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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime

    Mendime (thoughts) nė Anglisht.

    The Light

    I’m tired, so tired
    My body is almost dead
    And I’m writing in the dark
    Here in my bed
    Because I’m too scared
    to turn the light on
    but I can do without it
    my soul is burning
    from my madness
    I don’t know why
    And I’m learning
    to live with it
    in fact what makes
    and motivates me
    to move this pen
    is the madness that I’m trying
    to let out of my body
    and it feels like
    there’s light in my room.


    How do I get to the Statue of Liberty?!

    It made people dream about it
    It was there in the far west
    Where the sunset run away
    All Europeans dreamed to live
    The Hollywoodian life

    Freedom is all what anyone wanted
    And people knew about a place
    Where folks from all around the world
    Lived “side by side” in the big apple

    Glory and Magnificence
    Was fooling anyone in the States
    Just to live and be smoked away
    By the splendor of Rome and Italy.

    But not anyone wanted the most important thing, their own soul
    Everybody was dreaming about
    Someone else’s principles
    Like the Statue of Liberty
    Shined the light of freedom
    Isolated in an island
    From the rest of the 52 states.


    The Falling Universe

    I can see it, is there
    Where I never thought
    Or maybe I did not wanted to know
    When I saw you going away
    Your cold reaction, that blown whisper
    I was looking from million eyes
    Like if the stars and the whole universe
    Was braking through me
    My pain, that side of me
    That I never questioned
    Which was always hurting
    Suddenly left floating in the immense oceans
    I thought I was like you
    Not anymore
    You were trapped in your little world
    Saying “oh, men don’t understand”
    Than that thought in my mind
    It was all coming from that vision
    Maybe that’s why there are mediocre people
    And that’s why unlighted ones
    I guess that’s why I’m here
    It’s helping me, and it makes me
    Be there for you
    ‘Cause you’re the world
    without you the stars won’t shine
    and the sun won’t go around
    you just need to let go
    incarnate the trust in your confusion
    introduce your soul to your pride
    and go wherever your need is
    I’ll be here waiting forever
    For your sweet happy smile
    Of that early morning sun
    Thank you babé.


    The Wordless Man

    There was once
    or maybe since the beginning of time
    a man that knew
    and dreamed like everybody else
    he was free, so free
    but not all the time
    because time slipped
    ahead of his mind
    and what he should have said and done
    where something of the past
    -it’s on human nature
    not to be perfect
    and to have labyrinthian gardens
    keeping our minds busy
    but looks like
    when he was not thinking about it
    he was on the right path
    -why wouldn’t he choose
    the right words with that girl
    the right rhythm for that song
    or the explanation of that argument
    he had them all in his mind
    why was everything easy
    with the talk of that language
    when these moments had past
    something was keeping him busy
    from catching the time
    because his body was worried
    from here and now
    but here was the answer
    in the moment he “carpe diem”
    his mind.


    The Sword

    The sword is every man’s
    most treasured companion
    it represents each one’s
    value and charm
    every man holds it
    in the most precious way
    and each one likes to
    wear the clothes
    that fit the best with it
    so then the pray can see
    and choose the winner
    But the battle
    is not easy for the inexperienced
    it takes a whole lot of courage and wisdom
    to challenge and catch the prey
    and every man likes to
    choose the attractive one
    and has to beg
    and get down to his knees
    and play tactical games
    until he spots the prey
    and uses his sword
    then when the prey
    surrenders and cries
    “you won me my lord”
    is the most
    passionate and glorified
    moment of a man.


    The Enlightened Soul

    There’s no Heaven over the clouds
    I feel it when I’m happy
    and there’s no Hell under the grounds
    I felt it enough in some conditions
    The Demon is in all of us
    is in our certain reactions
    no one can escape him
    it’s when we want to know the Unknowable
    and do the undone-able
    The Universe will always remain a mystery
    we can only give a name to infinity
    We are Angels when we react in
    what we see, feel, and know
    and when we Love each other
    but we are more than them
    when we accept all these fact in peace
    and we let all our feelings
    pass through us Faithfully.
    …and words will be more than useless…


    Let things happen… then you’ll be true

    The causality of events
    makes the miracles of our lives
    people call that luck too
    but I don’t have a name for it to describe
    I feel it as an experience
    like the nucleus of the world
    which is so simple and perfect
    with the electrons flying in the atom
    and our body around the heart
    the world is the complicated part
    a big matrix in continuous change
    some of us think can predict its future
    and explain the unknown it contains
    but my perceiving calls
    we should not predict the unexpected
    then we will be believers.



