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    alpha dominant Maska e D@mian
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    Shtypi i huaj mbi Shqiprin dhe shqiptart

    Ne kete teme jeni te mirepritur te sillni artikuj nga agjensi informacioni te huaja qe kane te bejne me Shqiperine, Kosoven dhe Shqiptaret ne pergjithesi.

    Perkthimi i artikujve ose paraqitja e nje permbledhjeje eshte pozitiv, nqs keni kohe. Ne te kundert sillini ne gjuhen angleze, qe njihet nga shumica e anetareve (shpresoj kjo te jete OK me admin).

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    Artikulli i meposhtem eshte marre nga Financial Times (numri i 15 nentorit 2007) dhe ben fjale per zhvillimin e qytetit te Tiranes dhe tregut te trojeve dhe ndertimit ne kete qytet.

    New kids on the Blokk

    By Kerin Hope

    Published: December 15 2007 02:00 | Last updated: December 15 2007 02:00

    For nearly 500 years - including four centuries of Ottoman rule, a short stint of Italian-sponsored independence and 45 years of Stalinist isolation - the hub of the Albanian capital, Tirana, has been Skenderbeg Square. From there, the city's streets radiate out past new apartment blocks, home to newcomers from the mountainous north; squatter neighbourhoods that sprang up in the early post-Communist years and eventually developed into full-grown townships; villas built along the airport road with remittances from Albanians working abroad; and on into lush farmland.

    Over the past 15 years, however, as Tirana's population has tripled to about 1m, the city centre has become increasingly crowded. At rush hour the square overflows with battered Italian buses and muddy Mercedes cars. The elegant 18th-century mosque, austere socialist opera house and an equestrian statue of Skenderbeg, a mediaeval warrior hero who fought the invading Turks, are all but obscured by a haze of diesel fumes.

    To escape, much business and social life has moved south to the Blokk, a 1 sq km neighbourhood of tree-lined roads behind Shetitorja Dshmoret e Kombit Boulevard, home to the former villas of the Communist elite. Previously off-limits to ordinary Albanians, it is fast filling up with high-end apartment blocks, office buildings, shops and cafs.

    The Albanian novelist Ismail Kadare helped set the trend by moving into Sky Tower, one of the Blokk's first multi-storey buildings, immediately after it was completed in 2000. Kadare, who won the Man Booker prize in 2005, divides his time between Tirana and Paris and tells visitors he enjoys having a bird's-eye view of how the city is changing. The tower's roof-top restaurant overlooks a villa complex with a red-tiled roof, white stone faade and broad patio that was built for the late dictator Enver Hoxha and his entourage and is now used by the government for entertaining official guests.

    Other villas, some of which have become offices for international donors, survive behind walls overhung with climbing roses and jasmine. But, although a handful may be preserved as historical monuments, most will be torn down to make way for new developments.

    "Investors have bought up pretty much all the land in the Blokk," says Philip Bay, regional director for south-east Europe at Colliers, the property consultantcy. "The area is still rough round the edges and is cluttered with cars but the caf lifestyle is appealing and there are several cool buildings going up."

    Demand is led by members of Albania's new professional elite, who can afford prices of 1,200-1,500 per sq metre, more than twice the average elsewhere in the city centre. Expatriate Albanians are investing in good-quality property that can be rented to employees of international organisations: rents for a two-bedroom apartment in the Blokk are about 900-1,200 a month in a newish building, twice the price of other downtown neighbourhoods.

    And both ethnic Albanians from -Kosovo and Greeks who operate small businesses in Tirana are buying apartments that can also serve as local offices. "The Blokk, in my opinion, is the best business address in Tirana," says Stelios Adamopoulos, a Greek businessman who commutes between Athens and Tirana. "I bought a small apartment there because I was fed up with working out of an hotel room. It's noisy but I don't really mind, partly because it's turned into a very good investment."

    It takes persistence to find a property to buy, as villa owners prefer to negotiate with developers, while new apartments are sold through privately arranged deals with a contractor. Mimosa, an Albanian living in Italy who didn't want to give her family name, is selling a small apartment above a fashionable Tirana dress shop. "I bought my place from the developer and I've had friends or tenants wanting to buy it ever since," she says. She expects to get about 75,000 for the 60 sq metre property.

    Although western European buyers are looking to Tirana as the last Balkan frontier city, interest is still tepid due to concerns about security and the quality of construction in both existing and new buildings. In spite of rising prosperity and aspirations to join the European Union, Albania still wrestles with a poor image left over from its short-lived collapse into anarchy 10 years ago. And there are questions about property rights, since the right-of-centre government is under pressure from the international community to complete the restitution of land to pre-Communist owners within the next two years. "You can have a situation where the developer had all the right permits for the building but the ownership of the land it stands on is still unresolved," says Marin le Corre, a partner at Balkimo, a Tirana-based real estate agency.

    But "on the other hand, there's a growing momentum to settle these kinds of dispute because they're holding back growth," he says.

    Diplomats and other foreign residents say they feel safe in Tirana. "It's common sense not to walk down a dark alley by yourself but I don't feel afraid anywhere in the centre," says Isabelle Strauss, a Belgian-American consultant for Albinvest, the government investment agency, who lives in the Blokk.

    And developers are improving building standards. "We care about high-quality construction as well as imaginative design," says Alban Xhillari, a leading Tirana developer who is working on three projects - two tall mixed-use buildings in the Blokk, both based on pyramid shapes, and the 30m Millennium Centre nearby, a nine-storey complex with a multiplex cinema as well as office and retail space. "We aim to build to international standards, using sophisticated materials and meeting European Union regulations."

    His architects are Sweden's Peter Halan and France's Architecture Studio, which is also responsible for a city-wide masterplan. Gleeds, an international construction management consultancy, has been hired to oversee all three developments. The first mixed-use building is due to be completed in mid-2008 and apartments might sell for as much as 1,800 per sq metre; the second is just starting construction. Owners will have a choice of fixtures and fittings by international designers.

    Elsewhere around the Blokk, traditional walk-up Communist-era apartment blocks are being modernised, with owners investing in new plumbing and heating systems. Units consist of two or three small square rooms with low ceilings and a modest balcony and sellers are asking about 800 per sq metre but are open to bargaining.

    Faades on several buildings on the south bank of the Lana river have in recent years been painted in eye-catching colours by local and foreign artists, thanks to an initiative launched in 2000 by Edi Rama, Tirana's mayor and leader of the main opposition socialist party, who was a painter before he became a politician. "The painted faades are intended to be decorative, amusing, perhaps controversial, but above all to make people feel better about the city they live in," says Eduard Shalsi, an adviser to Rama. But not all residents are pleased. "A group of of art school students turned up one day with ladders and just started to paint my parents' balcony," says one who asked not to be named because his engineering firm has worked for the municipality. "They were upset because it felt like the old authoritarian days."

    Tirana's first masterplan dates back to 1917, when the city was under Austrian rule. Italian architects in the 1920s laid out the broad north-south Shetitorja Boulevard, lined with pine trees and interspersed with parks. The Communists' most striking contribution was a pyramid-shaped memorial museum to Hoxha. The current plan was put together by Architecture Studio after Rama oversaw the demolition of hundreds of illegally built cafs and kiosks in a central park and along both sides of the Lana. It calls for the building of 30 tower blocks across the city centre for office, residential and commercial use, which would be "landmark examples of contemporary architecture", Shalsi says.

    The Blokk is one of the biggest beneficiaries. Aside from Xhillari's buildings, there is a flourishing caf culture thanks to popular establishments that import brand-name coffee and the latest Italian espresso machines. "People are serious here about coffee. You can get espresso in Tirana that's as good or better than Italian and the Turkish coffee is excellent," says Lauren Bohatka, from Ohio, who works for the United Nations Development Programme and lives 10 minutes' walk from the Blokk. The neighbourhood also has Tirana's first organic shop, selling honey, herbal teas, olive oil and wine.

    There are still downsides to living in the Blokk, of course. There are few parking spaces and it gets noisy at weekends. Like the rest of Tirana, the area is affected by Albania's chronic electricity shortage and this autumn power cuts averaged five hours per day, with frequent "brown-outs" resulting in dimmed lights and inoperative appliances. Mains water supply cuts are also common. But residents have learned to cope. "You keep a torch [flashlight] on your key ring and get used to candle-lit evenings," Bohatka says. "Many buildings are also equipped with back-up generators and roof-top water tanks," adds Genc Boga, a lawyer who lives in a spacious top-floor Blokk apartment. "Having a big generator in the basement of your building is noisy and polluting but the quality of the Tirana infrastructure is so poor that you don't really have an alternative."

    According to government officials, it will take another two or three years to sort out these problems. And plans to upgrade public transport and improve rubbish collection and waste disposal are still at an early stage. But more funds for infrastructure are becoming available under a first pre-accession agreement with the EU and private developers such as Xhillari are contributing to improvements.

    "Tirana is developing in a very interesting way," says Gregory Ibanaz of LaGuarda Low, a Texas-based architectural practice designing two projects in the city. "There's a rush into modernity, an element of making up for lost time, but I think people here are willing to embrace different ideas and they're also savvy about new trends."

    Albert Haxhi, an Albanian consultant, says he moved into the Blokk "to enjoy a more European lifestyle". But he believes that other areas around the centre will soon start to compete. "The next fashionable place might be close to the new shopping and commercial area that's developing just north of Skenderbeg Square. Young people are going to move to wherever exciting new buildings go up."

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    Artikull i sotem rreth Kosoves nga nje nga gazetat me te medhaja dhe njekohesisht me e vjetra e Izraelit.

    Kosovo, in Israeli eyes
    By Adar Primor

    Tags: Kosova

    On the eve of his extradition to the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, as the noose tightened around his neck, Slobodan Milosevic decided to grant his last journalistic interview to, of all papers, Haaretz. In that interview in March 2001, the deposed leader of Yugoslavia called for the suppression by force of the Kosovar Albanians' "terrorist separatism," lest the separatist snowball roll through all of the Balkans.

    Milosevic also expressed his esteem for Ariel Sharon, who was one of the few leaders to come out against the Albanian separatists and against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's bombing of the Serbian forces.

    Eight years after the war in Kosovo, it appears as though the province's disengagement from Serbia is a fait accompli and that its independence will be declared soon. In Israel, it seems that there are those - in diplomatic and academic circles - who are adopting Sharon's political philosophy and are warning of the implications of this development. Their arguments are many and varied.
    Today Serbia - tomorrow Israel: Israel must oppose the perception whereby a political and territorial conflict can be ended by means of an external, imposed solution and without the support of both sides to the conflict. If not, who will guarantee that in the future Israel will not have a solution with the Palestinians imposed upon it?

    Moreover, who will guarantee Israel that an attempt by the Arabs of Israel to disengage from it - in Galilee, for example - will not also win active international support?

    Damage to the international order: Israel must declare that it will not recognize the independence of any entity that has not been granted recognition by the United Nations Security Council. Bypassing the Security Council, which would negate the Russian's (who are opposed to independence for Kosovo) veto, will boomerang against Israel, which itself needs the American veto.

    The "Serbian Jerusalem": Kosovo is not just a part of Serbia but also "the cradle of its nationalism and culture." If the "Serbian Jerusalem" is taken away from it, why should "Al Quds" not be taken from us in the future and become the capital of the independent Palestine?

    The danger of Islam: The establishment of Kosovo will award a prize to a violent ethnic-religious minority, whose leaders have ties to the Mafia and to the global jihad. Recognizing them will increase Islamic influence and will strengthen anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli opinions in Europe.

    Snowball, domino effect, Pandora's box: All of these are terms aimed at deterring a decline into irredentist struggles and bloody wars in the Balkans, and beyond. These arguments - some of which seem to have been taken from the Serbian propaganda machine, others of which spring from internal Israeli fears - are all baseless.

    The Kosovar analogy does not resemble the Israeli-Palestinian situation: A declaration of Kosovar independence will not be unilateral, but rather with the agreement of the United States and (most of) Europe, and in accordance with conditions that will be established in advance.

    The demographic/geographic reality in Kosovo, where the Albanians constitute a majority of 90 percent of the population, also does not resemble that of Galilee, where the population is mixed. No significant international body will recognize a separatist demand by the Arabs of Israel.

    The need to bypass the UN derives from the recognition of its inability to resolve ethnic disputes. "The international order" does not, after all, enable intervention in the genocide in Darfur or the use of force in Iran.

    Since the 19th century there has been a Jewish majority in Jerusalem, whereas in the "Serbian Jerusalem" there has not been a Serbian-Orthodox population for more than 200 years now; nevertheless, the Jews (or at least some of them) are willing to compromise in Jerusalem whereas the Serbs are refusing to relinquish "their heart and soul."

    Kosovar society is mainly secular, the Islam there is moderate and will remain so since the new state will have no existence outside of the European area.

    The desire - in the entire Balkans - to be annexed to that area is also what will render the bloodbath hypothesis unlikely.

    In the end, Israel must be part of the democratic and enlightened world that recognizes both the self-determination of an oppressed people that has recently experienced slaughter, rape and ethnic cleansing, and its national aspirations.
    ABCDDhEFGGjHIJKLLlMNNjOPQRRrSShTThUVXXhYZZh (Alfabeti Shqip, 36 grma)

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    Feniks. Maska e niktironci
    Aty ku jetohet.
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    Pak kohe me pare, po degjoja ne nje radio te Cambridge`` mendja e pamvarur``, e cila foli gati 15 minuta per librin e njohur te Kadarese`` Kronike ne gur``dhe i bente te njohur degjuesit me pak fjale per jeten e autorit si edhe per Shqiperine. Gjithashtu nje reklamim shume te bukur per librin i cili ka dale ne qarkullim kohet e fundit ne U.S.A.
    Menyra e radiofonistit ishte shume interesante , si edhe u perpoq te shprehte interes per lexuesin . ne Kembrixh edhe Boston.
    Ndryshuar pr her t fundit nga niktironci : 18-12-2007 m 23:36

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    i/e regjistruar
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    mire do ishte qe keto artikuj ti perktheni ne shqip

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
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    The First Military Victim of World War III
    From the booklet The Rising BeastGermanys Conquest of the Balkans by Gerald Flurry
    Copyright Philadelphia Church of God

    Once again the Germans are structuring an empire. They have moved their capital from Bonn back to Berlin and the Reichstag. Reichstag means empire. It is the building from where Hitler launched a war that cost about 50 million lives.

    That is how badly the Germans wanted an empire in World War ii. Their whole history reveals a similar pattern.

    Some of the best foreign-affairs analysts are beginning to wake up to what is happening in Europeand it all started in the Balkan Peninsula.

    This is how one intelligence periodical sees the outcome of the past decades Yugoslav wars, started, as we will see, by Germanys recognition of Croatia and Slovenia in 1991: The European empire is acquiring colonies fast. Currently engaged in negotiations with nato in order to take over the running of Macedonia, the EU has acquired de facto control of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the extent that the new High Representative, Lord Ashdown, has appointed a German and a French deputy but no American. This is the first time there has not been a U.S. deputy in the body which governs Bosnia. It means that the big three EU states are now in control of the former Yugoslav territory (European Foundation Intelligence Digest, May 2, 2002).

    Did you get that? The German-dominated EU now has control of the first colonies of its new empire!

    In 2002, nato began withdrawing troops from the Balkan Peninsula. With Croatia and Slovenia firmly attached to the EU, the Union is now in the process of imposing its version of security on other nations that once formed the old Republic of Yugoslavia. The first EU police mission under the European Security and Defense policy began in Bosnia in January 2003, taking over from the United Nations International Police Task Force. This ended the direct involvement of the UN, nato and the U.S. in Bosnia and set the pattern for the ultimate takeover of the entire Balkan Peninsula by this European force.

    Concerning the other old Yugoslav countries, Serbia and Montenegro are now virtually vassal states of the EU, almost totally dependent on the Union for financing reconstruction and development following the Yugoslav wars. Now the question of Macedonias position remains to be finalized. With a nato security force already on the ground in Macedonia, Germany has contributed the greatest number of troops of the 11 nations involved in this force. The force is under a German commander. To all intents and purposes, Macedonia is already in the bag for Europe.

