood there, in your balcony, with you drinking with glasses full of wine, while the dim rays of light were coming from a lampshade to the corner for the balcony helped me to see your face while it was so close to me. Sitting next to you, feeling your body, your breath I was touching softly your hair and speaking to you about life. Music was coming from the other room and you translated for me the lines of a song that was your favourite. It said that you can never pass in the same river again and I was touching your hair knowing that may be I would never touch your hair again. It was a very beautiful song. You were singing it and I was touching your face and asking you hopelessly how were it possible that I was there, in that balcony, listening to a romantic song, and you were singing for me while I was touching your face being amazed by you. It was night.

    I was staying next to you, feeling your breath, touching your hair, touching your face, touching your breast. I was there. The city was sleeping. Nobody was in the streets. Oh no, you were the most beautiful song a singer can sing. You are the most beautiful poetry a poet can write. You closed your eyes but I was looking at them all the time that's why I missed them so much. I kissed your eyes. Music was coming out of the room. We drank another glass of wine and still touching quietly your breast, your hair, your eyes, kissing you softly everywhere and feeling again and again your breath. Our bodies were flushing. Blood came to your face and you were like a fire trying to escape the heat burning your body. Now it wasn't only your hair reddish. Your face too was reddish. There was fire burning all over your body and I wanted to be burned, there in that balcony. I went on touching you, kissing you, forgetting where I was. Fire had begun to burn me. A hot river of passion was drowning and killing me softly like in a song and I kissed you again and again. Fighting with the flames of your body in that balcony, turning over the table with glasses we went on fighting on the floor, moving around it heading to the lampshade, towards the light. How was it possible? A poet miles way of his country was fighting on the floor of a balcony, unifying his kingdom with that of a princess wanting to remain forever in her lands as a prisoner. I don't know how long the battle lasted. I heard some voices coming from the remote parts of her lands, mysterious voices trembling in the air, while I was touching the strings of her body like that of a violin, like Orpheus of mythology producing the best music and song the world had ever heard. After a century we found ourselves next to the light of the lampshade and while I was looking at you face, I saw that you had closed your yes and didn't want to open them.

    I told you that I wanted you to be the queen of my country and while you were opened your eyes you said that you accepted the offer. You would rule it quiet peacefully ordering and teaching people to make love. What happened with us my princess? It was almost morning. The light of another day was conquering the world. The sun was rising above the world lands and we were like two people who had dived in a river centuries ago and now were finding themselves somewhere where they had never been before. It was morning my love. We had been burning all the night in the river of our passion, which can't be created by any creator at all. I had to live, not believing that I was in the paradise and lived there with you.

    I was so shocked by the dreamlike realities of your body and soul. I went to eat breakfast, but as I was eating images of the previous night used to come to mind stopping me and making me forget the physical reality I was living. Other people were imaging and gossiping, thinking what might have happened to me, but I was lost, completely lost. I didn't feel like doing anything but only recalling in my memory images of you that night.

    You were having a session that day, and was so amazed when you delivered to the participants worksheets I had typed for you a night before. There were some mistakes there and I was laughing while thinking that it was good I hadn't written your name everywhere in your page because this would confuse them and they wouldn't understand why your name was everywhere in the paper. I was astonished by the way you held the session. You were so natural, so beautiful. I could see in your eyes the happiness. I had forgotten why I had come in your country. I was convinced that I had come only to stay with you. I was sure this was the purpose, the destiny I couldn't escape. It had come the moment when I had forgotten the past and couldn't predict the future at all. It was the sacred moment when I thought that everything was you.