    I want to go to the
    rooms of inspirations
    let myself see
    on the dark
    and pray to the soul
    to give me the power of Zot
    and learn to react
    so let me learn
    give me the world’s key
    ‘cause I can’t think
    on the light
    I need to burn
    so give me the heat
    to melt the ice
    oh my sweet oracle
    come on
    come on
    and tell me what’s on me.


    The House of Time

    It’s just after the rain
    the leaves are washed
    by the water
    and the little street
    is wet in front of the house
    the roses are red
    and the ground it’s dark
    I see the cracks on the wall
    from which I get inspired
    as they show me the paths of wisdom
    because I’m surrounded
    be descent nature
    which in itself becomes perfect
    and I try to touch the rose
    but I get poked by the spikes
    as to show how love hurts sometimes
    and I see a cat running
    doing its thing
    I love observing that tree
    its life is so indescribable
    and this little garden across the street
    I’ll wish to play there again
    like I did when I was little
    making holes on the ground
    and to enjoy the birds singing
    about the cool breeze of the sky
    I wonder if there’s
    anybody in this house
    if there’s a girl
    that if I see I’ll fall in love
    and spend this time
    that’s what love is all about
    I’m here enjoying the calm
    knowing that one day
    I’ll be a bone
    then I’ll be ground
    then this rose
    then ground again
    and then maybe the brick of this wall.


    When the Hardest part is Yourself

    It’s a big forest with a rich habitat
    crossed by long paths
    that bring almost everywhere
    it’s our life
    the paths are our decisions
    some of us choose to take
    the easiest ones
    which are the shortest of the forest
    and they go along infinitely
    others get a longer one
    harder, dangerous, and rich with unexpectedness
    sometimes I wish to know every path
    but my wish fades in the infinity of them
    I guess what we are is what we do
    we walk on a path of the forest
    not knowing where it brings
    but no one can know its destiny
    we can only look ahead
    se we won’t get lost in the forest
    the world is tough and unpredictable
    and so are we
    when we are forced
    to face the consequences of our decisions
    this is how nature is made
    we fall in our own traps
    to learn how to be better
    but in the bottom of us
    we discover that there’s always
    a voice in a faraway light
    our heart and soul
    that perceives truth,
    and it can tell you the right path.


    Another Common Home

    It will have weight thousands muscles of men
    standing over the floor of dream house
    looking at the open windows outside
    incomplete paintings on white walls
    empty rooms with smell-less breeze
    an upper floor with light and shadows
    with unfinished walls but
    with all the doors
    someone can see through the level
    and also see outside
    with the exception of one locked room
    and a monkey trying to use the key
    there under I see the rough wall
    bringing underground
    in the sealing is the biggest spider
    with metal legs, as sharp as swords
    and I smile at it respectfully
    I see the furniture which has missing parts
    and there a dark room
    lighted with eternal candles
    I see God and Devil woman sleeping
    in their bed
    my feet get wet in the
    flooded corridor of underground
    I’m enjoying calm and I know
    that if I lay down in this floor
    even the snakes and the cockroaches
    won’t do me any harm
    because it won’t be fun to attack
    in that way
    but what’s blowing in this dream home
    all I can see seams misplaced
    and I anciently wait for
    the monkey to unlock the door
    and to move the last piece
    of this big puzzle.


    Skiing down the Mind

    You put your boots on
    and get ready to go
    the height scares you
    but eventually you’ll get it through
    you try to resist these bumps
    but end up falling on the snow
    it’s all about loosing up
    as soon as you don’t fight ‘em
    you slide smoothly on your path
    it feels much easier
    and you hold on a lot more power
    you’re not as stubborn anymore
    you’re just a little
    but only where the stubbornness
    is useful and positive
    because you don’t hit
    the wall anymore
    you learned how to ski
    and how to slide through
    the opposite forces
    within you


    A mind to Read

    Writing words not just
    for the sake of their sound
    like the bricks that were brought
    to fill up the tower
    You think about
    what someone will think
    about what you think
    and how you’ll look
    when you’re in the act
    it’s like when a song
    makes you feel back
    on a particular time
    simple as the light
    of the sun
    reflecting in the wall
    in front of you
    when you catch the sense
    of it falling on
    you can feel the purity of nature
    it’s like the thought
    of a trail that
    you crossed on a mountain
    long time ago
    comes back to your mind
    with the trees that look so real
    fading in the darkness
    of their shadows
    shadows that match perfectly
    the darkness of your mind
    in the moment that
    these thoughts are put together…
    I just wish the words will be
    like if they were never