    Europe has effectively conquered Yugoslavia! We will prove in this booklet that the former Yugoslavia is in fact the first victim of World War iii.

    Backing Germany

    Lets begin our analysis of this nightmarish situation with a look at events in 1995. Here is a segment of the August 11-25, 1995, issue of Intelligence Digest (emphasis mine throughout): American generals trained and advised the recently triumphant Croatian army, and German pilots have been training the Croatian air force (UN sources at Zagreb airport say air-traffic control frequencies resound to the voices of German pilots). Yet the recent events in the former Yugoslavia, important (and dangerous) as they are, form only a small part of an overall U.S.-German plan for Europe.

    Americas solution is to encourage and support German hegemony [domination] in both east and west Europe.

    Germanys control of Western Europe is exercised through the European Union (EU), and American support for German dominance of the EU has been evident since at least 1990. At that time a pro-German U.S. State Department under James Baker started a whispering campaign against British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher because of her opposition to any further surrender of British sovereignty to the German-dominated EU (or European Community as it then was).

    This whispering campaign was partly responsible for Mrs. Thatchers ouster from the British premiership.

    [Washington] is following an intentional policy the purpose of which is to leave both east and west Europe under complete German domination.

    So Germany, with the full backing of America, is to be the sole great power of Europe.

    Washington urgently needs to think again before it is too late: Its policy for Europe is not a policy for future stability; it is the reverse.

    This was a shocking revelation! American foreign policy supported German dominance in the EU. And both America and Germany supported the breakup of the Balkans. The question is, why?

    For the answer, we must look a little further back into the history of this war-torn region of former Yugoslavia.

    Germanys Opening Move

    In December 1991, serious events began to take shape within Germany and Eastern Europe. Germanyalthough strongly opposed by the European Economic Community, the U.S. and the UNrecognized the breakaway states of Croatia and Slovenia. Pope John Paul ii quickly did the same. (This was not a coincidence; the people of these two Balkan states are staunchly loyal to the Roman Catholic Church.) The European Economic Community caved in and recognized the two states on January 15, 1992.

    The New York Times wrote about this watershed event in a front-page article, Moving Defiantly on Yugoslavia, Bonn Threatens Rift With Allies: Germany will go ahead with its plans to extend diplomatic recognition to the breakaway Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia, German officials said today, increasing prospects for a pronounced rift on the issue in the Western alliance.

    Chancellor Helmut Kohls spokesman, Dieter Vogel, said on Friday that the Bonn government would wait until after a meeting of European Community foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday before announcing recognition, which has been opposed by the United Nations, the United States and by the European Community. But officials made clear that Bonns decision would not be affected by the outcome of Mondays meeting (Dec. 15, 1991).

    Germany was opposed by virtually the whole world on this matter! Yet Germany stood firm in its decision. Why? How could a nation with Germanys recent past attempt such a thing? It makes a lot of sense if you understand the history of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire!

    Germany started World Wars i and ii. Lets not forget that mind-numbing history. That same war spirit was thriving in Germanys support of these breakaway states! The Germans were strongly opposed by the whole world and still got their way.

    The first blow of World War iii has already been struck. That is because this same nationGermanywill continue this aggressive war spirit until the whole world is dragged into a nuclear World War iii! So says history and Bible prophecy.

    The habit of starting every world war dies hard.

    The U.S. did a complete turnaround on their political stance, caving in to Germany. Not only that, they used their power to win this Yugoslav war for Germany!

    The worlds only superpower was despicably weak. The Yugoslavia debacle was another spectacular demonstration that America is no longer a superpower.

    What America did in Yugoslavia will come back to haunt us forever. History thunders to us that it was a monumental mistake. Bible prophecy relates that it was part of a massive curse on our land.

    The final outcome is going to be good news. But the suffering that precedes it will be the worst ever.

    Germanys Power

    Another New York Times article, UN Yields to Plans by Germany to Recognize Yugoslav Republics, said, The Security Council backed away from a confrontation with Germany over Yugoslavia today after Germanys European allies on the council decided that they did not want a major clash with Bonn (Dec. 16, 1991).

    Why did the UN decide not to fight against Germanys decision? Because Germanys European allies did not want a major clash with Bonn.

    The historical plan of the European Union was to control a dangerous Germany. But it is clear that Germany is controlling the EU!

    The horrendous truth that this world refuses to face is that Germany has not repented of starting two world wars. The warlike spirit of World Wars i and ii is still very much alive!

    It doesnt take a lot of vision to see where this is headed. Bible prophecy says it will lead to the worst destruction this world has ever experienced!

    It is time for us to wake up. Even if we dont believe the Bible, sound reasoning should awaken us.

    Lets continue in the New York Times article: The incident underscored Germanys growing political power within the 12-nation European Community, diplomats said. Some added that it marked the single most visible demonstration of that power since reunification of the two Germanys more than a year ago [in 1990] (ibid.).

    It was the single most visible demonstration of that power since Germany was reunited. What does that mean? It means that Germany is on the same track they were on when they started World Wars i and ii! This is the grisly truth that most people dont want to face. So we bury our heads in the sand. But that doesnt remove the truth or change events.

    Again, the Germans have not repented of what they did in World Wars i and iior they would not be acting this way!

    Why cant we be logical about something so terrifying? Are we too decadent even to care?

    If our reasoning doesnt shake us, events certainly willone thousand times over!

    Troubling Historical Associations

    The article continued, Moreover, in its unusual assertiveness in moving ahead with a plan to extend diplomatic recognition to the breakaway Yugoslav republics of Croatia and Slovenia, Germany has stirred troubling historical associations . Nazi Germany dominated the two Yugoslav regions during World War ii, absorbing Slovenia into the Third Reich and creating a puppet regime in Croatia (ibid.).

    Germany has stirred troubling historical associations. But just how troubled are we? Even the New York Times doesnt seem troubled anymore. I hear almost no discussion of that troubling historyor, more importantly, what it means for the future! That is why it is so troubling.

    Are we afraid to face this troubling truth? America and Britain should be so troubled that they would even risk a military clash with Germany. But those kind of superpower actions are past history.

    After all, Germany could easily be stopped now if we had the will to use our power. But we are dangerously weak. So Germanys power (with the EU) will grow until we cant stop it.

    We are in a far worse scenario than we were in the 1930s when Winston Churchill was warning the West about Adolf Hitler. We ignore that terrifying history, and are dangerously weak because of it.

    Once again we fear to face the mind-jarring reality. Have we forgotten that we almost lost World War ii? And we did so because almost everybody rejected Churchills strong warnings against Germany.

    Now is the time to face that unpalatable truth.

    Germany was determined to recognize Croatia, in spite of this recent and horrifying past! But why would the U.S. support such a move? At first, America did not. But that quickly changed once Germany flexed its political muscle. America shamefully let Germany lead it.

    Germany has long historical ties, both glorious and shameful, to Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and many people there still identify with the German-speaking world. There has also been German influence in Croatia, and during World War ii Croatia was ruled by a pro-Nazi regime.

    This aspect of Croatian history, and the fact that the Tudjman government has refused to disassociate itself from the Croatian fascists who ruled the republic in the 1940s, has made European leaders unwilling to move quickly toward recognition. German public opinion is strongly pro-Croatian and anti-Serbian (New York Times, Dec. 8, 1991).

    This is a shocking article. German public opinion was strongly pro-Croatian and anti-Serbian, or in reality anti-Yugoslavian. The German people are emotionally involved with these two republics.

    This is just another of many signs that the German people have not repented of causing about 50 million deaths in World War ii!

    They would be horrified at these emotions if they deeply understood and hated their Nazi past. They should hate the monstrous crimes inflicted on the world by their eagerly following Hitler.

    But the West is more to blame than the Germans. Our denazifying of Germany after World War ii was a shameful farce. How can we calculate the suffering that mistake will cause? This work has written on and documented this tragedy for years.

    So brace yourselves: A strong militaristic Germany is marching once again, and its destruction this time will make its crimes in World Wars i and ii look like childs play!

    Most of the words we hear from the Germans and others will indicate otherwise. But watch what they dotheir deeds.

    Isnt it also disturbing that the Croatian leaderthe late Franjo Tudjmanwould not disassociate himself from the Croatian fascists, or Nazis, of the 1940s, yet was still a respected leader in a Roman Catholic country? If these people were good Roman Catholics, how could they honor fascism in this way? Isnt this rather alarming? Croatian leaders wouldnt disassociate themselves from such a horrible past, yet the pope openly recognized Croatia in its struggle for independence, despite being opposed by most of the world. These facts suggest the development of something dangerously ominous.

    Do you understand the importance of this history? How quickly the world has forgotten the events surrounding World War ii. How quickly the world has forgotten that Germany has historically considered it a primary duty to protect the Roman Catholic Church! During the various reigns of the Holy Roman Empire, they have felt it their duty to enforce the churchs desires. That helps us to understand why Germany will stand up against the European Union, America, the United Nations and the entire world!

    Something very dark and sinister is stirring in Europe. What happened in Croatia was only a small sample of what is about to spread over the entire region! This is the straw that will stir the drink to unify all of Europe. It will not be long before Europe is reunited as the Holy Roman Empire. It will be led very assertively by Germany.

    Two republics now have their independence because of Germany and the pope. The whole world would have been against the independence of these two republics had not Germany and the pope spoken out in support of them! These events revealed a great deal about the power Germany has developed. But more importantly, they projected where Germany and the Vatican are headed in the future!

    Now a German-led EU virtually controls all of Yugoslavia. As you continue reading, we will prove to you that this is the first nation conquered by the reviving Holy Roman Empire.

    World War iii has already begun! Soon all of Europe will be under Germanys controland that is only the beginning. America, Britain and the nation called Israel today will be conquered by the Holy Roman Empire if we dont repent!

    The Holy Roman Empire will soon become more powerful than Russia, China or the U.S. Please open your eyes and watch it happen.

    Germany forced the issue in Yugoslavia and exposed how weak America and the West really are. And the whole world was watching and learning. World leaders clearly know how weak America is. That is why so many challenge it. This trend has only intensified since that time, and it will get far worse.

    Many Serbian leaders believe the driving force behind the independence of Croatia and Slovenia was the Roman Catholic Church! This is only a small part of a rising Holy Roman Empire. Germany and the Vatican were willing to offend the whole world to recognize two little Roman Catholic republics! These events show anybody willing to take note that something dreadful is stirring in Germany and the Vatican.

    For the most part, what is happening in Europe, politically and religiously, is invisible to the world. Even many political leaders in Europe will be moved with great emotion in support of European unity, not truly understanding what they are doing.

    Germanys World Dominance

    Shortly after Germany recognized the breakaway republic of Croatia, civil war broke out in Yugoslavia. Many people blame Germany for this civil war, and rightfully so.

    All of Europe and America were openly hostile to Germanys action at that time, but Europe quickly caved in when Germany threatened to pull out of the European Union.

    America saw the flow of events and, as usual, weakly changed its public view by submitting to Germany.

    Mr. Tudjman, Croatias leader at that time, had publicly and repeatedly said his country was right in supporting Hitler! He was very adamant and unrepentant about that.

    In 1995, Alexander Cockburn wrote this in the Detroit Free Press: When Germany led the Western powers to recognize Croatia, Slovenia and finally Bosnia at the start of the 90s, the Serbs remembered vividly what had happened to them at the hands of the Nazi-backed puppet state of Croatia in World War ii. At least 700,000 Serbssome say as many as 1.2 millionalong with 30,000 Jews, were slaughtered by Croats in the Jasenovac concentration camp. [Even if there were only 700,000 Serbs killed, that was still a colossal disaster.]

    The Croat lobby in the United States has displayed eel-like slipperiness when pressed about the fascist predilections of Croat leader Franjo Tudjman. Inquiries into his character and intentions are very much to the point: Tudjman has written books of spine-chilling anti-Semitism and apologetics for mass extermination.

    This is the man pampered by the West, even as he drives toward a greater Croatia built in the image of Ante Pavelics Croatian Republic of the 1940s (Aug. 24, 1995).

    That reminds me of the years leading up to World War ii, after Hitler had already written his hateful diatribe, Mein Kampf. Yet Neville Chamberlain and other weak leaders were actually cozying up to and pampering this man who would head the Nazi war machine.

    An inquiring mind might ask how Germany and the Vatican could openly and flagrantly support a Nazi-type leader, considering their own recent history. Nazi atrocities and the Vaticans involvement in protecting and hiding Nazi leaders during and after World War ii are overwhelmingly documented! The great majority of the Nazis who escaped were assisted by the Catholic Church (request our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire).

    Now Germany and the Vatican are headed in the same direction again. There is a frightening spirit there that we should be acutely concerned about. Americas national survival depends on it.

    According to some reports, America signed a secret agreement to continue operating with the Croatian military. Remember, this is the same nation that we were bullied into accepting as an independent republic in 1991! Where Germany leads, we seem to follow.

    Americas foreign-policy shift in 1991 enraged its traditional allies Britain, France and the Netherlands. These nations saw what Germany was doing, not only in Yugoslavia, but all over Europe. The European Union collectively had hoped to keep powerful Germany under controlwith help from the U.S.! Instead, America helped Germany enforce its will on Europe! Europeans, who are being helplessly swept along, are painfully aware that Germany has caused two world warsin living memoryand the death of over 60 million people!

    Has America forgotten its loyal allies of World Wars i and ii and in 50 years of the Cold War? Germany has bullied the U.S. into nearly wrecking that alliance!

    These traditional American allies know a great deal about Germanys desire to control Europe. U.S. leaders, however, seem to be ignorant of the dangers. It seems that they learned little or nothing from World Wars i and ii.

    The Serbs fought on the side of America and Britain in two world wars. In the 1990s, the Serbs were the only power to resist Germany in the Balkans. Now Germany is having its way in that part of the world. And the European Union is now openly discussing global ambitionschallenging America.

    No wonder America is losing allies in Europe. Historical alliances and friends seem almost meaningless to the U.S. At the same time, America is helping to build a Frankenstein monster that is about to turn on its creator!

    America and Britain clearly do not understand history. And worse, they are totally ignorant of Bible prophecy.

    This is an amazing scenario! The most powerful foreign policy in this world comes out of Germany! At first, America was bitterly opposed to Germany recognizing the republic of Croatia. Then it turned around to help Germany fight for Croatias independence! What a pathetic turnaround.

    These events set the stage for 1999s nightmare in Kosovo.
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
    Little Albania, NY
    12 falenderime n 12 postime
    How German Fascism Conquered Kosovo
    From the booklet The Rising BeastGermanys Conquest of the Balkans by Gerald Flurry
    Copyright Philadelphia Church of God

    The Serbs fought on our side in two world wars, and Germany fought against us in both of those wars. How strange to see that alliance reversed today.

    We have failed to learn from this history, and we are going to pay a terrifying price!

    The simple truth is, Serbia is no threat to Europe or America. But Germany has routinely been a dangerous threat to Europe and the world! And whether we realize it or not, they still are todayfar more so than in the past.

    The only real winners in 1999s war in Yugoslavia were Germany and the Vatican. Time will show that America and Britain were the great losers. The Kosovo conflict made them weaker as Germany grew in power.

    It has often been said that truth is the first casualty of war. That probably has never been more true than in that war.

    Germany Backs Albania

    Yugoslavia lost the states of Croatia and Slovenia because of Germany. In the last chapter I showed how Germany recognized these breakaway republics and then supported them with troops and armaments. America (and almost the whole world) strongly opposed Germanys undemocratic plans in the beginning. But the U.S. weakened and then even decided to support Germany in its war to control the Balkans! Europe and the United Nations meekly followed along.

    Germanys approach to taking over Yugoslavia was anything but democratic. This was good old-fashioned German fascism, supported by America and Britain. It makes you wonder how deeply we love freedom.

    Germany has the most destructive military history of any nation ever on Earth! But America has supported them as though they have been the peacekeepers of the world. Its as if the whole world has habitually learned to fear Germanyfearing to speak out against them.

    After Croatia and Slovenia, the civil war spread into Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Serbs lost control of a large portion of this republic also.