    I went in a classroom but you were the focus of my look and thoughts. I walked through corridors but I walked with or without you. I went to a bar to eat lunch, but I stayed all the time with you. I came back with you and after the sessions I went to the beach with you. I lied in your towel waiting for you. I stayed next to the sea looking at you and never swimming although I like very much it. I couldn't go to swim because you didn't go. If you wouldn't go to the sea I wouldn't go too. If you wouldn't breathe I wouldn't breathe too. I stayed in the beach for more than two hours but I never stopped looking at you. And I prayed to you once more to let me free and not enchant me so madly. You tried while describing the beach and the sea, but I realised that you couldn't do anything. I could see only you. After going back to the hotel I said to you that I needed to come to your room again because I still had to prepare some materials for the final presentation and you said "yes" smiling madly at me knowing that this was just a justification. And you said "yeeeees" in your special way blinking your eye and moving the head like dancing. I did the same and you laughed because I was imitating everything you did. I was like a mirror where you could see yourself.

    I came to your room but didn't pretend for a long time as if I was typing because I didn't want loose time. We turned on the TV and found the channel of music. I looked from the glass of the balcony and liked the view of the city at night. It was so nice to be there. You opened the window and a breeze came through the windows playing with your hair and I became jealous. The breeze was touching you. I closed the window and touched your hair. "And the certain still uncertain rustling of the purple curtain/thrilled me, filled me with desire never felt before [...]" The sensation of being thrilled and filled by you was torturing me. We sat again in a straw armchair and I began touching you describing once more the first moment I saw you in the restaurant, and after that every moment I had been with you. I was speaking and speaking telling you how much I was in love with you. I was saying to you that I really loved you. I said "I love you" and you were listening all the time closing and opening your eyes, letting your body surrender to the flood of words, sensations, kinesthetic movements of out limbs, wanting to feel more and more. I wanted to tell you how those days had been the most memorable days of my life only because of you. I told you to keep your eyes closed and imagine a forest. You were alone in that forest. I told you in your dream to walk through the woods and go to a river. There was a bridge there, and I told you to walk through that bridge with your eyes closed and to feel the breeze coming from the sea. I had passed through that bridge days ago and I had wished that love would conquer our souls, and now that the wish had come true I would be waiting for you in the other side of the bridge. You had to walk and come to me, to let me touch and kiss you full of passion to tell you that what you passed was a bridge but what I feel for you is love. You were dreaming about these things, keeping your eyes closed and I was kissing you all the time, walking with my fingers in the bridge of your body passing to another dimension. That night flames of your body burned me not only in the balcony but also in your room while the TV was on but the best music came out of your body and after a long time when it was already morning we found ourselves in the carpet of the previous night.

    That day I didn't see you anywhere Dodona. Even in the afternoon. I missed you so much. An evening, immediately I went to bed, exhausted from tiredness, I slept like a dead log. I heard some knocks. Then I heard your voice. I opened the door. You were speaking, while I was asking myself if I was still dreaming and the knock, you appearance in front of the door. And then you speaking to me and saying that as soon as you would finish a meeting with the class friends you would come to my room. Was it a dream or a reality? You left smiling and looking at me. I came back to fall in the bed. I said to myself that, of course, all of this was a dream and that's all.

    The clock was approaching nine. I went out for a while in the city. It seemed to me like I had come that night for the first time, because everything looked new to me. Even thought I didn't stay late. You would come back and I should be in the room waiting for you. An hour later you knocked. After you entered, you sat in the chair in front of my bed. You told me what restaurant you went to. You smiled while looking at me. I was looking at you and if the impression that you wanted to had say that you were really tired, may be it would be good if we would have a rest that night, to relax. You were thinking like this but when I said that you could sit in the bed next to me because I would tell you the tale of a poet and a princess, you came at once. You closed your eyes waiting for my face to come over yours, hearing my story for the extraordinary beauty or the princess which was not human but an angel. You wanted to be alone that night. You needed to be alone but, while I whispered voiceless that how beautiful the princess was describing your hair, your face, your eyes, your neck, your breast with which I had begun the ritual or every night, your waist, your legs, your sex, you blushed and murmuring said that you had loved me in Tirana too, but this time you were feeling something different. "I am crushed" you said quite hopelessly once or twice, looking at me sadly since I was saying that we would not see each other for a very long time, because I would live a week after while you would stay some other months here. I touched your body, and lastly, when both or us were almost physically tired knowing that we needed to relax I said that I had a thirst for you; an endless thirst was driving me crazy while you began crying. That night I saw you everywhere, Dodona. Even in dreams.

