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    Nuk them qe teorit konspirative sjan te verteta , por nje doze dyshimi do i bente mire kuptimit te se vertetes.
    Patjeteri, dyshimi dhe skepticizmi (kur eshte i shendetshem) jane gjeja me e duhur qe nje njeri me mendje e llogjike te shendoshe duhet te aplikoje jo vetem ne rastet e teorive konspirative por ndaj cdo fenomeni.

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    Emathia Maska e MaDaBeR
    Nė ēdo vend ku ka jetė
    Lexova me shume vemendje si temen Teori Konspirative, ashtu edhe Illuminati-Kulti i syrit qe sheh gjithcka. Kishte gjera mjaft kompromentuese, njerez mjaft te fuqishem, por dhe dhipoteza qe po te vertetohen trondisin boten nga themelet.

    Nga gjithe ajo qe lexova, perveē shume te tjerave me beri pershtypje pjesa e fundit e intervistes se Benjamin Fulford, ku hipotezon nje nga ligjet baze te mekanikes, qe energjia e harxhuar eshte gjithmone me e madhe se energjia e perftuar, me pak fjale, rendimenti eshte gjithmone me i vogel se 1. Fulford thote se sipas Nikolla Tesles kjo gje eshte e pavertete.

    Une gjithashtu, ne studimet qe kam ndjekur, kam vene re nje shperfillje totale te Nikolla Tesles, te pakten ne literaturen Shqiptare, si dhe kam pare qe trumpetohen me te larte Anjshtajni dhe Edisoni.

    Me te drejte me lind pyetja: Mos valle Nikolla Tesla eshte vrare nga nxenesi i tij, Thomas Edison, dhe ka qene pre e Illuminati per vete studimet e tij?

    Une gjithashtu di qe sot e kesaj dite nuk vihen ne jete nje pjese e madhe e studimeve dhe eksperimenteve te Nikolla Tesles. Dhe sot kete e justifikojne me arsyen se shkencetaret e sotem kane frike te vene ne jete eksperimentet e Tesles, per arsye te voltazhit te larte(?)

    A mundet qe te jete nje Konspiraci dhe kjo?
    Pėr inad tė Djallit dhe Shqyptarėvet, Zoti ka me mbajtė Shqypninė mė kambė me nder e me lumni

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    Te them te drejten nuk mund ta them se nga kush eshte vrare por di qe ka disa informacione qe vdekja e tij nuk ka qene natyrale. Historia e vdekjes se tij thote se u gjet i vdekur ne dhomen ku rrinte ne nje hotel modest ne New York city ndersa ka deshmi qe thone se eshte shtypur me makine mbasi ishte shtyre nga pas nga dikush. Ajo qe dihet me saktesi eshte qe ditari i tij, gjithe materialet e shkruara, studimet dhe eksperimentet e dokumentuara u zhduken. Ne librin qe flet per jeten e Teslas tregon dhe peripecite qe kane kaluar disa njerez te cilet rastesisht kane qene ne zoterim te letrave te teslas. Une personalisht e konsideroj si gjenine me te madhe te njerezimit. Por mbi kete subjekt mund te flitet tek tema e hapur per Teslan.

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    Kjo qe po postoj poshte i kam vene emrin The Best Rant Ever. Do te me falni qe nuk mundem ta hedh ne gjuhen shqipe por me mungon koha per ta perkthyer. Plus qe eshte nje material i cili do humbiste shume po te perkthehej. Autori eshte nje njeri fare i zakonshem i cili ka ditur te formuloje me germa ate qe shume te tjere e pertypin neper mendjet e tyre por qe se kane artikuluar asnjehere.

    Our dependence has been deliberately engineered and our economy, as we understand it today, is a contrivance, conjured from thin air. The whole entire thing is a sham; a sham that has been deliberately rigged from the start that we have all been forced and conditioned to participate in. And that is the heart of this conspiracy theory: we can't NOT participate in their contrived socio-economic game. Well, we can, it's just very, very difficult to live in this country without playing some small role in the game they've all engineered. The exit doors to independence have all been sealed shut - they've seen to that, and that's what I mean by rigged.

    And I say Forced Participation, for, if we do not participate in their economy, their contrived game collapses - so they've done everything they can to keep us "on the field," as it were. Of course there are people who are living off the grid, but you need a very special skill-set to live effectively that way, and guess which skills we AREN'T taught in public school?

    The captains of industry from around the time of the Great Depression needed grubs to manufacture their junk. They needed monkeys smart enough to push the buttons and run the machinery but not smart enough to start asking questions. For the ones smart enough to ask questions, they instituted the standard 40 hour work week to keep us too busy and tired from scrambling around to ask questions.

    Public schooling was instituted to indoctrinate us into a culture that submits to authority and discourages critical and free thinking. History class was notoriously all about memorizing names and dates. By deliberately instilling the notion that history was always very boring to the student, curiosity was retarded, and further study into the subject by the individual on their own time was all but squashed. Mathematics is the same way. They couldn't do anything about the students who just naturally "got it," but they made sure that the material was delivered much in the same way. They deliberately designed mathematics to be so unapproachable, that anyone who didn't "get it," would never return to study the subject further. To those students who got math, maybe the 40 hour work week, families and mortgages would keep them too busy to ask questions.