    Still the Germans were not satisfied. The Serbs saw Germany supporting a guerrilla army of Albanians. The guerrillas called themselves the Kosovo Liberation Army (kla)though they were never freedom fighters. Many of the authorities likened them to the Mafia. Kosovo was comprised of 90 percent Albanians. These Kosovar Albanians, along with Albania and Germany, supported the guerrilla army against the Serbs.

    The German ambassador made evident the very good relations between the two countries [Albania and Germany] and voiced the will of his government to consolidate and promote further these relations. He highlighted the efficiency of various projects of the German assistance in Albania and stressed that they will be expanded in the coming months.

    Albanian Foreign Minister [Paskal] Milo stressed that Germany is one of the most important countries in the foreign policy of Albania (Albanian Telegraphic Agency, Aug. 6, 1997; emphasis mine throughout). Germany is probably the strongest foreign industrial power in Albania. So their ties are unusually close.

    There was also direct support coming from Germany. There are 600,000 Albanians in Germany. Many of the kla guerrillas left their families behind in Germany to fight against the Serbs in a civil war that the German-supported Albanians started. Is that German democracy, or German fascism?

    Germany also gave financial support to the kla. According to bbc News, In addition to money sent home to relatives [in Germany], Kosovos internationally unrecognized government-in-exile has been collecting a tax of 3 percent of earnings. Its prime minister, Bujar Bukoshi, who is based in Germany, has repeatedly denied that the money is used to buy armshe says that its spent on running the health and education services (Aug. 5, 1998). But did anybody believe that?

    Kosovos internationally unrecognized government-in-exile had a prime minister who was based in Germany and operated freely with the blessing (perhaps even the direction) of the German government! So Germany recognized Kosovos government-in-exile when nobody else did. But the international community submissively followed Germanys lead.

    The kla guerrillas didnt just happen. They were essentially raised up and directly supported by Germanythe powerhouse of Europe.

    All of Germanys actions in this Yugoslav war have been blatant and brutal fascism. We can call it democratic if we choose to do so, but that doesnt make it true. This is still the country that started World Wars i and ii. And they have already started World War iii in an unofficial way! It is time that we came out of our dream and recognized this very dangerous reality. The spirit of war has been resurrected again in Germany. Now only superior will and military force can stop it.

    How many nightmares must we experience before we wake up to what is happening in Germany?

    Germany encouraged nato attacks with the strongest language. The German defense minister, Rudolf Scharping, said in a March 1999 television interview on zdf that genocide is starting. His alarmist vocabulary caused many to think about genocide. It became common to hear that word being used in relation to Kosovo.

    The Australian reported on April 1, 1999, With thousands of refugees continuing to stream out of the war-torn province, German Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping claimed in Bonn last night that evidence had emerged of concentration camps being set up by Serb forces.

    People watched television and saw the streams of Albanian refugees. Then they totally blamed the Serbs. Most knew very little about Kosovo, yet spoke of genocidethe deliberate and systematic destruction of a race. Then came talk about concentration camps. Genocide and concentration campswords introduced by the German defense minister.

    We see today that most of those claims were built on a foundation of ignorance, deceit and lies.

    It is true that after a powerful nato air attack, the Serbs responded violently to save what remained of their country. But there was little mentioned about refugees before the nato attacks. In fact, natos initial purpose in the war was to protect the Kosovar people in their homeland. That purpose shamefully failed.

    Why? Because that was not what Germany wanted! Now this province too dances to Germanys tune.

    Is nato blameless?

    Germany Pressured nato

    Stratfor Systems issued this most alarming report in 1998: Serbian Radio in Belgrade on September 22 broadcast a scathing commentary charging Germany with warmongering and warning Europe against the alleged rebirth of German fascism (Sept. 25, 1998).

    Call the Serbs what you like, but that is exactly what happened in Yugoslavia! And German fascism is accelerating all over Europe. This is the deadly truth that Europe and the U.S. refuse to face!

    The report continued, More pointedly, Serbian Radio cited Germanys record in the two world wars, and charged that Germany harbors open ambition to become the master of Europe. Questioning Europes silence on Germanys behavior, commentator Milika Sundic said, It is difficult to comprehend and accept that Europe has become Germanys slave. Sundic went on to claim that Germany contributed the most to the breakdown of the former Yugoslavia, and that Serbia has known for some time that Germany was behind the [kla] terrorism in [Kosovo].

    Who can present any evidence to refute these powerful words?

    Was the German-supported kla a band of freedom fighters, or were they terrorists? Nato has had serious problems controlling them.

    The truth is, they were German-supported terroristsused to achieve Germanys fascist goals. The world quickly forgets the ugly truth about Germanys aims. But the sledgehammer of events will jar our memory as never before.

    The fact is that Germany [was] one of the leading voices pushing for nato intervention in Kosovo. In a meeting of nato defense ministers in Portugal on September 24 [1998], which resulted in a virtual ultimatum to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to cease the fighting in Kosovo or face nato air strikes, only Germanys [then Defense Minister Volker] R�he called for a firm deadline to be set for intervention. R�he said, We must move quickly to an ultimatum in the next 10 days or less . We must do something for the people on the ground and not just issue one more resolution after another (ibid.). Was Germanys penchant for blitzkrieg warfare beginning to surface?

    R�he has argued against awaiting a [United Nations] mandate on the use of force against Serbia. [Not even the United Nations could deter Germany from their goal.] Said R�he, Pictures of people [in Kosovo] camping out in the open are in themselves an ultimatum. Moreover, and more to the point, R�he said, We must avoid to be dependent on a Russian veto. He claimed that the current relationship between nato and Russia presumes that Russia has no veto whenever nato needs to act.

    Germany is leading the campaign for a quick and, if necessary, military solution to the conflict in Kosovo .

    Germany is also extremely concerned about U.S. vacillation in its military commitment to European stability, particularly to the use of nato as a policing tool. That U.S. vacillation has led to the utter disdain in which Serbia holds nato. Germany is looking ahead to the day when it must take a leading role in the defense of Western Europe, and it does not want to take on that role with a dull knife (ibid.).

    Even in 1998, Stratfor saw that Germanys ambition reached beyond Yugoslavia.

    Fascist History

    Ralph Giordano, television journalist and author, writing in 1993 on the spate of neo-Nazi hate crimes against foreigners that had swept Germany in the previous decade, mused on what he calls Germanys second guilt as the reason for the revival of old fascist sympathies in todays Germany.

    A specter is haunting united Germany the specter of a brown resurrection! This time, unlike its appearance in the mid-60s, it is no temporary phenomenon, but is today deeply rooted in the society, and tomorrow will have established itself in the parliamentary structure at both the federal and provincial level (The Future of German Democracy).

    Giordano went on to expose one of the historical connections between the sleaziest aspects of the Allies approach to post-war German reconstruction and the rise of fascist tendencies in that country today. With only a few exceptions these perpetrators not only were let off in the end unpunished, but they were also allowed to continue their careers with impunity . Well into the 1970s the elite of finance, industry and government was almost identical to that under Hitler (ibid.).

    East and West Germany are reunited; Germanys capital is once again Berlin; the country sits astride the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. Thus it is now the politics of Germany that powerfully influence politics in all Europe. Just as the embracing of fascism by Hitlers government spread to become the dominant form of governance in Europe prior to World War ii, what emerges from the present-day political melee in Germany will spread to influence its EU partners in their political persuasion.

    German fascism has virtually conquered Yugoslavia. People can scoff all they like. But watch Germany. Yugoslavia is only the beginning. German fascism is back, just as we have prophesied for over 50 years. Soon the whole world will understand that.

    The Serbs see clearly that Germany was behind the breakdown of former Yugoslavia. We cannot forget that all of Europe, the U.S. and the UN were against Germany when it recognized and strongly supported the breakaway of Slovenia and Croatia. But Germany prevailed. Croatias breakaway led to civil war. Americas secretary of state at the time said that Germany had a certain responsibility for the Yugoslav civil war. But he was quickly silenced! And no leader in our government has made such a statement since.

    That was one of the powerful truths that became a casualty early in the Yugoslav war.

    Germanys Master Plan

    Germany has a master plan. We have warned about that master plan since immediately after World War ii. Germany is fast becoming the fascist superpower of the West, as the U.S. collapses as a superpower. You urgently need to understand why this is happening! Please request our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.

    Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister, said this about the European Union in October 1995: You have not anchored Germany to Europe; you have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, youll find it will not work.

    She didnt see Germany as a democracy-loving country, but as a newly dominant country. Mrs. Thatcher clearly said the European Union was not a democratic union. It is dominated by Germany. But it seems nobody wants to admit that they have not repented of their fascist, Nazi past.

    Let the world beware!

    Bernard Connolly, in The Rotten Heart of Europe, said the European Union was only a cloak for German ambitions.

    At least we ought to consider such authoritative voices.

    First of all, the Germans want to control Europe. To do so, they must gain control of the Balkans, where their fiercest enemy is the Serbs. For the most part, the Serbs have been silenced.

    Do you realize that 75 percent of the nato military power in the Kosovo conflict was supplied by the U.S.? That means Germany actually pressured and directed natoespecially the carry out its own fascist ambitions within Europe!

    We are going to pay the supreme penalty for such a dangerously misguided foreign policy.

    All of Europe, the UN and America caved in to Germany, in spite of its responsibility for the deaths of 60-70 million people in World Wars i and ii!

    Germany had all of nato fighting for its cause, and it seems nobody wants to even discuss how it all began.

    Is it so hard to understand why the Serbs were enraged? Their country has been systematically destroyedprimarily by Germany. What country would not fight against such an outrage? Does any nation really see the Serbs point of view?

    Since they were our allies in both world wars, we of all people should see their side of the story.

    The German master plan is very similar to what the country has done in the past. The only real difference is, it has been much more subtleso far.

    If the Western world would only remember the recent past of Germany, it would frighten us into reality.

    The Germans inherently dislike democracy. And we did almost nothing to change that attitude after World War ii.

    The March 26, 1999, New York Times stated, For the first time since the end of World War ii, German fighter jets have gone to war, taking part in the attack on Yugoslavia as part of a nato force and marking this countrys definitive emancipation from post-war pacifism.

    Still, the German participation in air raids on Yugoslavia is potentially explosive, for it will confirm every dark Serbian suspicion about the West. If there has been a single obsession in Serbian policy this century, it has been to prevent what Belgrade sees as German expansionism in the Balkans.

    We are not ready to make a distinction between the bombs of Adolf Hitler from 1941 and the bombs of nato, Vuk Draskovic, the Yugoslavian deputy prime minister, said.

    Strong German support for Croatian independence from Yugoslavia, and Croatias adoption of the hymn Danke Deutschland when that independence came in 1991, only reinforced Serbian misgivings. Croatia clearly knew its revolt succeeded because of Germany. After all, they didnt sing Danke nato!

    The leaders of America and Britain dont see what is happening in Yugoslavia because they refuse to see. That attitude of sinful weakness is going to cause us to suffer more than any people ever have in history!

    It seems the Serbs were the only ones who recognized the dangerous resurgence of a militant Germany. Germany poses a danger thousands of times greater than the Serbs could ever pose to Europe and the world.

    The Serbs have good reason to fear, since they were victims of the German and Croatian Nazis of World War ii. One Trumpet reader from Indiana wrote to us, After reading your article Croatia Reveals the Rising Beast in the January 1999 issue I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for what you have done for me as a human being by publishing that article so that millions of other human beings in the world can understand the Serbs.

    As an American of Serbian descent and a survivor of the horrible Croatian holocaust during World War ii, I would like to tell you, my dear friend, how much I appreciate your personal involvement and effort, and how immensely I am grateful to you for your courage, humanity and patriotism for publishing that article in your magazine. I can assure you that from now on, youll be my dear friend as long as I live.

    A Warning Unheeded

    In 1996, a shocking World War ii intelligence document was made public. The document, detailing an August 1944 meeting between top German industrialists, reveals a secret post-war plan to restore the Nazis to power. Several of Germanys elite industries were represented, including Messerschmitt and Volkswagenwerks. These companies, the document asserts, were to prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground. When the U.S. declassified this document, it received only sparse news coverage. Yet even more disturbing than the deep stupor of the press is the fact that the U.S. government did not make it public until 1996over 50 years later!

    By 1944, the Germans knew they would lose World War ii and were already planning for the next round! Existing financial reserves in foreign countries, the document says, must be placed at the disposal of the party so that a strong German Empire can be created after the defeat.

    Those at the 1944 meeting understood that the most prominent members of the Nazi Party would be condemned as war criminals. However, the document maintains, in cooperation with the industrialists it is arranging to place its less conspicuous but most important members in positions with various German factories as technical experts or members of its research and designing offices.

    How alarming! Why was so little written about this in 1996? Why did it take so long for it to be declassified? America and Britain have fallen asleepour people dont understand what is happening behind the scenes!

    That is why we feel compelled to return to these issues again and again. Hardly anyone else will!

    Historians have long debated whether or not a secret Nazi plan was made for a post-war, international network. Now that it has been confirmed, as Elan Steinberg of the World Jewish Congress said, the central question is whether it has been carried out.

    The obvious answer is, it has!

    Brian Connell, in his 1957 book A Watcher on the Rhine, offered abundant proof of that plan being carried out. He drew attention to a watershed event in 1947, just two years after the war, when Allied authorities foolishly handed over denazification responsibilities to, of all people, the Germans! After 1947, denazification in Germany, according to Connell, was a farce!

    Consider the province of Bavaria for example. The Bavarian administration, Connell wrote, is largely in the hands of those who controlled it under Hitler . Almost all of the 1,000 teachers who were removed for political reasons have been reappointed, representing roughly 60 percent of the teaching staff employed by the Ministry of Education. Sixty percent of the 15,000 employees in the Finance Ministry are former Nazis, and 81 percent of the 924 judges, magistrates and prosecutors in the Ministry of Justice.

    There was an attempt made by the Allies to liberalize a narrow method of teaching in German education. Connell stated, New teachers were appointed, and a degree of independence assured to individual instructions, which should have made education for democracy a feasible proposition. But many of the former Nazi teachers have found their way back.

    Later, Connell wrote, In Western Germany, the newly prosperous Ruhr industrialists, the still impenitent core of former Nazis represents a challenge to the democratic order.

    Nazism is far from being dead in Germany! Today, right-wing extremism continues to increase dramaticallyeven in German elections! Should that surprise us?

    Let us now look at another important report that never received much press coverage.

    The report was given by Herbert W. Armstrong from the United Nations on May 9, 1945, just nine months after the secret meeting between German industrialists. In it Mr. Armstrong said, The war is over, in Europeor is it?

    What did he mean by that? Did he know something no one else did? He certainly did!

    We dont understand German thoroughness, he said. From the very start of World War ii, they have considered the possibility of losing this second round, as they did the firstand they have carefully, methodically planned, in such eventuality, the third roundWorld War iii! Hitler has lost. This round of war, in Europe, is over. And the Nazis have now gone underground.

    Many scoffed at Mr. Armstrongs warning message in 1945. Yet look at how closely his report mirrors what was said in the secret document that was not made public until 50 years later!

    Only Gods messenger could give such a prophetic message over 50 years ago!

    Think about what he said.

    Think about what was determined at that secret meeting among top German industrialists.

    Think about what Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt said right after the war: It is our inflexible purpose to destroy German militarism and Nazism.

    Yes, think about those issues, and then consider what is happening now. Our leaders today keep acting as though Germany has repented. But the Germans continue in their militant, fascist spirit, in spite of the unparalleled crimes they have committed!

    We have forgotten our strong commitment after World War ii to control Germany, and we will pay an indescribable price for that weak and despicable failure in leadership!

    You dont prevent Germany from starting World War iii by helping them build their empire in Yugoslavia and Europe!

    The spirit of that intelligence document is being implemented in Yugoslavia todayand also in other parts of the world. Germanys actions are not those of a people deeply repentant for the deaths of 60-70 million people in two world wars!

    Remember, the Bible says our end-time lovers will be the ones who inflict great suffering upon usnot our obvious enemies. However, we like to think of ourselves as righteous, while we reject Gods warnings!

    What Herbert Armstrong prophesied for over 50 years has now come to pass in frightening detail! The Philadelphia Church of God continues to proclaim the same message.

    This is all prophesied in your Bible. But you dont even need the Bible to see that terror is about to strike our peoples!