    When last of all the limbs go into each other and body
    The lust feels pleasing the body in the heyday of youth,


    The last day, when I woke up in the morning and I saw that I had not been sleeping during the night but only dreaming about you. I went out and left looking at the end of the corridor towards your room and thinking about you. I went to the mess hall and saw if you were there but you weren't, so I didn't feel like eating. I waited in the lobby, and a few minutes later I heard your voice saying good morning. I turned my head, saw you face smiling and felt happy. How is it possible that only after I saw your reddish hair and marvellous sweet smile I was in another dimension of existence? I waited in the lobby and it was like you were with me. I saw you and kept your image within myself. I couldn't stay without you during all that time. Then you came. The world changed. I had been a common guest of that hotel, like thousands of guests who came and one day were gone with the wind, but at that moment I was another one, somebody standing out the crowd and flying over the city of Sevastopol, It was the poet you woke up within me. You were there, next to me, talking to me, staying with me, walking with me, and nobody could convince me that I was not flying. Yes. Do you remember the way you used to say "Yeees" moving your head in a very special way, hypnotizing me with your gestures? Then we used to join the group of people with us, but I was looking at you during all the time. I was speaking with you, sitting next to you, singing with you, listening to your voice. Do you remember my love the lines of your favorite song "You can never pass in the same river again" Yeeees. And I adored the way you sang. While traveling with the minibus towards the Institute I wished the trip would never end and we would be all our life traveling in the same place. When the minibus stopped, I didn't want to get out of it but only to stay there with you, only with you without going out in the world. But what could I do? I was following you everywhere, while walking in the way to the institute I was looking at you and feeling you. In the corridors, in the class, while you were speaking to me, while you were speaking with the others, when you were close to me or not I was always looking at you. You were having teaching sessions and I was staring at you in every second, your hair, your face, your lips, your neck, your body, your gestures, trying to imitate them the way you did and I found my self saying "Yeees" every two minutes and laughing at myself and asking how is it possible that I love you so much. There were moments when you had to do something else and went in the other room, and I was staring all the time in the framework of the door of the room you were in, waiting for you to appear. After some moments you used you came back and I rushed to you speaking with you and feeling your smell.

    I missed you my sweetie, two minutes were like two centuries. How is it possible that I could stay without you during that long very long time? I know, it is not possible to stay every second of the day looking at your eyes, because other people were there, but it was happening with me, and you were smiling, making me feel happiness. So I passed all the before noon in this way. After that we had to go to a restaurant. I could come closer to you and speak only to you. Most of the time I was running out of words, remaining speechless, confusing and forgetting words and you were laughing with me. I was walking may be for the fourteenth day in that street with you, but if you would let me alone, I would get lost and wouldn't be able to remember anything because I had never been looking at the street but only at you. Going to the restaurant, sitting next to you, I was forgetting all the time to eat. You were saying to me "Come on eat, and I managed to eat something because you said to do so. And when it happened that you asked me whether I liked something or not I asked whether you liked it or not, and if you like it, I like it too, if you don't like it I don't like it too, because I like you. I love you. I adore you. Take out the spell, make something so I won't be so much enchanted by you, but no, no, even you couldn't do anything about it. "I have lost the formula was your answer" Then we went back, I didn't want to join the others, I wanted to stay with you. We went again to the Institute and I was amazed, in a state of ecstasy all the time, trying to feel your body forgetting there were people in the streets. I was creating poems, tens of poems and saying that you were the best poem, the best inspiration, and the best thing, which can happen to a poet. Do you remember the pictures we took in front of the Institute? I was staying next to you. It was the farewell picture, the farewell day, the farewell time but your picture was within me. It was one I had taken for days and nights focusing only on you. Then we went back to the hotel, and on the way back listening to the music you were dancing and singing with me like in the dreams. You know, I wanted to come in you're room and pass the remaining hours looking at you but we were tired, and needed to sleep, so many emotions were difficult to face. I went to my room to sleep, because I was so tired, but after I was lying in my bed, I began missing you, yeees, missing you so much. I went out of my bed and took a pen. I began writing some lines for you, some words to express the river of thoughts and feelings torturing me. The idea that I would never see you again came to my mind and I was feeling sad. I didn't want to feel like that. When I went out of the room, two hours later, I was reborn again. It was the farewell party and all the people had worn their best clothes, but you were the best and everyone was looking at us.