    After all, what are the two most dangerous subjects for ANY government's citizens to be effective with? History and mathematics. From history, we learn to spot the mistakes governments have made before, and mathematics helps us to spot when we're being lied to. (You see, governments LIKE making mistakes, as I get into further, and they need to be able to lie in order to make them)

    Also, by controlling the curriculum, they controlled the narrative. For example, Edison was a thief, and a dropout who hated book learning. Tesla gave us the 20th century on a silver platter and studied hard. How else do you explain Edison being lauded as a hero and never even hearing of Tesla in school? That's certainly the narrative *I* heard.

    They engineered a lot of racial tension as well, because any population that is united is the only real threat to any powers that be. We are deliberately kept fragmented and divided, and the 3 social classes were engineered to protect them from us all wising up to their vile scheme.

    The people in lower class would be too busy getting shafted and blaming the middle and upper classes to be asking any questions.

    The people in middle class would be kept too busy at their salaried jobs and mortgages to be asking any questions.

    The people in upper class would be too busy shafting the lower and middle classes, and keeping their money from the government, to be asking questions.

    Just the way the CoD's want it.

    Our exits to independence from the shackles of this game, have effectively been welded shut with a laser-like precision on just the right doors. Look how hard it is to generate your own power. To grow your own food. To stitch your own clothes. To live without a car or a residency. Convenience becomes mandatory in a nation with a 40 hour work week, so we're also in large part discouraged from becoming self-reliant. Who has time for that?

    If we crafted everything we needed, we wouldn't need to be paying the captains of industry for their junk, that they have all effectively forced us to buy. THIS is why hemp is illegal. Notice there, that I used the word "hemp," not marijuana. If you could grow everything you needed in your back yard, (fiber, fuel, food) you could effectively decouple yourself from their contrived economy. If you could stitch your own clothes with hemp, you wouldn't need to drive your car to the mall and buy clothes that the captains of industry expect you to buy.

    You have to have residency to do anything. In order to acquire residency, you have to have credit, and in order to get credit, you have to prove that you are able to manage and live in debt. That's because our economy can conjure wealth out of thin air - not for you, but for those who are in charge of it. And if we're all too busy being in one of those economic classes, armed with a hatred of history and mathematics, being pissed off at each other because of the color of our hides, no one will ever stop, and look up to see who's really doing the shafting, and unite under a cause of putting an end to the game that enslaves us all.

    Since it's generally in every government's best interest to continue existing, it therefore stands to reason that they will manufacture problems to justify their further existence (and funding). That's why nothing ever really changes. There really wasn't a big difference between Bush and Obama. It's still business as usual. Sure, they put up a good facade about an issue here and there, but at the end of the day, nothing changes. The government's job is to create and exacerbate problems, because it is in any government's best interest to do so.

    If the government solved our problems, there would be no further need for government. It's just like any organism that wants to survive, and will do anything it can to continue doing so.

    So, our problems are here to stay.

    Anyway, that's the gist of my "Mother of All Conspiracies"...I'm running out of space and I'm sure no one's read this far anyway. If you have read this far, thank you for your time and consideration. I know in my heart of hearts that even if all of this is patently untrue, I am, nonetheless, onto something here. At any rate, I do believe that whether or not I'm right, the veil is indeed beginning to drop..

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e shpresa vranari

    Pėr: Teori Konspirative

    Citim Postuar mė parė nga xfiles Lexo Postimin
    degjo Volsiv,
    nuk eshte si te dua une, po ta them si ish besimtar qe kam qene,
    kam kaluar shume besime, kam perjetuar shume lloje pikpamjesh mbi boten qe njohim.
    Nuk e di ne je katolik apo orthodoks, por koncepti i se mires dhe se keqes eshte tej mase i deformuar ne psikologjine masive te indoktrinuar ne te gjithe njerezimin.
    Une kam respekt te thelle per kishen, e kam fjalen per klerin e larte kishtar, por jo per arsyet e zakonshme, por thjesht per njohurite qe kane, dhe menyra se si manipulojne besimtaret e thjeshte dhe klerin mesatar.
    Te thuash qe masonet gjoja kane infiltruar kishen eshte qesharake,
    kisha ka prodhuar vazhdimisht masone, Maguset me te medhenje kane qene kler kishtar prej prej shekujsh.

    Mjafton te afrohesh vendeve te kultit katolik per te ndjere nje atmosfere vampirizmi, te pushton nje ndjenje boshlleku dhe frike qe duket sikur te than shpirtin, zakonisht e maskuar ne formen e "paqes shpirterore" perzjere me ca depresion. Nese do cilesoja te keqen relativisht(se nuk ka asgje absolute) atehere froni i se keqes ndodhet ne vatikan.
    xfiles...i ke thene te gjitha me: "froni i se keqes ndodhet te Vatikan".
    elsa vrana

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