    Once the U.S. released and then supported this fascist beast in Croatia and Slovenia, there was no stopping it. It didnt cease until all of Yugoslavia was under its strong influence or control. Now if we think the beast will return to its cage, we are very naive. This world is headed for a nightmare unparalleled in the history of man. And the beast is going to lead us there!

    The American and British peoples are without excuse. And so are you. Only God can save you from a disastrous future. Now is the time for every wise person to heed this message. There is so little time left to respond.

    Kosovo was a turning point in the Yugoslavia war. After this state essentially came under German influence and control, the rest of Yugoslavia was certain to fall. When Germanys oppressive influence moved beyond Croatia and Slovenia, the careful observer could see that Germanys ambition was to control all of Yugoslavia.

    But their ambition goes far beyond even that goal.
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
    Little Albania, NY
    12 falenderime n 12 postime
    German-led EU Conquers Former Yugoslavia
    From the booklet The Rising BeastGermanys Conquest of the Balkans by Gerald Flurry
    Copyright Philadelphia Church of God

    State by state, the country of Yugoslavia has been conquered. Even the name Yugoslavia is being discarded.

    Most of this conquering was accomplished with U.S. military power. But it is Germany and the European Union that are taking control of the former Yugoslavia. And Germany is giving the U.S. no credit, though it does often blame America for many of the problems that have developed.

    Former Yugoslavia is a part of the Balkans, or Balkan Peninsula, along with Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and European Turkey. The Balkan Peninsula is an extremely important strategic area.

    The Adriatic Sea is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. The German-led EU is also working hard to get control of the Mediterranean Seaof even greater strategic importance.

    Look at any map and you can see the strategic value. However, it seems only Germany fully realizes the significance of these areas. The Germans are willing to fight the whole world to gain control of them. It seems nobody has asked why these areas are so important to Germany!

    Where is this leading?

    The same spirit that caused Germany to start two world wars still prevails in that land! Soon the whole world will understand. Shocking as it may be, your Bible predicts that people by the multiple millions will once again suffer from Germanys violent attacks, as the Germans lead Europe.

    This major turnaround in the Balkans has caused Europe to look to Germany once again.

    Notice what Sir Winston Churchill said, May 31, 1935: Everywhere these countries are being made to look to Germany in a special way.

    And today all of Europe is looking to Germany in a special way. The outcome will be frighteningly similar to World War iiexcept it will be about a thousand times worse!

    It seems we have learned nothing from Germanys history. Even terrifying events like World War ii taught us nothingjust as Winston Churchill warned the world in the 1930s that it had learned nothing from Germanys history and World War i.

    Here is what he said February 7, 1934: Not one of the lessons of the past has been learned, not one of them has been applied, and the situation is incomparably more dangerous.

    And the situation today is incomparably more dangerous, with our weapons of mass destruction, than it was in World War ii!

    When Germany starts World War iii, we will finally learn some lessonsbut only after America, Britain and the little nation called Israel today have become victims.

    We have been teaching this message for over 50 years.

    The only way for our people to prevent this coming catastrophe is to repent of their evil ways. May God help us to hear the trumpet sounding.

    EU Adopts Balkan States posted the following on January 10, 2003: EU Commission [EC] President Romano Prodi promised today in Athens that all Balkan countries can become members of the EU one day. Speaking after meeting the Greek prime minister and current holder of the EU presidency, Costas Simitis, he said the Balkan countries would not necessarily become members on the same day, as each of them would follow their own course and be judged on their own merits. But in the long run, Balkans belong strictly to the EU, he said.

    Bulgaria and Romania are already negotiating EU membership, while Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and the former Republic of YugoslaviaMontenegro, Kosovo and Serbiaall are part of the Stabilization and Association Process (sap) with the EU.

    Both for the EU Commission and the Greek presidency, future EU membership for all Balkan countries is a priority, Mr. Prodi said. He went on to add that an EU policy for the Mediterranean area was in the making. The Commission is drafting a letter to Mr. Simitis in Greece as well as the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, to make sure that the current Greek EU presidency and the following Italian EU presidency make the Mediterranean area a priority.

    Back in March 2000, Prodi stated, Malta is the southern pillar of Europe . I want to see Malta in the EU. Trumpet journalists heard these words of the EC president with their own ears in Malta at conferences concerning the countrys future EU membership. Read those words again: Malta is the southern pillar of Europe . I want to see Malta in the EU.

    At the same conferences, Gunter Verheugen, European commissioner for enlargement, said if Malta joined the EU it would become a gateway. For Europe, Malta has been described as a springboard to the whole Mediterranean region, and especially to the African and Middle Eastern shores.

    What ambition! The EU is already planning to reach into the Mediterranean and Africa, and across to Cyprus and the Middle East. They have a dangerous global ambition. Such ambition is leading to unparalleled violence and terror in this world. But very few people seem to understand.

    Yet again, the world is destined to see Islam pitched against Vatican-dominated Christianity in a holy war, with Jerusalem as the prize (Dan. 11:40). Cyprus could figure prominently in Europes battle for control of the strategic Middle East.

    Why all this strategic interest? Because the German-led EU wants to rule the world!

    If you think that is far-fetched, just look at the history of the bloody Holy Roman Empire. It has been the exact opposite of holy. And it has always had the goal of ruling the world!

    Thankfully, this next resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire will be the last.

    Ten Nations

    We are seeing a resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire. Ten kings or presidents will combine into one world superpower. They will all give their power to the beast (Rev. 13 and 17).

    Germany and the Vatican had to get control of the Balkan states to develop the eastern leg, or foot, of the Holy Roman Empire. This too was prophesied.

    Notice what Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in June 1956: Perhaps even this coming military-political leader does not yet know how many, or precisely which, European nations will join in this United Nazi Fascist Europe. But you and I can know the numberfor God Almighty wrote it down for us 1,900 years ago, in Revelation 17! There will be 10 dictatorships, exerting iron rule over 10 European nations. These 10 will give all their military power to the central over-all leaderpictured under the prophetic symbol, the beast.

    The strong indication of these prophecies, then, is that some of the Balkan nations are going to tear away from behind the Iron Curtain.

    Remember, that was written in 1956nearly 50 years ago!

    Are we too groggy to comprehend how dramatically Mr. Armstrongs prophecy was fulfilled? Only God could have revealed to him the future fate of nations!

    These prophecies have been and are being fulfilled before our eyes. Only the blind fail to see! We must awaken out of our sleep.

    Here is what Mr. Armstrong wrote February 18, 1980: There will now be an effort to bring Yugoslavia into the Holy Roman Empire alliance! There will be strong pressure from the Vatican, in view of the popes visit to his native Poland, to bring Poland into the new United States of Europe. [That is now happening!] If Yugoslavia and Poland go in, then expect at least Romania also to go in. [Croatia definitely intends to become an EU member in its second enlargement wave, penciled in for 2007 when Bulgaria and Romania also hope to join, Minister for European Integration Neven Mimica told afp (Agence France Presse, Jan. 28, 2003).]

    You may be sure the West European leaders are conferring hurriedly and secretly about how and how soon they may unite and provide a united European military force so they can defend themselves! [That has already happened.] And so they will no longer have to give in meekly to Russia! And who will they blame for their humiliation and their necessity now to have a united Europe, with a united government, a common currency, and a common military force as great or greater than either the ussr or the U.S.? They will blame the United States! And when they are strong enough to assert themselves, they will first attack Britain for standing firm with the U.S., and then they will return a lot of hydrogen bombs the U.S. has stored now in Europe!

    So says Almighty God in His Word!

    They can unite only through the Vatican. It will be a church-state union. It wont last long, but will create havoc unprecedented!

    How could Mr. Armstrong possibly have known these staggering events would unfold? Because of Bible prophecy!

    What an astounding prophecy! It is being fulfilled in detail.

    Never has anti-Americanism been stronger in Europe, and it is growing astronomically.

    The EU now has 15 member nations, and it is still growing. But it will take the Vatican to unite them into one mind. Eventually, there will be 10 nations or kings, essentially Catholic, that form this frightening power. They will choose the best and reject the rest!

    The map of the worlds future is laid out in striking precision.

    On August 27, 1980, Mr. Armstrong wrote this comment in a member and co-worker letter: Will Poland free itself from Soviet domination and join with Yugoslavia, Romania and possibly Czechoslovakiaand with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Austriain a resurrected medieval Holy Roman Empire to dominate Europe and equal the ussr and the U.S. in world power?

    December 27, 1981, Mr. Armstrong wrote, What the world does not realize is that, under cover, secret planning is proceeding furiously, uncovered by the news media, unknown by the public.

    But suddenly, unexpectedly, as biblical prophecy reveals, the whole world will be startled and shocked into wonder, to learn that a new third super world power has suddenly burst forth onto the world scenea resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire by a union of 10 nations in Europevery possibly five in Western Europe, and five broken loose from the Communist orbit in Eastern Europe! The crisis in Poland is tremendously significant, and with it the fact that there is now a Polish pope!

    Mr. Armstrong knew well the meaning of the image described in Daniel 2, of a great statue with legs of iron and feet of iron mixed with clay. These legs represent the eastern and western legs of the Roman Empire. Mr. Armstrong had the two legs of Daniels image on his mindor, more specifically, the two feet: the last resurrection of that empire.

    Finally, here is a statement Mr. Armstrong wrote on May 20, 1982: Now what will actually trigger the Great Tribulation? It will last approximately 31/2 yearsright up to the real Second Coming of Christ with His eyes as flames of fire and His face shining as the sun full strength for all to see.

    Revelation 13 and 17, coupled with Daniel 2 and 7, say that a union of ten nations in the area of the old Roman Empire will plunge the world into the Great Tribulation! The uprising against Soviet domination in Poland can easily lead to Poland, and such Eastern European nations as Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and even Greece, joining in a union with Roman Catholic nations in Western Europe. The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church could join with the Roman Catholic. The 10 nations of Revelation 17 will be Catholic.

    How could Mr. Armstrong have prophesied these events so accurately? Because he had a deep understanding of Bible prophecy.

    These prophecies should strike fear in the minds of our peoples! Soon these prophetic events will be fulfilled with a sledgehammer impact! Nothing can stop them, except repentance.

    Are you ready for what lies ahead?

    The Beast of Revelation

    In Revelation 17:1-3, the angel says to John, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. [A]nd I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. God says a wondrous beast shall arise which will affect all inhabitants of the Earth.

    Continuing in verse 7: And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns. God revealed to Mr. Armstrong, through these verses in Revelation 17 and other scriptures, a great political beast rising in Europe, which will be joined by a great European religious beast in an unholy alliance to conquer the world. Religion is going to emotionally stir the Europeans. And then a megalomaniac will come on the scene to stir up the people as only someone like Hitler could.

    Verse 8 of Revelation 17 says, The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

    The word translated bottomless pit, or abyss, in verse 8 actually means underground. Thats where the Nazis have been since before the end of World War ii.

    The so-called Holy Roman Empire is going to rise to power one final time. Verses 9-12 read, And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen and one isthats when Mr. Armstrong came on the scene and began to understand all of these propheciesand the other is not yet comebut it is rising nowand when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

    The Bible shows that Satan the devil is the real power behind European unity. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon [Satan, see Rev. 12:9] gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority (Rev. 13:2). Satan knows he has little time left, and he is pushing political events and leaders in order for Europe to unify quickly.

    Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time (Rev. 12:12). The devil is using human emotion to achieve his ends. Even Satan must use something to unite people. A strong religion is often his best tool. Satan can use the ideals of the Holy Roman Empire to unite Europe. Europe thinks this will be for the worlds good. The Bible says otherwise.

    This unholy union wont last long, but these have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast (Rev. 17:13). Their entire existence will revolve around doing what Satan commands them to do. And it will be dreadful! For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be (Matt. 24:21).

    In Revelation 18:3, God tells us more about this great satanic system called Babylon. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

    And this great religious powerthis woman on the beastwhat will she do with her power? Verses 12 and 13 say she will make merchandise of slaves, and souls of men.

    The Vatican wrote this on January 12, 2003: European Parliament head Pat Cox has invited Pope John Paul ii to address the assembly, to mark the pontiffs key role in reuniting Europe, his spokesman said Sunday. The Irish head of the Strasbourg assembly hopes the visit will occur in the second half of this year, at a historic time for the European Union ahead of its enlargement next year.

    The spokesman said the hoped-for trip was not directly linked to the current debate on a future European constitution, which has been marked by fierce exchanges about references to religion.

    His trip to the European Parliament would reflect his dual status as head of the Vatican State and as a global spiritual leader.

    Actually, there have been very few fierce exchanges about references to religion. Otherwise, why are they inviting the pope to speak in the European Parliament? And when religion is discussed, it is almost always the Catholic religion. That religionand no otheris going to be a vital part of the EU constitution! The Vatican will guide the European Union. Bible prophecy makes that very clear (Rev. 13:11-15). Otherwise, it would not be the Holy Roman Empire.

    The pope is addressing the European Parliament to mark the pontiffs key role in reuniting Europe. And you can be certain that he will also guide Europes future!

    The deadly, very bloody Holy Roman Empire is being resurrected! Let the world beware!

    The Vaticans impact globally has never been more intense. But it is about to become 100-fold greater!

    The clouds are black and ominous, and the thunderbolts are about to come crashing down on our heads!

    Jeremiah spoke of a seething pot (Jer. 1:13). That pot is seething violently in Europe right now. And its about to boil over. Anti-Americanism is raging. Satan knows he has only a short time left, and his wrath is the worst ever! (Rev. 12:12). We should already feel the heat from this fiery, seething pot!

    People could see, and even feel, the seething if they only understood a little history. But they refuse to be taught by historyeven quite recent history!

    Time is the supreme factor in every event. There are only a few short years before the pot boils over. We should ratchet up our lives to the emergency level. We can no longer afford to squander time.

    Our indulgent press (Winston Churchills words) leaves many of our people confused, because its writings are so vague and lacking in facts. Too often they report smooth things (Isa. 30:10) and call the truth alarmist. But we are going to have to lay aside the easy, pleasurable way if we heed Gods warning.

    Gods curse is upon our peoples, and it will intensify until we repent. We hold the key to how intensely we are punished.

    Is your life geared to the last hour of this supreme crisis at the close?

    In the mid-1930s, Winston Churchill warned his people, Something quite extraordinary is afoot. All the signals are set for danger. The red lights flash through the gloom. He was concerned that Europe, and indeed the world, may be rescued from the catastrophe with which the future is loaded.

    Our crisis-laden future will be at least a thousand times worse than what Churchill faced. We face the worst suffering ever in mans historymega-death! There will be unburied piles of dead bodies around the Earth.

    Is this what it will take to revive us from the coma we are in now?

    Churchill and Germany

    In his biography of Winston Churchill, William Manchester wrote: The Germans, after all, had been belligerent for 2,000 years; British public school boys were taught that Civilization stops at the Rhine and the Danube, the frontiers of the Roman Empire, or, as Winston put it, A Hun alive is a war in prospect. In the past 70 years Germany had writ her name large on battlefields .

    If you understand Bible history and prophecy, you know the Germans have indeed been belligerent for 2,000 yearsand throughout their history!

    The Bible states that Germany has a warmongering heart, when they are militarily strong (Isa. 10:5-7). Assyria is the ancient name of Germany (for more information, write for our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire).

    Churchill emphasized this problem before World War ii. He said, Nothing but a change of the German heart can avert another catastrophe, and that was unlikely to come from within, for the true German nature has never changed! (ibid.). The Germans are a great people, but they have been victims of a cruel system. Their nature has been nurtured by the Holy Roman Empire, which has been directly led by the most evil being in the universe!

    Manchester also wrote, By the early 1930s, however, the strongest emotion aroused in Germanys neighbors was primitive terror. The Germans knew it; they had deliberately provoked it in two wars, and had even given it a name, Schrecklichkeit (frightfulness). The 19th-century Prussian strategist Karl von Clausewitz had encouraged it as a means of shortening wars by putting the enemy in a situation in which continuing the war is more oppressive to him than surrender. Teutonic troops, armed and dangerous, were frightful. They had practiced Schrecklichkeit in 1914, when bands of French and Belgian guerrillas defending their own soil had led to German executions of civilians, hostages and prisoners of war. Suddenly, Barbara Tuchman writes, the world became aware of the beast beneath the German skin. [And the worst aspects of that beast are to be manifested in the imminent future!]