    The restaurant was a surprise, like in the palaces of the kings. I was the king and you were the queen. Somebody held a speech, a toast, official statements, while I was speaking to you, having toasts for you. Then I took a bunch of flowers and gave them to you like in movies. Then I stood out the crowd and read a poem for you. I was proud of you and you were proud of me. We went to a disco next to the sea, and while I danced with you in the seashore. It was dark, lights were reflected in the surface of the water and I told you to look at them. The sea, in that dark night was so beautiful, because of you. I told you. It was like that because you're there. We danced in the night for a long time. There was no need for music. No need for words. No need for anything in this world. I needed to put my head to your hair and feel the presence of your body and soul. Why didn't we stay there till the dawn my love? There was a real music coming from somewhere near and we could resist its appeal. We ran towards it. You went in a bathroom and changed all your formal dress and cropped up with another look. Tomorrow I would go [...]

    There were almost eight hours remaining before leaving forever. And we danced. There was a little pause, but I was saying to you " come and dance with me" You were dancing like never before. Everyone was looking at us. You were dancing and singing at the same time, translating words from Russian language, forming rhymes and I was telling you how much I missed you in the morning, how much I'll miss you voice. We're tired, but no, time was flying. There was no time to think about time. We were dancing in all the ways possible. I was shouting all the time like in the jungle "I love you" "I love you my queen" And you're smiling, dancing, singing. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you, my love!

    It was past midnight, about four a clock. I had been dancing for hours only with you. You said that I was possessive because I danced and talked, and spoke only with you as if there wasn't anybody there but you couldn't resist. We went out of the disco and found a taxi to go to the hotel. I came to your room and waited for you to have a shower. I looked out the glass of the balcony. It was becoming a day and I was in the room of a beautiful Muse waiting for her to have a shower and waiting for the morning to come and say to her farewell. This was beyond imagination. It was so inspiring waiting in the balcony of a woman for the light to conquer the world. There were two or three hours remaining yet. And I would stay during these hours waiting with you, waiting for you. But sleep came to me. I was tired, so tired. I had slept so little the last days being with you from morning till past midnight, almost twenty for hours. I was watching TV while you're having the shower and when I woke up about five a clock I found you had worn in blue jeans sited next to me while I had packed a day before everything.

    I opened my eyes and asked you" How is it possible that I was here all the night? How is it possible that you are with me? You lied next to me and I began to touch your hair, and smell it. I touched all you face. I kissed your face for the last time. I began kissing your lips, your red lips, slowly, passionately may be for the last time in my life. I kissed you chin, your neck slowly, slowly. Then again your face and lips while I began touching your breast, your milky and soft breast, slowly, slowly. You face flushed. I had just kissed you for a while and you skin became red. You couldn't resist. You're trembling. And as I was kissing your breast I was thinking that may be you would be late, it was time to go, but no, we had still an hour, half an hour, ten minutes, nine minutes, eight minutes, seven minutes, five minutes.

