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    Post How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

    Samsung Note8, this Samsung has high hopes, but also to a certain extent, including the means of transmission, including the phone as usual before the release of Apple's home in the United States. In order to seize the initiative, Samsung sacrifice the promotion cycle of the S8, only four months after the advent of the former, innovation, and Note8 can live up to expectations?

    Note series as a continuation of the S series, the same year the product in the design language and product style is similar, this year is no exception. And last year, Note8 compared to S8 in the design of more Founder, according to Samsung's product positioning point of view, Note series more business, so Founder will make the whole look more in line with temperament.

    In addition to the black and gold are retained this year, the new two colors are blue and gray, Note 8 blue than the blue S8 blue, and gray more inclined to "smoke".

    If you planning to buy a new Galaxy Note 8 to replace the old iPhone, and wanting to sync all your data like contacts, photos, messages, calendar and more between the phones, to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Note 8, then you can miss the Phone Transfer.

    Phone Transfer to help move data between Android and iOS devices without any quality loss. With its help, you can easily transfer contents including contacts, music, photos, videos, apps, and more. So, you can easily transfer anything you like from any iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by using this tool.

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