    In the 1920s and 1930s, accounts of these crimes were suppressed by pacifists in das Ausland, that revealing German term which welded all nations outside the Reich into a single collective noun. The new line was that all tales of German atrocities in the Great War had been Allied propaganda. But Belgians who had treated their invaders with disrespect had in fact been led before firing squads as early as the second day of the war. German records proved it. If Belgian refugees slowed the German advance, hostages were picked at random and killed. One can find their gravestones today, inscribed 1914: Fusill� par les AllemandsShot by the Germans (ibid.).

    Meekly caving in toor empoweringGermany today is leading to a far worse disaster than Hitler and World War ii!

    A militarily powerful Germany loves to frighten other nations. Repeatedly it has become what the Bible calls a beast. And it is the beast of all beasts!

    How long will it take the world to learn what Winston Churchill knew so deeply? He taught us that lesson so effectively before and during World War ii. But we have refused to learn. Now the most terrifying events ever must engulf usbecause of our sins.

    America the Target

    In 2000, Germany gave then-U.S. President Bill Clinton the Charlemagne Prize. Yet Charlemagne waded through blood to conquer Europe (as Bismarck and Hitler did)! We can see why President Clinton was given such honor by the Germans. When Mr. Clinton was president, he knowingly empowered Germany to become the greatest political force in Europe. That criminal act will prove to be Americas worst foreign-policy disaster ever!

    This is a strange paradox. The U.S. is giving Germany control of the very nations that Hitler fought a bloody war attempting to conquer!

    Notice these startling media reports:

    Europe has begun a Balkans offensive. At the end of June, the European Union plans to take the reins of the peacekeeping mission in Macedonia from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Around the turn of the year, responsibility for the international police force in Bosnia and Herzegovina is to pass from the United Nations to the EU. Europeans hold the top posts in the interim UN_administration in Kosovo, and the kfor peacekeeping is increasingly becoming a European operation. Moreover, the EU, in the person of Javier Solana, its high representative for foreign and security policy, has taken over sponsorship of the Balkans latest political entity, Serbia and Montenegro (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 19, 2002).

    Nato is making a big push for the Europeans to take over the alliances military operations in Macedonia by March and in Bosnia early next year as the U.S. continues its steady withdrawal from the Balkans and the Europeans assume full responsibility for the region (Financial Times, London, Jan. 11, 2003).

    In addition to the significant amounts of EU aid these countries receive, all five (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) benefit from generous trade preferences. Since December 2000, the vast majority of products from southeast Europe have enjoyed duty-free and unlimited access to EU marketsthese arrangements are even more generous than those enjoyed by the candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe (

    The western Balkans have always been a turbulent area, and that tradition certainly continued over the last decade, when wars and conflicts scarred the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. The cluster of little states that emerged from the wreckage now often looks to the European Union as a guarantor of future prosperity and stability, as do its neighbors (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Jan. 7, 2003).

    Brussels will have no choice but to take over the Balkan peacekeeping mission for its own practical security and as a proving ground for EU military ambitions.

    With more pressing concerns in other parts of the world, the United Statesand nato by extensionis seeking to disengage permanently from the Balkans. That puts the onus on Europe to take full responsibility for its fragile southern flank (, April 29, 2002).

    With the United States committed to disengaging from the Balkans, Germany will emerge as the dominant power in there and, by extension, in European defense policy.

    The current struggle for influence over the region is rooted in history. Germany has always been closer to Croatia and Slovenia, and former Chancellor Helmut Kohls early recognition of their break from Yugoslavia helped to precipitate the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

    Germany is seeking to reassert itself at the center of Europe, and the Balkans play a big part in that strategy. It is an area where Germany can expand its military reach without frightening either itself or its neighbors. Berlin also would like to build on its ties with Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Bulgaria to pull both southern and Eastern Europe under its wing as the EU expands (, March 6, 2002).

    All of these journalists see that Germany is leading the EU. Now the Germans have an area (former Yugoslavia) to test and build their militaryrelatively unnoticed by the world! At the same time, the second leg, or foot (Eastern Europe), of the empire is developing.

    However, it gets even more troubling. Notice this revealing quote: Berlin Plus [an agreement between nato and the EU] gives the Europeans access to nato planning and assets for missions that they want to carry out independently of nato, provided that nato does not want to take the lead in the first place (Financial Times, London, Dec. 17, 2002).

    That means that the EU uses nato planning and assetsmostly build this Frankenstein monster. And the monster is already turning against its primary builderAmerica!

    It is leading to the worst world war ever. And America, the worlds number-one superpower, is going to be the number-one target! Our military power has beaten the Germans in two world wars. Germany plans to obliterate us first in the next war.

    World War iii will outstrip any destruction mankind can even imagine, by many times over! Now is the time to wake up.

    Doting on Her Lovers

    In Ezekiel 23:12, God condemns Israelprimarily America and Britainfor doting on the Assyrians, or Germans. Verse 17 says the mind of Israel is alienated from the Chaldeans, or the German-led Holy Roman Empire. The recent history of the two world wars show you our minds are indeed alienated from Germany. God condemns Israel for making the Germans our lovers and not trusting Him. Unless we wake up, the Holy Roman Empire will betray us and fight against us! Then we shall know very deeply what God thinks about our lovers!

    After an open-skies treaty, the Germans are now making surveillance flights over the United States. Also, all of our nuclear weaponry is now controlled from Washington d.c. There are no more submarines with independent authority to launch nuclear missiles. America and Britain are becoming dangerously vulnerable to their lovers, who will soon betray them!

    And Aholah played the harlot when she was mine; and she doted on her lovers, on the Assyrians her neighbours . Wherefore I have delivered her into the hand of her lovers, into the hand of the Assyrians, upon whom she doted (Ezek. 23:5, 9). This is a specific prophecy aimed at Israelthe American and British peoples in this end time! And they shall recompense your lewdness upon you, and ye shall bear the sins of your idols: and ye shall know that I am the Lord God (v. 49).

    In spite of this colossal tragedy, there is still good news. This towering crisis will bring our nations to repentance. Then they will really get to know the great God! Most of our peoples only think they know God today. What a shame that it takes such a terrifying crisis to awaken our peoples. But it doesnt have to be that way, if they would heed this message.

    Gods Protection

    Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired [Gods faithful people]; Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lords anger come upon you. Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lords anger (Zeph. 2:1-3). God is saying that if His people are loyal to what they have learned from Him, they can be hidden from the horrors that are soon to come upon this Earth!

    What is the key to being protected? We must seek God before the Tribulation strikes. That is the formula for escape: Seek God now! Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon (Isa. 55:6-7).

    What has happened in former Yugoslavia over the past decade is a major sign of how close Germany is to achieving its worldwide ambition.

    The history of Germany reveals where the events in Europe today are leading. More importantly, Gods prophecies give us a preview of what is about to occur in Europeand how it will affect the whole world. What can you do before it is too late? Seek God while He may be found.

    Any political or economic crisis could strongly unite the 10 nations very quickly. The final prophesied version of the Holy Roman Empire could be here in a few short yearsor even months. Watch Germany. As Germany goes, so goes the European Union.

    But look at the good newsthe best news we could ever receive!

    This evil and profoundly deceitful political, 10-nation superpower will attempt to fight the returning Jesus Christ!

    Of course, Christ and His army will win. They will usher in a new civilization that will last forever. There will be peace, joy and abundance forever.

    This is the most important news we could ever hear!

    Sidebar: The Shocking Document

    Proof that during wwii, Nazi leaders and top German industrialists planned to rebuild the Nazi empire

    Enclosure No. 1 to despatch No. 19,489 of Nov. 27, 1944, from the Embassy at London, England.

    S E C R E T


    Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2

    7 November 1944


    SUBJECT: Plans of German industrialists to engage in underground activity after Germanys defeat; flow of capital to neutral countries.

    SOURCE: Agent of French Deuxieme Bureau, recommended by Commandant Zindel. This agent is regarded as reliable and has worked for the French on German problems since 1916. He was in close contact with the Germans, particularly industrialists, during the occupation of France and he visited Germany as late as August, 1944.

    1. A meeting of the principal German industrialists with interests in France was held on August 10, 1944, in the Hotel Rotes Haus in Strasbourg, France, and attended by the informant indicated above as the source. Among those present were the following:

    Dr. Scheid, who presided, holding the rank of S.S. Obergruppen-fuhrer and Director of the Heche (Hermandorff & Schonburg) Company

    Dr. Kaspar, representing Krupp

    Dr. Tolle, representing Rochling

    Dr. Sinderen, representing Messerschmitt

    Drs. Kopp, Vier and Beerwanger, representing Rheinmetall

    Captain Haberkorn and Dr. Ruhe, representing Bussing

    Drs. Ellenmayer and Kardos, representing Volkswagenwerk

    Engineers Drose, Yanchew and Koppshem, representing various factories in Posen, Poland (Drose, Yanchew and Co., Brown-Boveri, Herkuleswerke, Buschwerke, and Stadtwerke)

    Captain Dornbuach, head of the Industrial Inspection Section at Posen

    Dr. Meyer, an official of the German Naval Ministry in Paris

    Dr. Strossner, of the Ministry of Armament, Paris.

    2. Dr. Scheid stated that all industrial material in France was to be evacuated to Germany immediately. The battle of France was lost for Germany and now the defense of the Siegried Line was the main problem. From now on also German industry must realize that the war cannot be won and that it must take steps in preparation for a post-war commercial campaign. Each industrialist must make contacts and alliances with foreign firms, but this must be done individually and without attracting any suspicion. Moreover, the ground would have to be laid on the financial level for borrowing considerable sums from foreign countries after the war. As examples of the kind of penetration which had been most useful in the past, Dr. Scheid cited the fact that patents for stainless steel belonged to the Chemical Foundation, Inc., New York, and the Krupp company of Germany jointly and that the U.S. Steel Corporation, Carnegie Illinois, American Steel and Wire, and national Tube, etc. were thereby under an obligation to work with the Krupp concern. He also cited the Zeiss Company, the Leisa Company and the Hamburg-American Line as firms which had been especially effective in protecting German interests abroad and gave their New York addresses to the industrialists at this meeting.

    3. Following this meeting a smaller one was held presided over by Dr. Bosse of the German Armaments Ministry and attended only by representatives of Hecho, Krupp and Rochling. At this second meeting it was stated that the Nazi Party had informed the industrialists that the war was practically lost but that it would continue until a guarantee of the unity of Germany could be obtained. German industrialists must, it was said, through their exports increase the strength of Germany. They must also prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground as Maquis (in Gebirgaverteidi-gungastellen gehen). From now on the government would allocate large sums to industrialists so that each could establish a secure post-war foundation in foreign countries. Existing financial reserves in foreign countries must be placed at the disposal of the Party so that a strong German Empire can be created after the defeat. It is also immediately required that the large factories in Germany create small technical offices or research bureaus which would be absolutely independent and have no known connection with the factory. These bureaus will receive plans and drawings of new weapons as well as documents which they need to continue their research and which must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy. These offices are to be established in large cities where they can be most successfully hidden as well as in little villages near sources of hydro-electric power where they can pretend to be studying the development of water resources. The existence of these is to be known only by very few people in each industry and by chiefs of the Nazi Party. Each office will have a liaison agent with the Party. As soon as the Party becomes strong enough to re-establish its control over Germany the industrialists will be paid for their effort and cooperation by concessions and orders.

    4. These meetings seem to indicate that the prohibition against the export of capital which was rigorously enforced until now has been completely withdrawn and replaced by a new Nazi policy whereby industrialists with government assistance will export as much of their capital as possible. Previously exports of capital by German industrialists to neutral countries had to be accomplished rather surreptitiously and by means of special influence. Now the Nazi party stands behind the industrialists and urges them to save themselves by getting funds outside Germany and at the same time to advance the Partys plans for its post-war operation. This freedom given to the industrialists further coments their relations with the Party by giving them a measure of protection.

    5. The German industrialists are not only buying agricultural property in Germany but are placing their funds abroad, particularly in neutral countries. Two main banks through which this export of capital operates are the Basler Handelsbank and the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt of Zurich. Also there are a number of agencies in Switzerland which for a five per cent commission buy property in Switzerland, using a Swiss cloak.

    6. After the defeat of Germany and the Nazi Party recognizes that certain of its best known leaders will be condemned as war criminals. However, in cooperation with the industrialists it is arranging to place its less conspicuous but most important members in positions with various German factories as technical experts or members of its research and designing offices.

    For the A.C. of S., G-2.


    G-2, Economic Section

    Prepared by



    Same as EW-Pa 1,

    U.S. Political Adviser, SHAEF

    British Political Adviser, SHAEF

    Sidebar: Ahead of His Time

    Excerpts from a radio broadcast given May 9, 1945: Herbert Armstrong warned of Germanys post-war rise.

    The war is over, in Europeor is it? We need to wake up and realize that right now is the most dangerous moment in United States national history, instead of assuming we now have peace!

    Men plan, here, to preserve the peace of the world. What most do not know is that the Germans have their plans for winning the battle of the peace. Yes, I said battle of the peace. Thats a kind of battle we Americans dont know. We know only one kind of war. We have never lost a warthat is, a military war; but we have never won a conference, where leaders of other nations outfox us in the battle for the peace.

    We dont understand German thoroughness. From the very start of World War ii, they have considered the possibility of losing this second round, as they did the firstand they have carefully, methodically planned, in such eventuality, the third roundWorld War iii! Hitler has lost. This round of war, in Europe, is over. And the Nazis have now gone underground. In France and Norway they learned how effectively an organized underground can hamper occupation and control of a country. Paris was liberated by the French undergroundand Allied armies. Now a Nazi underground is methodically planned. They plan to come back and to win on the third try.

    The Bible foretells that third roundand it spells doom for us, as Gods punishment, because we, as a nation, have forsaken Him and His ways! The third round is termed, in prophecy, an invasion by babylona resurrected Roman Empirea European Union. I have been proclaiming that since 1927.

    Even at this conference, classes and races are demanding their rights. This conference, and the United Nations Organization it is forming, must solve three problems to succeed. First, Big Three unity; second, the serious problem of what to do with Germany to prevent World War iii; and third, solve the worlds injustices against smaller nations, and the growth and tactics of Communism toward world domination. Can it succeed?

    Sidebar: A Nice Gift From the U.S.

    Under the umbrella of nato, Germany has in recent years obtained complete acceptance by the West of the deployment of both its ground and air forces in combat roles. Not only that, the Kosovo conflict is gaining for Germany that which it has sought all along in the Balkans: a warm-water port.

    Durr�s, the principle port on the coast of Albania in the warm Adriatic Sea, is the plum. The port of Durr�s, located near the junction of the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas, is within closest proximity of any port in either sea to the largest concentration of ballistic and anti-ballistic weaponry in the entire Mediterranean region. The German-dominated EU is spending $17 million to renovate this port as it busily reconstructs Albanias infrastructure.

    Albania became the main base of operations for the peacekeeping forces in Yugoslavia during the Kosovo war. The trade-off was the huge benefit to its weakened ex-Maoist economy. As the U.S. and nato withdraw from the Balkans, their place is being taken by the emerging Euroforce. The German-led EU will eventually take over all of the infrastructure put in place and maintained to that point largely by U.S. and British taxpayers money in support of their defense contribution to lame-duck nato.

    In the Balkan Peninsula, it will then be game, set and match to Germany. Germanythe peace-broker in Kosovo, the future administrator of Kosovo and of the whole Balkan Peninsulathe lead nation in the Eurocombine shortly to rule the European continent and extend its powerful reach globally to impact all nations.
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
    Little Albania, NY
    12 falenderime n 12 postime

    Sun Dec 23, 7:56 PM ET

    WASHINGTON -- If you're pausing to consider what 2008's biggest trouble spots might be, take your finger and travel on the map to the belly of the Balkans, and stop at Kosovo, the enduring trouble spot.