    The Mirror of Truth

    Here you are in the same spot again
    facing the same tall wall
    your favorite mistake
    it just happens
    you know what’s wrong
    but don’t know why
    you just keep on doing it
    again and again
    you’ve been searching everywhere
    looking for the cause
    blaming this and that
    but unexpectedly for one moment
    you happened to see yourself in the mirror
    and you saw the reflection of your actions
    in which surprisingly you felt the problem,
    forget the world
    you are the one you need to search
    you should be in front of yourself
    in the mirror in which you’ll
    see the Truth in Itself

    Tani jam nė pėrkthim e sipėr tė peozime ose fjalėve dhe mendimeve tė mija nė shqip. Jam paksa larg shqipėrisė, dhe kėtu nė Los Angeles s'kam se mė kė tė flas shqip pėr sė drejti, kėshtu qė ėshtė mė e thjeshtė pėr mua qė tė shkruaj nė Anglisht. Megjithatė jam duke mėsuar fjalė qė pėrdoren rrallė nė shqip dhe po pres gjeri sa njohuria ime tė piqet gjeri nė sasinė e duhur.
    Shumė Nderime

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    LarG Maska e Flava
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    shum te lezetshme drini!
    Te dua se s'te urrej dot......

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    Shumė falemnderit Flava!
    kam pėr tė pustuar edhe tė tjera ditėt qė do t'vijnė.
    Shumė Nderime
    Ju Falem Nderit (nė Arbėrisht)
    T'u Zgjastė Jeta (Tungjatjeta)

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e ^AngeL^
    U.k . London
    Falenderuar 1 herė nė 1 postim
    Drini dhe un i lexova poezite e tua
    ishin me vertet te bukura
    se me pelqyen shum, sepse poezia is my favourite

    me sa kuptova un tek kto poezit dukesh si i vrar ose ste kuptojne kur ke nevoj qe dikush te kuptoj.
    dhe ajo me vret dhe mua shum, por le te shpresojme per dicka me te bukur ne te ardhmen.

    urime per poezite

    Two Heart, Two Minds, In Time, Did Find, One Love, One Aim, Two Paths, The Same

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    The Birth of the Other me

    I remember that day
    It was in my room
    Behind my deepest attention
    Listening to what my brother said
    It was sad
    It was me
    Very well controlling myself
    Feeling too much myself
    It’s when you’re wise
    That you’re dangerous
    It was sad
    It was me
    Holding too much sense
    can crumble things easy
    and when love and hate gets in each way
    leads on the birth of the other self
    It was sad
    It was me
    Since then it’s been double
    We’re both strong
    We’re hiding from the same trouble
    To get in our own ways
    It was sad
    It was me
    Too strange
    We’re both free
    To disagree
    On each other.

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    I see the moon
    with those clouds
    around it
    it’s so peaceful out there
    the right time for all of us
    to let our dreams
    steal our minds
    my time
    to discover
    and feel
    the position of my heart
    on my body
    and hear my soul
    sing to me
    then when I close my eyes
    I’m tuned on
    the right Radio Station.
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    My Little Son

    I see you are starring
    outside the window again
    looking at the hill
    at the end of those houses
    the TV is on and
    you are tired of watching
    the cartoons with happy kids
    the toys at the corner of the room
    are still there
    but you just can’t
    pick them up anymore

    I heard they found you in the trash
    and brought you to this house
    I heard that you don’t see your brother anymore
    and how you discovered the moon
    when you saw it for the first time
    because nobody had told you about it
    but don’t worry kid
    you’re my best buddy
    I will never leave you alone

    Just come with me for a walk
    we’ll go to the park and play together
    and if some scares you
    I’ll go talk to them
    and if you make friend
    I’ll get you both for an Ice-cream
    I’ll show you how’s the world
    with mountains, seas, and fields
    with ugly and nice people
    you just be next to me
    and you’ll forget the little room
    in the third floor
    of the house in Monte Sacro

    The world is nice
    when you live on it
    my little boy
    and is better
    when I see you making friends
    and don’t be shy
    to talk to that little girl
    I’ll teach you how to talk to her
    and I’ll be even happier
    to see you play together

    You are a good kid
    and you deserve to be happy
    and not to left alone
    because I heard that one day
    you will be a great man
    like your grandfather
    that you never knew
    and also because
    I see goodness in you
    you don’t like hurting anybody
    and you have dreams
    that you wish every night
    man! you’re just like I remember you
    my little son.