    You were looking at the watch time after time, but you couldn't say stop. And I touched your breast. I kissed it. My hand was going down and down, toward unknown mysterious valleys. You were breathing quickly and couldn't say a word. Then I took off your jeans, there was no time, I had to kiss you everywhere. I had to go deep in the hidden valley. And you were breathing so quickly, squeezing me with your body. You were moving all over the sofa like a whale, but I had to kiss you for the last time. I had to go deeper and deeper for the last time. You were breathing like that for the last time. Time was running out and we fell down on the floor fighting with our bodies. Then a short pause and I stood up. I realized that it was exactly the time to leave. You helped me with the luggage. I went into the lift, somebody opened the door of the hotel and we went out. I said good morning to the taxi driver; saw you for the last time, kissed you for the last time. I left. The taxi driver blew the horn and I saw you waving at me and smiling while I was leaving towards the airport [...]

    Faleminderit Fiori

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    in my hermetic studio

    in my hermetic studio
    like a preserved fish my love
    i became bookworm wrinkled of age
    within four walls behind closed shutters
    stock that is traded and totally wasted
    in poetry lines and delirious state
    upside – down I slip in the air
    my feet don’t touch soil
    singing a lyrical song plunged in deep despair

    i am given for rent in the black market
    it’s possible i’ll be for sale by auction sold in parts
    play in lottery perhaps you will strike it lucky in fact
    You should know there never was with it a pact

    shriveling in the airless room
    as a snake
    soul do you breathe or not
    are you hereabouts
    if you are still alive
    stand up and look at my eyes
    continuously fabricated shaken materialised
    i tremble like a bird
    in my cage studio abyss
    Robinson of loneliness and crucifixion
    in Emptiness

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    amnesty for the living let them die
    or create the Ministry of Terror, Injustice
    Bank of Anguish where we keep our permanent nightmares
    may be my love this will be more honest
    than regretting coming of the evil

    create the Presidency of Humiliated, Defeated
    there should be given asylum to homeless, hamletians
    in tribunes Tartuffe’s preach the salvation
    crowds in front of them as facing firing squads
    idiots threaten that they will revenge
    censors who don’t know that life is a temple

    human beings thrown in nowhere
    destitutes like fresh deads
    should have their ministries
    throw out snobs covetous people
    blind slaves of abyss
    vagabonds that multiply like worms and crimes
    they sell elegies for you and me my love
    what is there written for about pains ?

    there is no more Diogenes light and oil lamp
    delirious freedom
    angry people like enraged genii of tales
    persecutors ruthless murderers troubles traps
    These words as proverbs
    are prove of my protest
    my love in Delphi’s temple should be written in black and white
    “ every human should always remain a human being”

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    the night before man

    God what’s happening with the clay-man
    when it rains he prays the neighbor's house gets drowned
    in drought his land to be devastated
    they crawl in the edge of the dark abyss
    dictate your orders to unscrupulous people
    while gnashing their teeth they clench bloody fists

    where will you lead these bittering souls
    separated and divided they are to be regretted
    i’ll go and weep in suffocating anguished rooms
    i am like a bird asking for wings
    to come to you our great old God
    away or the mire of small folks

    i remain breathless my body shivers
    dirty and refrained they still do not know
    that these undefended WORDS are molded by blood
    i am a servant redeemer a monk exiled in mountains
    they leave and leave from you killing the memory

    return my God to the night before man
    liberate people from injustices violence cruelties
    how will you quench thirst of these craving for blood
    plunge deeply in the chaos of times
    beginning from man redo once more everything
    with a little more love and Mother Theresa’s goodness.