    Actually, Kosovo is not yet a country in and of itself, although that is what it wants to be. Serbia claims it as a province, which is exactly what Kosovo does NOT want to be. The United Nations has been administering the 2 million Kosovars, 90 percent of whom are ethnically Albanians. But the Kosovars do not have the faintest taste for joining Albania and are not interested in staying under the control of the U.N., either.

    When you add the fact that the United States and the European Union support independence for Kosovo, while Russia supports Serbian nationalist intentions, you begin to understand that this is a problem that cannot be easily worked out.

    Personally, I gave up the notion that these two peoples could live together as early as September 1992, when the Balkan wars were raging and Serb Gauleiters had taken over Kosovo.

    Because journalists were forbidden from seeing what a wonderfully progressive "occupation" the Serbs were imposing upon the innocent Kosovars, I found myself in neighboring independent Macedonia, utterly determined to get in. Well, just try it, I thought -- so I got the wiliest Kosovar cab driver I could find, and we "attacked" the always crowded and dangerous border crossing.

    My choice was a good one. Sam (for such, strangely enough, was his name) saw no reason for waiting in line. No, at the border he simply swerved around long, snaking lines of cars, waved our two passports at his "friends," the border guards, and whisked me into the capital of Pristina, one of the most run-down cities I have ever seen. He also managed to get me nearly shot by machine gun-bearing Serb soldiers when I innocently tried to stroll about the university.

    In a run-down shack by the river, I spoke at some length with the melodramatic Ibrahim Rugova, head of the anti-Serb Kosovars whose Democratic League of Kosovo had set up a parallel state -- their own schools, banks, hospitals, universities, underground police, etc. A truly original 21st-century independence movement at its birth!

    This man, who would have seemed more at ease in a great dramatic work, at one point mused with me: "Kosovo ... It would be a tiny state, but we could do it ... It would be a good solution, sometime."

    By 2001, all of this had miraculously changed. By then he was the elected president of the parliament of Kosovo. They were freed from the Serbs' oppression, even though Kosovo still was officially a province of Serbia. Everything had changed because, after four years of NATO and the Europeans doing nothing to stop the Serb repression, in 1999 the United States bravely led NATO bombardments of Kosovo and drove the Serbs out.

    But something strange had happened during the Balkan war of the '90s with Serbia invading Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, all of whom became independent, as well as Kosovo, which did not.

    The Europeans sent peacekeepers to the region under the U.N., ostensibly to impose a United Nations brand of neutralism. But they insisted, in one of the most curious operations of modern times, that the U.N. could not take action, even when it was clear that the Serbs were the aggressors, having massacred tens of thousands of Kosovars. In effect, they declared that no one was innocent or really guilty, and so they would never have to take action -- and they never did.

    While the larger and more important parts of Serbia were going their independent ways, Kosovo, from 1999 until today, has been imperfectly run by the U.N. Now, as Serbian elections loom on Jan. 20, Serbia is demanding its solution -- keep Kosovo as an integral part of Serbia.

    Yet, in preparation for the independence that the vast majority of Kosovars want and the Europeans support, the European Union this fall pledged 1,800 police and administrative officials to Kosovo as part of a package of aid and diplomacy intended to move Kosovo quickly toward independence, while offering Serbia a "fast track" to membership in the E.U.
    The words of Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica recently revealed the attitudes of the Serbs. "It is unacceptable to speak of Kosovo, a province of Serbia, as a future state," he said. "It is especially insulting to offer to a crippled Serbia a reward of fast track to the E.U. in exchange for its consent to violence."

    Others might think that it is insulting to the world to pretend that the Serb violence against Kosovo never happened, and that it is deeply immoral to ask the Kosovars now to live with their oppressors.

    Moreover, a new Kosovar identity is emerging in the region. Kosovars are designing a new national flag, one, it is hoped, that would reflect a multi-ethnic identity and include the 10 percent of Kosovars who are ethnically Serbs. And President Rugova, before he died, even tried to rename Kosovo's indigenous dog the "Kosovo shepherd."

    What is clear here is that both Europe and the United States have every reason to stand by Kosovo in its natural desire and demand for independence. Indeed, what is the alternative? Stand by the Serbs who slaughtered some 250,000 of their "neighbors" during the '90s? There is a chance here for Europe, as well, to make up for its moral casualness in the Balkans during the '90s, and for the U.S. to embrace a truly righteous cause.

    As Charles A. Kupchan, professor of international affairs at Georgetown University, wrote recently in Foreign Affairs: "Kosovo's independence ... should not be held hostage to Serbia's inability to trust itself to behave responsibly. The United States and its European partners were too timid in confronting Serbian nationalism throughout most of the 1990s, and much blood was shed as a result. The international community should not make the same mistake today. Serbia's darker instincts need to be extinguished, not accommodated."
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
    Little Albania, NY
    12 falenderime n 12 postime
    Albanian nation will one way or another unite: Analyzer
    23 December 2007, FOCUS News Agency, Sofia

    In distant perspective the Albanian nation will one way or another unite, the Chairperson of the International Center for Studying the Minorities and Intercultural interactions Antonina Zhelyazkova commented in an interview for FOCUS News Agency.

    According to her sooner or later the independence of Kosovo will be declared regardless of whether it would be done by the government of Kosovo, or through some kind of agreement within the EU.
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
    Little Albania, NY
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    Lufta e Serbise me Historine
    Beteja e propagandes shkon deri ne te kaluaren e lashte. Serbia zyrtare krenohet me historine e saj heroike dhe te qendreses. Problemi i vetem jane faktet.

    Koment nga Christopher Bennett*

    Ndersa Serbia sfidon fuqine e Perendimit, shume Serbe krenohen se historia e tyre provon se pavaresisht nga ndryshimi i fuqise se armeve, ata asnje here nuk do te munden. Problemi eshte se versioni i te kaluares qe tregohet ne Beograd nuk qendron. Serbia nuk eshte duke luftuar vetem kunder NATO-s, ajo eshte ne lufte edhe me historine. Pasioni dhe ekspertiza me te cilat kaq shume Serbe flasin kaq shpesh dhe aq gjate rreth vendit te tyre dhe se kaluares se tij heroike permban nje mungese te madhe balance, paanesie dhe kuptimi. Opinionet bazohen pothuajse krejtesisht ne paragjykime dhe parakushte. Qe prej betejes famekeqe te Kosoves ne vitin 1389 deri ne ngjarjet e ketij shekulli, historia dhe mitet jane nderhturur ne nje besim pothuajse fetar nacional. Cdo njeri qe guxon te vere ne dyshim nenet e ketij besimi etiketohet si heretik. Sipas legjendes se Kosoves, udheheqesit Serb, Princi Lazer, i eshte ofruar ne prag te betejes nje mundesi per te zgjedhur midis nje mbreterie ne toke dhe nje ne parajse. Duke u betuar se “Eshte me mire te vdesesh ne beteje se sa te jetosh me turp,” ai zgjodhi boten tjeter, dhe per kete aresye u vra te nesermen, ne ate qe perkujtohet si nje disfate e lavdishme qe i dha fund perandorise Serbe te Mesjetes dhe qe coi ne pothuajse pese shekuj erresire nen zgjedhen e huaj Otomane. Eshte e vertete, qe nje beteje u be ne diten e Shen Vitus ne 1389 ne Fushe Kosove, fusha e zogut te zi, nete cilen Princi Lazar dhe Sulltan Murati, udheheqesi Otoman, u vrane qe te dy. Deri ketu eshte e qarte. Megjithate, pothuajse cdo aspekt tjeter i betejes--perfshire edhe perfundimin e saj--mbetet nje mister. Bazuar ne provat historike, si ushtria Otomane ashtu edhe ajo Serbe ka shume mundesi qe te kene qene forca shumekombeshe. Ne fakt, ka shume mundesi qe pjesa me e madhe e popujve te Krishtere te Ballkanit, perfshire ketu edhe Shqiptaret, te kene kontribuar me trupa per kauzen Serbe dhe se Serbet dhe Shqiptaret te kene luftuar ne te dyja krahet. Per sa i perket rezultatit, duket se beteja nuk ka qene aq e rendesishme dhe decisive sa eshte pershkruar. Rezultati ka qene me teper nje barazim se sa nje fitore e Otomaneve, sepse forcat Turke menjehere pas kesaj beteje u terhoqen nga rajoni. Vete perandoria Serbe ishte shkaterruar qe perpara 30 vjeteve, megjithese pavaresia e shtetit mbeti ne fuqi edhe per 70 vjete te tjere. Mitet historike ne asnje menyre nuk jane vetem ekskluzive te Serbeve, dhe natyrisht, nuk jane domosdoshmerisht te demshme. Ne te vertete, shume shoqeri kane nxjerre forca nga legjendat--pavaresisht ne se ka qene ajo e Arturit apo ajo mbi Washingtonin dhe pemen e qershise--te cilat, ne se shikohen me sy kritik, nuk kane baza historike. Ndryshimi me marreveshjen e Kosoves, eshte qe me ane te saj eshte abuzuar per te rrenjosur nje ndjenje viktimizimi tek Serbet e cila i ka verbuar ata kunder popujve te tjere te Ballkanit. Plani vdekjeprures per Serbine e Madhe ne fund te shekullit te 20te doli nga mendimet dhe shkrimet e Dobrica Cosic, nje prej romanciereve me te njohur ne Serbi dhe nje shkrimtar i epikave historike popullore. Cosic ka qene partizan gjate Luftes se Dyte Boterore dhe nje mik i Titos per me teper se 20 vjet, por megjithate ai nuk mund te binte dakort me perpjekjet e Titos per te emancipuar Shqiptaret e Jugosllavise dhe u likuidua per nacionalizem ne vitin 1968. Gjate periudhes se frustracionit te tij per renien nga maja e piramides, Cosic zhvilloi nje teori komplekse dhe paradoksale te persekucionit kombetar Serb. Pas me shume se dy dekadave, kjo teori evoluoi ne nje program per Serbine e Madhe te cilin Slobodan Miloshevici fillimisht e beri te tijen dhe pastaj e ndoqi. Psikologjia kombetare Serbe e cila ka revoltuar boten qe prej vitit 1991 nuk eshte pra produkti i nje evolucioni historik ne shekuj, por eshte fabrikuar me qellim dhe eshte kultivuar intensivishtnga media Serbe qe prej ardhjes ne pushtet te Miloshevicit, ne vitin 1987. Mit, fantazi, gjysem te verteta dhe genjeshtra te plota jane transmetuar cdo nate neper lajmet e televizionit. Teoria e nje komploti e enderruar nga nacionaliste te frustruar si Cosic ne fund te viteve 1960, 1970 dhe ne fillim te viteve 1980 eshte bere e vertete. Cdo ngjarje e ndodhur ne historine Serbe eshte rritur dhe shtremberuar per te ushqyer kompleksin e persekutimit te njerezve te thjeshte, te cilet ne nje kohe te renies se madhe te standartit te jeteses, gradualisht u pushtuan nga vala e ksenofobise. Atmosfera ishte aq e nxehte dhe fushata aq gjithe perfshirese sa njerezit humben kontaktin me realitetin. Sipas ortodoksise se re, Serbet ishin viktima te shfrytezuar nga dhe ne rrezik prej popujve te tjere te Jugosllavise. Ndersa ata kishin bere sakrifica te panumerta dhe kishin derdhur gjak per te krijuar Jugosllavine dhe kishin qene fitues neper luftera, ata ishin gjoja mashtruar ne kohe paqe dhe shperndare neper disa republika ne kohen e shtetit te decentralizuar te Titos. Si cdo teori tjeter komploti, ka edhe ketu nje grimce te vertete ne ortodoksine e re Serbe. Por eshte nje grimce teper e vogel. Po te shikohen per shembull, marredheniet ndermjet Serbeve dhe Kroateve. Ndersa propagandistet e sotem (ne te dyja krahet) thone se keta popuj kane luftuar me njeri tjetrin qe prej shume kohesh, rivaliteti Serbo-Kroat eshte ne fakt nje fenomen i shekullit te 20te. Ne shekullin e 19te, nacionalistet Kroate, te cilet ishin te zene duke luftuar ndaj Austriakeve dhe Hungarezeve, kane qene ne fakt admirues te medhenj te Serbise dhe perkrahesit me te medhenj te nje shteti Jugosllav. Dhe partia ne fuqi ne parlamentin Kroat te vitit 1914 e cila votoi per te nisur luften me Serbine ishte Koalicioni Serbo-Kroat. Me pas vjen Lufta e Dyte Boterore. Per Serbet, ky konflikt eshte prova me e madhe qe ata kane pothuaj nje monopol te vuajtjeve dhe si rrjedhim nuk mund te bejne asgje te keqe. Ne fund te fundit, ata do te thone se luftuan perkrah aleateve kunder Nazisteve dhe pesuan shume humbje ne njerez. Por a eshte me te vertete kjo nje pamje e asaj qe ka ndodhur? Ne nje shkalle te madhe Lufta e Dyte Boterore ne Jugosllavi ka qene nje perzierje e disa lufterave civile te cilat kane pasur pak te bejne me luften boterore qe luftohej jashte vendit. Te gjitha grupet, me perjashtim te Slloveneve, kane luftuar kunder Serbeve, megjithese jo te gjithe ne unison, ndersa nacionalistet ekstreme ne te gjitha krahet kane pasur mundesi te nxisin fantazite e tyre me te cmendura. Pjesa kryesore e ushtrise partizane te Titos ne fillim perbehej kryesisht nga Serbe te cilet largoheshin krimet e Ustasheve ne Kroaci dhe Bosnje, por jo nga Serbe prej brenda Serbise. Pervec se nje kryengritje te shpejte ne vitin 1941, e cila u shtyp egersisht, Serbia mbeti pak a shume e qete deri prane fundit te luftes. Hitleri vendosi nje udheheqes Kuisling, Gjeneralin Milan Nedic, i cili ishte besnik ndaj Nazisteve. Ne mungese te luftimeve, Nedic qe ne gjendje te spastronte komunitetin Hebre te Serbise nen mbikqyrjen e Gjermaneve, ne menyre me efikase se sa Ustashet komunitetin Hebre te Kroacise dhe Bosnjes. Megjithate, propagandistet Serbe ne vitet 1990 nuk hezituan te flisnin per nje ndjenje te vecante afersi midis Serbeve dhe Hebrenjve. Edhe ceshtja e te vrareve gjate luftes eshte shtremberuar shume. Numri zyrtar i Jugosllaveve te cilet kane vdekur ne luftime ndaj fuqive te Aksit ishte 1.7 milion. Shifra ishte vetem nje numer i perafert i kalkuluar menjehere pas luftes per qellime te demshperblimeve dhe ato propagandistike. Tito synonte qe nga njera ane te merrte sa me teper kompensime nga Gjermania dhe nga ana tjeter ti tregonte botes shkallen e heroizmit dhe vuajtjeve te Jugosllavise. Por ne qarqet nacionaliste Serbe, te cilat veprojne ne baze te principit “ sa me shume aq me mire”, shifrat e serbeve te vdekur zmadhohen deri ne nivele absurde--ngadonjehere deri ne 700,000 vetem ne kampin famekeqe te perqendrimit ne Jasenovac. Gjate viteve 1980, kerkime te pavavrura mbi kete ceshtje nga dy njerez Bogoljub Kocovic, nje serb i emigruar dhe Vladimir Zerjavic, nje kroat, kane dhene rezultate shume te ngjashme. Te dy kerkuesit nuk jane bazuar mbi numerime te trupave apo mbledhje te kujtimeve te te mbijetuarve por mbi analiza kompiuterike te regjistrimit te popullsise dhe indekseve demografike. Sipas Kocovic, shifrat e te cilit jane pak me te larta se ato te Zerjavic, rreth 1,014,000 ose 6.4% e popullsise se Jugosllavise se vitit 1941, kane vdekur gjate ose menjehere pas Luftes se Dyte Boterore nga te gjitha krahet. Sipas rezultateve te tyre, ne shifra absolute, serbet kane pasur humbjet me te medha, me 487,000 te vdeku. Shifrat jane tronditese--dhe vetem numrat nuk mund te japin ne menyre adeguate tmerret e kryera. Por per fat te mire ato jane shume me te uleta se shifrat zyrtare, dhe natyrisht me te uleta se ato te ekstremisteve nacionaliste. Kontributi i Jugosllavise ne radhet e Aleateve eshte gjithashtu ekzagjeruar shume, se pari nga vete fituesit dhe me vone edhe nga zyrtare shteterore te cilet deshironin te justifikonin politiken e mosnderhyrjes ne konfliktin e tanishem. Per shkak te kaosit te shkaktuar nga lufterat civile brenda Jugosllavise, Gjermania asnjehere nuk ka pasur nevoje te vendose nje numer te madh trupash atje.