    June 8, 2002 2:52

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    Man’s Best Friend

    I knew you since you were little
    I brought you food and care
    I was fun for me to raise you
    I would try to touch you
    and get my hand all scratched
    I remember you left me without shoes
    ‘cause you got them all for yourself
    in your back yard
    I was all sad and I cried
    when someone stole you
    but you kept your Faith
    and you even came back
    with a chain in your neck
    sometimes I’ll come home in my room
    mad at the world
    and you were the only one next to me
    when I used to go at my friend’s house
    you would slip away from the backyard
    and show up at my friend’s home door
    ten minutes later with that happy face
    when I will loose you in the streets
    ‘cause you were too busy with your curiosity
    you could recognize my wired fizzle
    and come running to me
    I remember that time I took you
    at the lake with me
    you got yourself cut at the broken bottle
    and my shirt got all bloody
    as I hold you in my arms
    three days later I still had
    hard time stopping you
    from coming with at the beach
    I remember I had you with me
    as my best buddy
    when I used to sit down

    under that girl’s window
    I teached you some words
    and you knew my brother’s name
    including mine
    I remember you ignoring me,
    you did not even move your head
    as you understood (I don’t know how)
    that that night was my
    last dinner in home
    and I miss you a lot
    more than a lot of people
    and I know that many years have pasted
    and that you’ve grown older
    but you still surprise me
    you are the most faithful creature
    I’ve ever known
    since you still recognized
    my voice over the phone
    almost in he other side of the world,
    you’re the best dog
    and my best friend Lassie.
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    I’m confused
    and I feel drawn in doubt
    I hear voices that scare me
    and that I might joke them around
    I feel like I see things easy
    of which I don’t try to do
    I know that there’s something wrong
    but like if everything is ok too
    I feel like I stab my heart
    because something from deep inside
    is wanting to get out
    and is crying to be free
    but although I’m here
    I don’t know where I’m coming from
    and I want to resolve the things
    and find a solution and peace
    I want to forget what I swore

    and believe in something new
    I want to hear the time
    and see what’s in front of me
    in this moment
    I understand that there are
    important responsibilities that
    I need to resolve and keep
    I’ve been in between the ground
    and my high in the clouds thoughts
    where my feelings reminded me crying
    that I need a new faith
    a trust and faith in my feelings
    a soul
    that will help me resolve the problems
    and unify myself.

    July 22, 2002 1:23
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    The Drug of Mind

    I was in the look of a drug
    that would heal the pain of my mind
    I was in need and in search
    of a substance I couldn’t find
    for the particular moment
    so I opened up a book
    and I forced my patience to listen
    I read other people’s ideas
    and different events and places
    I thought about my friends
    and how important are to me
    I talked to someone
    and for a while I interacted
    I thought about my dearest girl
    and how could be someone
    like her in this world
    the way she understands me
    how she looks and she talks to me
    how she moves her hands
    and what my love for her does to me
    then I played my favorite songs

    and I relieved thoughts and feelings
    I thought about others
    that I don’t know in this world
    Sailors, Painters, Artists,
    Writers, Fighters, and Believers
    and how they can do
    what they’re able to
    and what ideas can messengers bring,
    Jesus, Buddha, Dante, and Emerson
    and how they exist today,
    for their long run
    feels like this drug is working…
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    Where Sky & Sea meet the Ground

    Stop expecting
    let go your weaknesses
    feel the world
    it’s good and bad
    but you know it’s there for you
    the girl that you want
    is not here with you
    open your heart
    and let it fly away
    up in the sky
    where the star seems moving
    because the big clouds are around
    but when you see the next star
    you understand the illusion
    the emotion is flying in time
    and the girl was born for you
    the clouds will cover the sky
    and the two stars
    will always shine together.
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    Love is the Surviver

    A man without Love
    is the nothingness of the world
    somebody who’s nobody
    with my love for my dear girl
    I know I can do something
    good to myself and the world
    I know that I can feel
    and experience life
    In great dangers
    Love calls upon it’s people
    it’s behind all of them
    they know they’re
    oughta do Love
    ‘cause then they can feel safe
    and give birth to other humans
    In case they die
    their children will born and live
    and Love will be
    upon all of them.

    August 11, 2002 2:03 Keep this Faith
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    For what it is

    and what it says

    I shall live free

    within my days

    Anarchy will be in my heart

    and the Rule in the other part.