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    unė me melhem ju me helm torturo tremb e trand
    nė udhėkryq pa atdhe dhe na ftoni nė mėkat
    hem digjni hem vrisni villni vrer delirant
    tartufė gjithkund molierė askund atdhehumbur shkretan
    zullumqarė tė zgėrlaqur s’ėshtė kėtu zulluland!

    betoheni e pėrbetoheni me bujė e brohori
    e kujt ėshtė kjo kujė kjo kishė kėto kuaj
    sikur tė ishin buaj po m’i vrasin bijtė
    ditėn e natėn tė kallni datėn gllabėro e pėrbalt
    nė vendin tėnd s’tė zė vendi se ndjehesh azilant
    zullumqarė tė zgėrlaqur s’ėshtė kėtu zulluland!

    makutėr tuafėr matufėr e ziliqarė
    bliheni e shiteni lakmitarė bukėshkalė
    fytyrėmbuluar me turp idhnakė egėrshanė
    shkatėrroni e rroni si djaj e xhelatė
    zullumqarė tė zgėrlaqur s’ėshtė kėtu zulluland!

    ju mujsharė tė mllefosur plot marrėzi e maraz
    mbarė e mbrapsht flisni pėrēart si dehur
    gjėmė pa bėrė pėrmbi dhé kėtij atdheu nuk i latė
    shkel e shtyp kurthe thur rrobashqyer leshrashkrehur
    kėtė llum e zullum nuk ka lum qė e lan
    zullumqarė tė zgėrlaqur s’ėshtė kėtu zulluland!

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    bluza i dridhej si valėt e Bunės

    heshtje heshtje heshtje gjithēka hesht si varr
    ta pimė njė kupė me verė jemi a s’jemi gjallė
    po dehem ah po dehem poēmendem e po qaj
    nuk kam as halle as brenga m’u shfaq fytyrė e saj
    e pashė buzėn e saj tė bruztėn tė bukurėn
    i pashė flokėt e saj tė ėndėrrtėt tė butėt
    e pashė faqen e saj tė ėmbėlėn tė skuqurėn
    qepallapuliturėn gushėhijeshuarėn
    bukuria e saj ishte prej legjende
    kurmi i saj si prej vese
    mollėkuqe mollėzat e faqeve
    kur tretet muzgu nėn tė zbehtat rreze
    duart e saj ēelin zambakė tė hirshėm
    nėpėr ujėra krojesh derdhur prej ujdhese
    buzėt pėrskuqur si lulėkuqe tė zjarrta
    bluza i dridhej si valėt e Bunės

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    O Zot i gjithėsisė po prishet gjithėsia
    rrėmujė e katrahurė si Babilonia
    atdheu po udhėhiqet e digjet nga judėt
    nga tė pabesėt tė pafetė dhe tė paudhėt
    AJME ne tė pafatėt tė paatdhe si Hebrenjtė
    AVE pėrgjithmonė emrit tėnd tė shenjtė

    bekuar qoftė emri yt dhe u bėftė dėshira jote
    do tė vajtoj pėr veten mu te Muri i Lotėve
    mėkatarėt kudo zdėrhallen nė llumhane
    lumenjtė janė pa brigje dhe brigjet pa vahe
    AJME tradhėtarėt Krishtin ēuan nė kryq
    AVE vdekatarėt ti ēoji nė Gjyq

    shenjtorėt akuzohen sot si heretikė
    jep urdhėr tė ndėshkohen kėta tė shurdhėr
    askurrnjėri ndėr ta s’di pėr t’u falur e lutur
    e pėrgjakin atdheun ngase janė tė verbėr
    po unė kėtė kam s’kam atdhe tjetėr
    o mbret mbi mbretėr

    tė them i gjallė nuk jam i gjallė
    tė them i vdekur nuk jam i vdekur
    kalėroj pa kalė krim pa ndėshkim
    vetėm uri e ēmenduri
    o Ati im

    dua tė flas e nuk flas dot
    gaz i pagaz gojė e pagojė
    do a nuk do krim ka kudo
    kėtu tė rrosh si tė mos rrosh
    kohėn e bjerrin e tjerrin terrin
    Zot s’ka kush mė del zot