    Te vetmet here qe Gjermania ka pasur nje numer te madh trupash ne Jugosllavi ka qene gjate pushtimit 12 ditor me 1941 dhe me 1944 kur trupat e vendosur ne Greqi u terhoqen nepermjet Jugosllavise. Perndryshe, Gjermania eshte mbeshtetur ne aleatet e saj, Italianet, Hungarezet dhe Bullgaret, si edhe tek bashkepunetoret vendas per te mbajtur nen kontroll Jugosllavine. Luftimet me te ashpra jane kryer kryesisht ne Bosnje. Pavaresisht se c’fare aspekti te historise Serbe studion, versioni zyrtar i dale nga Beogradi duket se bie ne kundershtim me faktet. Ajo qe eshte vecanerisht e trishtueshme, eshte qe deri pak kohe me pare, perpara daljes ne skene te Miloshevicit , Serbia ka qene republika me liberale dhe progresive ne Jugosllavi. Mediat serbe ishin vecanerisht te hapura ne baze te standarteve te Europes Lindore dhe opozita politika ishte e tolerueshme madje edhe inkurajohej. Duke pare prapa ne historine serbe eshte e mundshme te interpretosh shume ngjarje ne menyra te ndryshme madje edhe te gjesh periudha te bashkepunimit midis serbeve dhe joserbeve. Pavaresisht nga rezultatet e fushates se NATO-s e ardhmja e Serbise mund te varet ne nje pjese te madhe nga lufta me historine e saj.

    *Christopher Bennett eshte ish drejtor i Grupit Nderkombetar te Krizave ne Ballkan dhe autor i librit Shkaterrimi i Pergjakshem i Jugosllavise
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
    Little Albania, NY
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    Serbia at a crossroads as loss of Kosova looms

    By Ellie Tzortzi - Analysis
    BELGRADE (Reuters) - When Serbia's leaders appeal to the United Nations on Wednesday to block independence for its breakaway Kosovo province, it will be a plea based on history, emotion and the bitterness of 15 years of defeats.
    It will also be a reminder to the West that although nationalist Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic is dead, the hardline defiance and victim complex he exploited in his people is still part of the national psyche.

    "Most Serbs have never visited Kosovo and don't want to go to Kosovo, but they see it as part of their founding legend," said James Lyon, senior Balkans adviser of the International Crisis Group think-tank.

    Serbs are brought up on poems of the medieval kingdom, defeated by the Ottomans in the epic Kosovo battle of 1389. The national myths are tied to the symbolism of a land that is home to the Serbian Orthodox church and hundreds of monasteries.

    "Even for Serbs who are not religious, Kosovo is a defining point," Lyon said. "Once you bring up Kosovo, rationality goes out the window. Serbs are so sold on this legend and myth, they don't know what the reality is."

    The U.N. Security Council meets on Wednesday to discuss Kosovo's future after negotiations failed to secure agreement. The Kosovo Albanians have said they plan to declare independence within months, despite Serbia's fierce opposition.

    Multi-ethnic as far back as the Middle Ages and contested by warring neighbors, Kosovo had a mostly Albanian population by the early 1900s. In Josip Broz Tito's socialist Yugoslavia after World War Two, it had a high degree of autonomy and relative social and ethnic peace.

    Milosevic's rise to power -- heralded by a bellicose speech he delivered in Kosovo in 1989 -- rolled back many of the rights of the 90-percent Albanian majority.

    When a guerrilla war against Serb forces began in 1998, the crackdown was brutal. About 10,000 civilians were killed, mostly Albanians, and 1 million were expelled for months.

    NATO bombed Serbia for 78 days in 1999 until Milosevic withdrew troops. The U.N. took over Kosovo, keeping a lid on Albanian independence dreams.

    Croatia and Bosnia fought free of Serb-dominated Yugoslavia to internationally recognized independence but Serbia kept a fig leaf of sovereignty over Kosovo through U.N. resolution 1244.

    Serbs were never told they had been defeated, said Srdjan Bogosavljevic, analyst at Strategic Marketing polling agency.
    "Generals were given medals and Milosevic presented it as a big victory," he said. "All those in power since have stuck to that line, never spelling out that Serbia lost the war. This denial will last as long as the political elite insists on it."

    Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica is at the vanguard of the new battle for Kosovo. Once hailed by the West as a moderate, he now epitomizes the hardline challenge to the West.

    "For us, Kosovo independence does not exist and cannot be," he told Russian television last week. If the West recognizes Kosovo it would be to create "a puppet state", but Serbia was relying on Russia to block U.N. recognition forever, he said.
    Tim Judah, an author and commentator on the Balkans, said Serbs would feel they would be losing yet another war, although many mistrusted their politicians and knew Kosovo was lost.

    "There is a feeling that we are at the end, that the destruction of Yugoslavia started in Kosovo and will end in Kosovo," Judah said. "But Kosovo has another resonance, it's more important historically and spiritually."

    Serbia has offered the Albanians "maximum autonomy", all the trappings of statehood without the borders, army and U.N. seat.

    A plan to give Kosovo independence under European Union supervision was blocked by Russia but a majority of EU member states plan to implement it anyway.

    Some 70 percent of Serbs want Serbia to join the wealthy EU, government polls say. But 75 percent would reject membership if it were conditioned on Serbia recognizing an independent Kosovo.

    Kosovo is expected to declare independence in the first few months of 2008. Analysts expect protests, hardline rhetoric and maybe a resurgence of nationalism or a symbolic tilt to Russia.

    "The 'Greater Serbia' idea feeds on crisis," said Andjelko Milardovic of the Zagreb-based Centre for Political Studies. "It would take a transformation of Serbian society, and improvement of social and economic conditions, for it to lose its appeal."

    The EU has offered Serbia a fast track to membership to help overcome the loss of Kosovo, once it arrests the last four Serbs wanted by the Hague war crimes tribunal.
    No matter what the West does, Serbia's destiny is in the hands of rival leaders Kostunica and President Boris Tadic. Tadic, seen as a pro-Western moderate, faces ultra-nationalist Tomislav Nikolic in a presidential election next month.

    "There is an ideological conflict going on right now," Judah said. "How that conflict is resolved in the next weeks and months will determine Serbia's future in the next 10 years."
    (Editing by Timothy Heritage)
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e Arb
    Little Albania, NY
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    Dear A - I am writing this because some of my best friends are Serbs, and because of the historical links between Serbs and Jews. Some of my best friends are also Kosovar Albanians, and as Jews, who have been stateless for such a long time, many of us understand and support their quest for self-determination and independence.

    This is a crucial time for Serbia, and it appears that because of a fixation on the past - revered and sacred as it may be - Serbia may be forfeiting its chance of future association with the European Union, to which by history and culture your country certainly belongs.

    Let us first start with the incontrovertible facts of the present: 90% of the population of Kosovo is ethnic Albanian, and they will never willingly revert to Serbian rule, which after the annexation of Kosovo to Serbia in 1913 has been to them a continuous history of exclusion, discrimination and eventual ethnic cleansing. Nor will the democratic West accept a return of Serbian rule.

    Does it mean that the Kosovar Albanians are blameless? Of course not. In ethnic conflict no side is totally right or totally wrong.

    I know you view Kosovo as your Jerusalem, and this argument falls on willing ears in Israel and among Jews generally.

    But if the population of Jerusalem would have been 90% Arab, the Israeli claim to it would certainly be very tenuous.

    I know you have deep historical associations with Kosovo, which since the emergence of Serbian nationalism in the 19th century has been christened "the cradle of Serbian civilization."

    Yet one cannot draw 21st century borders according to historical links which overlook the wishes of the present population. The question is not territory, but people. It is for this reason that most Israelis today are willing to give up claims to the historical regions of Judea and Samaria, even willing to consider Palestinian rule over parts of Jerusalem. History clashes with reality: this may be unfortunate, but one has to confront it.

    I KNOW you claim that for centuries Serbia has been a bulwark of Christian Europe against Islam. I leave aside the unpleasant "clash of civilizations," if not racist overtones, of this claim. But - let's again be realistic: after all, you lost the battle of Kosovo in 1389 to the Ottomans, so you were not that successful in defending Europe against Islam (whatever this may mean).

    You offer the Kosovo Albanians autonomy, not independence. Put yourself in their shoes. Was "autonomy" under Turkish rule in the 19th century sufficient for the Serbs? What's the difference?

    I know all this may be very painful to you; and with some justification you may ask me: How can you call yourself a friend of the Serbs after saying all these things?

    For a simple reason: I would like to see Serbia join Europe, just a Slovenia did and Croatia may in the future. Do not exclude yourself because of historical memories, do not be your own worst enemy. Do what modern nations - the French and the Germans, for example - have done after centuries of warfare: emancipate yourself from the shackles of the past, cut you loses (yes, modern nations have to do this too) and shape your future according to the values of self-determination and mutual acceptance.

    And those Serbs, who would like to visit the monasteries and other historical sites in Kosovo, could do this - as today ethnic Germans visit their ancestral sites in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, without laying claims to these regions because of their centuries-old associations with them.

    Serbia is a proud nation. It has a bright future ahead of it. Don't let the past steal it away from you.

    The writer is professor of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the author of a recently published intellectual biography of Theodor Herzl.
    Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
    Micheal Jordan

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    zhapik buster Maska e drity
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    "Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia and Romania are ranked among 70 world nations with high levels of human development in an annual UNDP report released in late November.

    Albania and Macedonia have achieved improvements that have enabled them for the first time to join the group of nations with high levels of human development, according to the UNDP's annual Human Development Report, released on November 27th.

    As in previous years, the report ranks 175 UN member countries, along with Hong Kong and the Palestinian territories, according to their levels of human development, placing them into three groups: high, medium and low. Serbia and Montenegro are among 17 nations not included in the Human Development Index (HDI) rankings this year due to insufficient data. The index gauges countries' average achievements in three basic dimensions of human development: life expectancy, adult literacy and income, as measured by GDP per capita in purchasing power parity in US dollars. Most of the data used in the assessment is for 2005. Iceland was ranked first this year, with a score of 0.968, ahead of Norway, which had held the top spot for the previous six years. Australia, Canada and Ireland round out the top five positions.

    Albania and Macedonia were included with an overall score of 0.801 each, just 0.001 above the mark dividing the group from that of nations with medium levels of human development. Albania has moved up five places to 68th after improving its overall score by 0.017, thanks to its higher life expectancy index and an increase in its GDP per capita of more than $300. Although Macedonia has improved its overall score by 0.005, the country now ranks 69th, down from 66th last year, when the high human development group included 63 nations. Its higher score reflects an increase in its GDP per capita of about $600 and a 0.1 per cent improvement in its combined gross enrollment ratio for primary, secondary and university education, at 70.1p.c. this year.

    All other SEE countries, except for Turkey, placed among the 70 nations in the high human development group. Among them, Greece once again ranks highest with a score of 0.926, retaining the 24th place. It has the highest combined gross enrollment ratio for primary, secondary and university education (99 p.c.) and, with a GDP per capita of $23,381, Greece has the highest GDP among countries in the region. With a score of 0.903 -- the same as last year -- Cyprus has moved up a place to be ranked 28th. A life expectancy of 79 years makes it the regional leader in this indicator. Despite its higher overall score this year -- 0.850, up from 0.841 in the 2006 HDI -- Croatia has slipped three positions to 47th. In terms of adult literacy, which is at 98.1 per cent, it ranks third in the region afterAlbania and Bulgaria, where 98.7 p.c. and 98.2 p.c. of the people aged 15 and older are literate, respectively. Croatia is ahead of both EU members Bulgaria and Romania. However, an improvement of 0.008 in Bulgarias overall score -- raising it to 0.824 -- has allowed the country to move up one place to 53rd. Compared to the 2006 HDI, the countrys GDP per capita has increased by nearly $1,000 to stand at $9,032.

    Romania, which joined the EU on January 1st, 2007, along with Bulgaria, is again ranked 60th with an overall score of 0.813, reflecting its lower indices for life expectancy, adult literacy and combined gross enrollment ratio for primary, secondary and university education. Bosnia and Herzegovina has slipped four positions to 66th, but has slightly improved its overall score, set at 0.803, up from 0.800 last year. An increase of 0.018 in its overall score, now at 0.755, has allowed Turkey to move up eight places since last year, to be ranked 84th. However, it is still among the 85 nations in the medium human development cluster.

    Twenty-two countries -- all in sub-Saharan Africa -- fall into the category of low human development. Mali, Niger, Guinea-Bissau, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone fill the last fivepositions in the HDI, with scores ranging from 0.380 to 0.336.
    When you are in it up to your ears, keep your mouth shut.

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    automotive Maska e ClaY_MorE
    16 falenderime n 16 postime

    Shtypi botror izolon Shqiprin.

    I shkruajn Presidentit Topi: Mos e dekreto ligjin, prek edhe librat

    Nga ktej e tutje, pr t lexuar gazetat dhe revistat prestigjioze ndrkombtare n Shqipri n variantin e printuar do t jet nj gj e pamundur. Botuesit ndrkombtar kan reaguar menjher pas vendimit t Parlamentit shqiptar pr t futur n skemn e Tatimit mbi Vlern e Shtuar edhe produktet e shtypit q vijn nga importi. Dje, shprndarsit e shtypit botror njoftuan se e kan pezulluar drgimin e gazetave t huaja n Shqipri, pr shkak se Parlamenti shqiptar aprovoi muajin e kaluar vendosjen e Tatimit mbi Vlern e Shtuar mbi to. Kjo, sipas Peter Emond, menaxher i prgjithshm i agjencis "Distripress", me qendr n Zvicr, ka rritur dukshm kostot e drgimit t shtypit ndrkombtar n Shqipri. Pr pasoj, "Financial Times", "La Repubblica", "The Economist", "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" apo "Le Monde" do ti mungojn lexuesit shqiptar, duke rikthyer historin e prpara 17 viteve, ku regjimi totalitar e kishte ndaluar tregtimin e ktyre gazetave apo revistave n vendin ton. Pr pasoj, ktej e tutje rruga e vetme q u mbetet shqiptarve pr t msuar se far shkruajn gazetat m n z t bots, do t jet interneti. "Distripress" i sht drejtuar pr kt problem madje edhe Presidentit shqiptar, Bamir Topi, duke i krkuar atij t mos e dekretoj ligjin q aprovoi Parlamenti muajin e kaluar. Ligji n fjal takson me 20 pr qind t gjitha produktet e shtypit, t cilat hyjn n Shqipri. Nj kopje e letrs i sht drguar dhe agjencis amerikane t lajmeve "Associated Press". "Ligji i ri do t detyroj shoqrit e shprndarjes t ndalojn aktivitetin e tyre. Kjo do t thot fundi i prezencs s shtypit ndrkombtar n Shqipri. Por ligji mund t prek edhe importet e librave t huaj.

    Letra tjetr

    Por, ajo e shprndarsve t shtypit t huaj, nuk sht letra e par q ka mbrritur n tryezn e Presidentit t Republiks s Shqipris. M par, Bamir Topit i ishin drejtuar edhe botuesit shqiptar. "Ne krkojm nga Presidenti Topi q t mos e dekretoj kt ligj, i cili nuk ka logjik ekonomike dhe sht i dmshm pr kulturn dhe reformn n arsim", thuhej n letrn q ata i kan drejtuar Presidentit Topi. N kt letr, botuesit shqiptar kan argumentuar se ligji favorizon interesa t ngushta t disa personave n pushtet, t lidhur me shtypshkronja t caktuara dhe diskriminon grupe t tilla interesi, si: botuesit, autort e teksteve shkollore dhe drejtprdrejt msuesit e nxnsit q i prdorin kto tekste. N letr, ata kan shpjeguar se vendosja e TVSH-s pr librat vetm n import, i vendos shtypshkronjat e vendit n pozita favorizuese prkundrejt shtypshkronjave jasht vendit dhe cenon parimin baz t barazis n konkurrenc, duke i shmangur shtypshkronjat e vendit nga konkurrenca dhe nxitja pr t rinovuar teknologjit e tyre t vjetruara. "N kto kushte, edhe mimet e shtypjes nuk ka gjasa t bien n nivelet e mimeve n t cilat punojn shum shtypshkronja t rajonit, por prkundrazi, t rriten", pohojn botuesit, duke shtuar se sipas ktij ligji, detyrohen tu drejtohen vetm shtypshkronjave t vendit, por paradoksi sht se as kapaciteti, as cilsia e shtypjes dhe as afatet e shtypjes nuk do t mund ta bjn t realizueshme kt.