    August 12, 2002 1:43
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    When I saw you for the first time
    I was stolen by your beauty
    but when I got to know you
    I learned you were moody
    it disappointed me
    I had no other true choice
    but to accept you
    then from being able
    I treated you as a perfect princess
    later I noticed you changed
    for you I was
    an exception from your worries
    in front of me you were
    a different girl
    your smile was indescribable
    and your atmosphere
    was all around
    it was your spirit
    not your sight
    that had fried me on
    from left and right

    Dec 5, 2002 0:21 For I.
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    Just don't question why

    I’m sitting down on the steps of the stairs
    trying to get my things done
    and the first thing I decided to do
    is to let myself be
    the way I’ve unconsciously done
    imperfect with repression and prejudice
    I’ve gotta try to go
    out of my limited world
    in order to accomplish more
    and just like a little child that runs around
    I want to permit myself
    to unfold in the darkness and light
    and the sweetness of it comes
    after I’ve seen myself
    violate the limits of my own world
    a crumble of time, weight, and light
    hits right inside my head
    it seams the hardest thing
    but once I’m infected by that thought
    I feel the time I lived first
    after I came to birth

    Dec 14, 2002 21:09
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    Overcomming a Fear

    It’s been covering you
    now it feels so normal
    that you normally
    don’t think about it
    that’s what you choose
    and now you regret
    the times when you were
    a happy bright kid
    but you feel it again
    when you start to ask
    about those long
    unmotivated days of yours
    you ask yourself
    as if he was a different person
    about how’s fault is
    and you feel like
    if you force yourself
    when you have to think about
    that different person of you

    and you know it’s you
    and you feel is just that way
    now you’re finding that
    this was not the problem
    you’re still bright although divided
    it’s not the consequence
    that is the problem
    it’s just about a need for a sincere cry
    laws are made to be broken
    and that works on us too
    we don’t have to accept
    what others say
    but fear although hurts anyone
    I guess in cases like this
    sometimes we are weaker
    than we may think
    and although we cannot make it
    all we need is help
    it’s a hand that can lift you up today
    but which can make you strong enough
    to help a hundred more tomorrow

    Dec 15, 2002 0:18
    Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura Fotografitė e Bashkėngjitura  

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    carpe diem Maska e drini_nė_TR
    Tiranė, AL
    12 falenderime nė 11 postime
    It’s the traveling City

    It falls down beneath the ocean
    And it dries up the Sun
    It finds all kind of creatures
    That were never seen from their sons

    And it goes where there are
    All kind of voices
    That are purer than truth
    And that are so strong
    That can kill someone that does wrong

    And passing by you meet the nicest girl
    Walking in the oblivion of Atlantis
    And you hear her sweet voice say
    “Oh, you must come from the traveling City,
    I’ll oughta Love you to Stay.”

    March 3, 2003, 1:36

  18. #18
    sWeEt DevIL Maska e YllBote
    0 falenderime nė 0 postime
    Mistakes of my life

    Every time i think of it
    It makes me cry
    And ashemed of my self
    Everytime i think of the mistakes i made
    It makes me not look my self in the mirror
    Not go in front of my parents face...
    .. i'm to ashemed
    Every time i think of the times i have smoked it
    Of the times i got high , didn't control my self
    Everytime i think about it, makes me wana scream
    Want to blame someone, but don't know who ( except myself)
    Well now, thankfully, i have chosen the right way
    Scared of not going back were i used to
    I'm living my life
    In the hope of being were i want to be...
    Dont Let The Fear
    Of `Striking` Out
    Keep You From
    -- Playing The Game

  19. #19
    .:.ClaSSy.:. Maska e GoDDeSS
    Detroit, MI
    4 falenderime nė 4 postime

    More to life

    There's gotta be more to life

    I've got it all, but I feel so deprived
    I go up, I come down, and I'm emptier inside
    Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missing
    And why can't I let go?

    There's gotta be more to life...
    Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
    Cause the more that I'm...
    Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
    Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
    Than wanting more

    I've got the time and I'm wasting it slowly
    Here in this moment I'm half way out the door
    Onto the next thing, I'm searching for something that's missing.
    Why am I feelin like there's something I'm missing.....?
    And all I can taste is this moment
    And all I can breathe is your life

  20. #20
    sWeEt DevIL Maska e YllBote
    0 falenderime nė 0 postime
    What am i living for?!

    Every time i think something is going right
    It turns out to be wrong...
    Everytime i think i got the right person
    It turns out, that i got to find another one...
    Everytime after a night of fun
    It turns out in a huge fight..
    What am I living for?!
    Am I someday going to be where I want to
    Or is it going to turn out wrong...... like always..
    Is there going to be happines in this world
    Are things ever going to go right
    The way i want them to...
    ... so far.. it's been totally the opposite!
    Dont Let The Fear
    Of `Striking` Out
    Keep You From
    -- Playing The Game

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