    Krishtin mėshirėplotė pa mėshirė e kryqėzuan
    ai veē ka uruar turma e ka truar
    paqėsisht mes kombeve donte tė ngrinte ura
    poshtėrsisht e dėnuan me kobe e tortura
    AJME jam i pėrgjuar por jo i pėrgjunjur
    AVE jam i munduar por jo i mundur

    o Zot kundėr nesh pse nuk lėshon rrebesh
    rrėfe pėr Golgotėn edhe shfre mbi botėn
    nėse Cezari duhet tė marrė ēka i takon Cezarit
    atėherė ēka i takon pse s’i jep barbarit
    faltoret e kėsaj republike janė shtėpi publike
    tempull nuk gjej dot e tash ku tė lutem
    trandet dheu i atdheut
    shembet me zhurmė gjithkund
    turmė e ēmeritur mė ndjek duke britur
    do tė mė vėrė pėrfund e ēoroditur
    pėrmbys e pėrmbyt pėrul e pėrkul
    jepi fund duke i shkuar nė hi plumb e shkrumb!

  17. #17
    0 falenderime nė 0 postime

    * * *

    hėna e ngujuar shtangur kishte mbetur
    kėngė dashurie me gaz e me vaj
    do tė vijė njė kohė hiret pėr t’u tretur
    po bie buzėmbrėmja mbi buzėt e saj

    ato flokėt e tua kur i shpupuris
    me buzėqeshjet e purpurta vijnė vitet e rinisė
    mė qenkan tė shtrenjtė flokėt e gėshtenjtė
    i pikėllon pikėllimi trishtimi i tret
    s’pushokam sė pari gjersa vjen buzėmbrėmja
    i zbardhi borėrima i pėrhėni

    asaj i dridhet buza gjithė drithėrimė
    sytė shkruar me argjend vezullojnė dehshėm
    njė lot i linte gjurmė faqes me nxitim
    asgjė nuk mė tremb
    as gjum i pėrjetshėm

    kur i rashė nė gjunjė sikur krejt u shemba
    buzėt e ēelura si tė qenė lulevjeshte
    kur i preka kurmin beftė u pėrmenda
    veē nė prehėrin e saj do tė gjeja prehje

    po ēfarė dridhej ashtu n’pyllishtė a nė pllajė
    kujtim i trishtė i dashurisė pa faj
    o vjeshtė e vonėt e vetmisė pa skaj
    po bie buzėmbrėmja mbi buzėt e saj

  18. #18
    0 falenderime nė 0 postime


    ē’lutje do tė thuash tashti o murg
    para ikonės sė shenjtė tė letrės
    lutu e falu por fol me fjalė
    ē’prej fronit tėnd pėrballė Lumit tė Letės
    loti yt ėshtė Bibėl qė s’mund tė lexohet
    prej kujtdo nėse me zemėr nuk ndjehet
    e pamundura ėshtė e mundur i mos u mund o murg
    Fjala di ta shpreh tė pashprehshmen!

    ėshtė ėndėrr a zhgjėndėrr
    jeta nuk jeton
    gėnjyer zhgėnjyer
    fatverbėr verbkob
    profet pa dishepuj qė pėr tė u shuan
    tempullar pa tempull nė truall tė truar
    verbuar nė dritė nė liri robėruar!

    zallamahi zulmėmadhe
    kahmos kaos e zhurmė
    tubohen e tėrbohen
    trumbetojnė veē vese e turp
    tė robėruarit ēliro
    tė pranguarit ēprango
    mos ēmo por pėrēmo
    pėrēartje tė ēarturish
    nė sheshe e ahengje
    shesin shpirt e trup
    prej asgjėkundi nė asgjėkund!

    tė xhindosur e damkosur
    kokėkrisur e fodullė
    shkarrashkrues shkatėrrues
    grafomanė dallkaukė
    gjuhėgjarpėr e gojėmjaltė
    akuzatorė e avokatė
    gju mė gju i pėrbuzuri me atė qė pėrbuz
    i shtypuri dhe jo shtypėsi vihet nė bankakuzė

    nė shandanė s’ka qirinj
    abat pa abaci
    bota bėrė si burg
    bujtinarė pa bujtinė
    ēfarė bėjnė e zhbėjnė
    ēfarė bartin e zhbartin
    anarkistė antiatdhe qė zhveshin e zhvasin
    nė mejhane e kurvhane
    orgji dionisiake
    tė mundon ē’prej gjeneze enigma Tebane

    tė ēakėrdisur ēehrengrysur
    sahanlėpirės kokėshkretė
    tė lerosur e qorrollepsur
    puthadorė hundėpėrpjetė
    gjallojnė nėpėr gjirize
    faqerrogozė renegatė
    as ecin
    as rrinė
    veē sillen pėrēark
    si do ta shmangėsh kėtė tragjedi bumerang?

    ke mbetur nė Kryq
    tmerrshėm mbėrthyer
    keq i nėpėrkėmbur
    por kurrė i thyer
    eshtra e trup krejt i troshitur
    shpirtin plagė por jo i shitur
    njerėzit janė tė ligj e nuk duan ligje
    unė nuk kam armiq sot e kėsaj dite

    shfryjeni rebelė
    dufin tuaj tė hershėm
    mbi tėra perėnditė
    e kėsaj kohe Ferri
    me fatin paska grahur
    ēasti pėr t’u ndeshur
    me Fatin e Tmerrshėm
    lukuni tė pėrgjumurish
    prej gjumit po zgjohen
    lutuni po kishėn murgut kurrė mos ia shembni

    kishėn tėnde murg mos e braktis
    njė tis mjegulle shpalohet kupolės si kreshtė
    mė trembin muret e saj si murana varresh
    dhe heshtja e njerėzve si njė meshė e zezė…

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    kėnga e mjelmės

    ja mjelma tej i rrahu krahėt
    nė liqe e trazuar
    ja mjelma tash e kėndoi kėngėn
    si klithma
    e njė poeti tė mallkuar
    e kėndoi kėngėn e funditr
    pak para se ti jepet
    nuk paska vdekje
    mė tė bukur se vdekja
    me kėngė e mjelmės
    e tash po vjen errėsirė
    e mjegullės
    kordat e zėrit si tė harpės
    asaj iu dashka
    tashti tė vdesė
    duhet tė vdesė dikush pėr kėngėn!

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    * * *

    askurrkėnd s’kam dashur si ty gjer mė tash
    s’kam qasur ndanė meje asfare tė tjerė
    pa m’u dhimbsur kohėn e kam bjerrė prore
    gjersa tė jem gjallė
    gjersa tė kem frymė
    s’do mundem tė dua si ti kėsodore

    fillikat nė botė prej gjithkujt shpėrfillur
    kjo jetė nėpėrduket zbehtane shkretane
    kam ngasje t’i kqyr gjestet trillane
    fėrgėllimė tė kurmit tashmė beftė rritur

    liqejt pa mjelmat e humbin kuptimin
    poashtu si mjelmat nuk bėjnė pa liqej
    askurrėndonjėherė s’do mundem tė gjej
    si gonxhen e gjirit nė vlug tė shpėrthimit

    ēfarė bėn ti me ikjen nga koha nė kohė?
    s’do gaboj sėrish me ty tash e mbrapa
    do rrekem t’i harroj flokėt e prajta
    mė s’mbrami tek shuhet dielli mbrėmjesor

    askush si ne tė dy mos dashtė kurrė mbi tokė!
    degė shelgjesh mbi krye do t’i thur gėrshetė
    buzėn pa ta puthur kurmin pa ta prekė
    askush s’mund tė thotė se s’kemi me vdekė
    do t’heshtėsh atėbotė ti si njė toskė
    nė tė njėjtin varr do kujoj si gegė

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