    Gazeta Shqip
    Jeta ime, mban emrin e saj..

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    Fierak 100% Maska e Ujku'80
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    Nje menyr e thjesht por mjaft efikase per te hequr qafe shtypin dhe botimet e huaja. Tani sali te ngelet te mos na lesh te shohim as tv e huaja.
    Libert, galit, fraternit

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    i/e regjistruar Maska e ajzberg
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    Eshte gafa me e madhe po te ndodhi,keshtu dhe mezi blen nje liber duke u zene me gruan.
    Dija eshte injorance e mesuar.....

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    ish- Ballisti_Tetove Maska e Cimo
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    Bajroni shqiptar, n mbar botn


    Ndr 23 portrete t Bajronit q mbushin selin e “National Gallery” n Londr, ai m i famshmi “Bajroni me kostum shqiptar”, prfshihet n nj katalog bashk me 2500 piktura n vaj, botuar n Angli, nga ku do t shprndahen n Mbretrin e Bashkuar dhe n qindra ministri apo prfaqsi angleze n mbar botn. Por pak e din q piktura e famshme e Thomas Phillips-it, shfaqur pr vizitort dhe riprodhuar pr katalogt, sht nj kopje e br nga vet autori pas vdekjes s Bajronit. Piktura e vrtet, ajo pr t ciln poeti i njohur anglez ka pozuar n 1813-n, gjendet prej pesdhjet vjetsh n rezidencn e ambasadorit britanik n Athin

    sht nj rast i ri pr ta par srish Bajronin me kostum shqiptar n t gjith botn. Ndrkoh q origjinali i portretit ka mbetur mister pr publikun e gjer anglez. Nse kopja e “Bajronit me kostum shqiptar” ka thyer do lloj kureshtie n salln e “National Gallery” t Londrs, origjinali ndodhet prej 50 vitesh n selin e Ambasads Britanike n Athin. Ndr 23 portrete t Bajronit q mbushin galerin e “National Gallery” n Londr, vetm portreti me veshjen e shqiptare q sht m i famshmi s fundi botohet n nj katalog gjigant n mes 2500 pikturave.

    Por pak e din q piktura e famshme e Thomas Phillips-it, shfaqur pr vizitort dhe riprodhuar pr katalogt, sht nj kopje e br nga vet autori pas vdekjes s Bajronit. Piktura e vrtet, ajo pr t ciln poeti i njohur anglez ka pozuar n 1813-n, gjendet prej pesdhjet vjetsh n rezidencn e ambasadorit britanik n Athin.

    Kjo kopje del pr her t par brenda nj katalogu me piktura vaji n Mbretrin e Bashkuar, e cila do t shprndahet n qindra ministri apo prfaqsi angleze n mbar botn. Kt lajm t fundit e bn t ditur gazeta e prditshme britanike “The Guardian”.

    Si pr ironi t fatit, ndrtesa ku ka banuar pr pesdhjet vjet “Portreti i nj Fisniku me veshje shqiptare” ka qen shtpia e Elefterios Venizellosit, shpiksi i Megali Ideas. E bler n vitin 1936 pas vdekjes s Venizellosit nga qeveria britanike, ndrtesa n rrugn “Loukianou 2” ka shrbyer q ather si Ambasad Britanike n Athin, si edhe si rezidenc e ambasadorit, duke e br dshmitar t disa ngjarjeve historike, mes t cilave vizita e Winston rillit n dhjetor 1944.

    sht pikrisht pas prfundimit t lufts, q piktura iu fsheh publikut t gjer, duke u transferuar nga Akademia Mbretrore Angleze n Ambasadn Britanike n Greqi.

    Bajroni pozoi pr piktorin Thomas Phillips n vitin 1813, katr vjet pasi kishte bler n udhtimet e tij npr Ballkan kostumin e famshm shqiptar. Portreti vertikal e paraqet poetin t veshur me nj xhaket kadifeje t kuqe e t praruar dhe me nj shall t kuq me vija t kaltra pshtjell rreth koks si allm, me kmish t bardh dhe nj xhevahir t madh n jak, ndrsa mban n krah nj jatagan apo shpat me dorez t purpurt.

    N 1835-n, njmbdhjet vjet pas vdekjes s Bajronit, Phillps-i (1770-1845) do t riprodhonte pikturn e tij, e br ndrkoh e famshme. T parn ia dha t birit t poetit, i cili do t’ia dorzonte n 1862-shin Galeris Kombtare t Portreteve n Londr, ku gjendet edhe sot e ekspozuar pr t gjith, kopja tjetr, e porositur nga botuesi i Bajronit, John Murray, gjendet n zyrat e shtpis botuese n “Albermale Strt” n Londr.

    Thomas Phillips (1770-1845) ishte piktor i njohur pr tablot historike dhe portretet. Kjo faz e dyt e karriers s tij si piktor portretesh nis kur ai zgjidhet n Akademin Mbretrore n vitin 1808. Ishte profesor pikture n kt akademi n vitet 1825-1832. Phillips sht autor i portretit t poetit tjetr t njohur anglez, William Blake.

    Tani n vendin e tij do t shfaqet nj tjetr vepr e tij, e cila kishte mbetur “e fsheht” pr publikun e gjer dhe sht portreti i par, origjinali i “Bajronit me kostum shqiptar”, q do t dal edhe fizikisht nga Ambasada Britanike n Athin pr t’u br pjes e nj ekspozite mbi orientalizmin t organizuar nga “Tate Gallery” n disa vende t bots. “T rreptt bij t shqipes”, q drejtojn institucionet kulturore mund t prapen q “Portreti i nj fisniku shqiptar” me fytyrn e Lord Bajronit t ndalet edhe n Shqipri”.

    George Gordon, apo i njohuri si Lord Bajron vizitoi Shqiprin e Jugut n vitin 1810 dhe mbeti tejet i emocionuar nga bukuria e egr e ktij vendi, nga shpirti krenar i vendasve, nga zakonet dhe kostumet e tyre, aq sa do t’iu kushtonte vargjet e msiprme tek “Childe Harold”

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    zhapik buster Maska e drity
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    Ja edhe miqte tane qe perpiqen te na ndihmojne me sa munden.

    "Great Albania" as base for attack on Europe

    Ioannis Michaletos

    The ongoing Kosovo status culminations are inescapably related to the quest of “Great Albania” by Albanian nationalists, Islamic organizations and ambiguous international interests linked in various occasions with transnational criminal entities. The real cause of their aim is the influence across the Balkans so as to format a convenient base for their final target which is Europe.

    As it can be understood, the Albanian nationalists are mainly interested in creating a larger state by encompassing all Albanian minorities in the neighboring states. Inevitably that means conflicts across the Balkans for years to come, and it is puzzling how the international community is not interested enough to control the aims of the Albanians that first and foremost put in danger the European prospects of the whole of the region.

    Just a few days ago, Nait Hasani member of PDK Presidency called towards the goal of a greater Albania. “First there should be supervised independence as proposed by Ahtisaari. But it is known that Kosovo and Albania citizens are one nation who want to live in one state," Hasani is quoted as having told a Polish paper. It is interesting to have a glance of the bio of this individual that proposes a blunt border change.

    Nait Hasami In 1997, Hasani was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder of 3 Serbs in Decani and an attempted murder of the Dean of the Pristina University Radivoje Popovic, an ethnic Serb. In 2002, Serbian government gave Hasani an amnesty for the killings. Hasani is quoted of saying that the amnesty was a result of the pressure exerted by the Albanian "allies the USA". Today, Hasani is a member of the Kosovo Albanian government.

    It seems that justice can be very lenient when it comes in protecting persons that play their own role in creating instability in the Balkans, and that might just be the real intentions of the “Great Albania” movement.

    In parallel another interesting development occurred in Albania relating to the “Great patriotic highway” that will connect Tirana with Pristina for the first time. This scheme is a crucial step towards the unification of Albania and Kosovo, since there is no other alternative and viable route for the time being that passes through the rugged mountainous borderline of these areas. For instance, a Serbian blockade in Kosovo will have tremendous consequences because Albania is not able to transfer great amounts of commodities with its present day infrastructure.
    The Albanian parliament stripped the foreign minister of immunity on 27/12/2007, paving the way for the public prosecutor to charge him with corruption and abuse of power. The lawmakers voted 107-12 in favor of investigating Lulzim Basha over allegations of improperly favoring a U.S.-Turkish joint venture in the awarding of a highway construction contract while he was transport minister.

    Basha, who was transport minister from September 2005 until becoming foreign minister in April of this year, could be tried for abuse of power, corruption and causing the budget to swell by some €385 million (US$548 million).

    The allegations against Basha are related to an October 2006 deal the state signed with the Bechtel-Enka consortium, made up of San Francisco, California-based Bechtel International Inc. and Istanbul-based Enka.

    The consortium was awarded a €418 million (US$595 million) contract to build a 65-kilometer (40-mile) section of road.

    It must be noted that it is not the first time these two companies are accused in a corruption case in a joint Balkan project. In Romania there was a similar case as the “Alter media Information Group” reported.

    More specifically an article named: “Turkish mafia constructs highway” a whole series of incidents and investigations is being relayed to the readers. A 415 Km highway worth some 2,241 million Euros was negotiated to these companies in 2003. The Romanian media commented that Enka (Full name: Enka Insaat ve Sanayi AS) along with Bechtel aim to capture most of the contracts in the Balkans. More importantly Enka has run into trouble being accused for handing out bribes to Turkish politicians for the Ismit highway back in 1997, and with the “White energy” project in 2001 that caused political uproar due to suspicious dealings by Enka.

    Enka’s company website notes that, “Enka’s history begins in 1957, with the partnership between ?ar?k Tara and the late Sadi Glelik. The company was registered in Istanbul as a limited liability company with the name, “?ar?k Tara ve Sadi Glelik Enka Limited ?irketi.” Thus began a history of uninterrupted and accelerating development” Furthermore, according to Forbe’s Tara is one of the richest Turks with an estimated wealth of 1, 0 billion Dollars for 2006.

    A level further into this Balkan construction story, one can find 2006 deal between Bechtel and Enka, signed by the accused Albanian minister. The current Bush Administration up until early 2006 was hesitant in promoting Albanian nationalism and has serious second thoughts for the Kosovo independence-secession. Nevertheless that year witnessed a sudden turn in the USA policy that might be related to economic interests, taking into account the strong bonds between the incumbent Administration and the Bechtel Company.
    Enka is also viewed as a pivotal corporation for wider geoeconomic visions. In 2006 Enka along with the Greek Aktor joined forces and were awarded with a 2,0 billion Dollar contract to construct a large tourist complex in Oman, named Blue City in Muscat. The Turkish company has an interesting portfolio of projects in the Middle East and the acceptance of a Greek company is viewed as another way of combing forces that will ultimately include an influx of Turkish capital into the Balkans through Greece. Over the past few years and under a strong American backing various Greek & Turkish companies invested in each other assets, whilst in parallel Turkey’s policy was becoming further & further Islamic in nature.

    Certain connections can be outlined for the financial institutions that are linked to Islamic causes in Turkey, such as the Al Baraka Finance and the link between Faisal Bank (Now named Family Finance) which has its roots in Saudi Arabia and the core of the Islamic elite of that country. The former is linked to Islamic-Balkan affairs. Vakufska Banka (Islamic bank in Bosnia) has several partners in Europe and especially in Turkey, where the bank is above all the main correspondent of Al Baraka Turkish Finance House. Mohamed Galeb Kalaje Zouaydi, financial head of al-Qaida in Spain, and financier of the Hamburg cell, transferred to UBL Courier for Europe, Mohamed Baiahah (aka Abu Khaled), and $97,000 US on July 2000, through al Baraka Turkish Finance House in Turkey. According to the Spanish police documentation, Muhamed Galeb Kalaje Zouaydi used several times Al Baraka Turkish Finance House to transfer money to al-Qaida operatives

    The path towards a greater Albania and the Islamic element was early pointed out by the Tirana government back in 1992 when the then President Berisha included his country as a member of the Islamic Conference organization. In 9/2/1992 in the city of Skodra in Northern Albania Rejep Tsopa member of the Albanian Academy of Science, openly stated that the righteous solution of the “Albanian problem” would be the unification of all Balkan Albanians into a single state. It is important to highlight that Berisha draws his supports from the Ghegi Albanians of the North which have kinship bonds with the Kosovo and FYROM ones. That creates strong division with the Tosk Albanians of the South. One of the main characteristics of the former is their adherence to the Ottoman Empire and the modern day Turkey, whilst they were the first to collaborate with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in WW2. Currently these are the ones maintaining the closer ties with the various elements of the international Islamic fundamentalists, whilst the Tosks have closer relationship with Italy and Greece due to the prevalence of Christian religion and the stronger trade & social links.

    It wouldn’t be improbable as to assume that the current development with the Albanian foreign minister can be attributed to this North-South division that stretched back since the Middle Ages. More importantly the notion of great Albania is vividly supported by the Ghegi in order to expand their influence while the Tosks risk marginalizing themselves in an expanded Albania with a majority of Ghegis who are organized still in Fis and maintain traditional modes of social cohesion such as their adherence to the Kanoun scriptures.

    In 1997 the Albanian Academy proclaimed a “National dogma” by which they demand the autonomy of all Albanians living in FYROM, Montenegro apart from Kosovo who they viewed as independent ex post facto. Moreover they addressed the issue of the Albanians in Greece despite the fact that they were recent immigrants numbering a small percentage of the population.

    On 3.11/ 2005 Arben Tzaferi the leader of the Democratic Party in Skopje stated in UK TV that Kosovo should be united with Albania and in that case FYROM Albanians should join as well. On the 14th of March 2006 the Albanian minister of foreign affairs, Beshnik Moustafai commented in an Albanian TV program that Albania cannot guarantee for the borders of FYROM. He also claimed that he made that clear in front of an EU delegation earlier this year.

    On the 8th of April 2006, the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Kosovo, Kol Berisha also said around the possibility of border change in both Kosovo and FYROM.

    Continuing on August 2006, Kotso Donai a political consultant of the Albanian President Berisha gave an interview in the Epoka journal of Kosovo and explained that by 2013 the “Natural Albania” should be created. The date implies the 100 years after the independence of Albania in the end of the Balkan wars. Natural Albania is a coined term that implies the border change in every state neighboring Albania containing ethnic Albanian minorities.

    Lastly on the 10th of December 2007, Berisha along with Hashim Thaci appeared in the TV station “KLAN” and in the “Opinion” political debate program. Berisha said that “If we need to have one symbol for all Albanians, our official flag could change”

    Concluding the great Albania path is influenced by personalities such as Bexhet Pacoli, the richest Kosovo Albanian in the world. He has claimed that “In Washington I am paying a team of 60 people who are lobbying for Kosovo in the administration of President George Bush and in the U.S. Senate and Congress”

    He promoted the “Alliance for a new Kosovo” that propagates secession for the Eparchy from the Serbian state. According to the Free Republic "The Alliance for a New Kosovo is headed by two lobbyists from the U.S. offices of Jefferson Waterman, former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council Samuel Hoskinson and former deputy assistant secretary for East-West trade in the State Department Kempton Jenkins.

    This lobbying group will also act through its advisory body, which includes former U.S. secretary of defense and deputy CIA director Frank Carlucci, who served as secretary of defense in the Reagan administration and the long-time president of the Carlyle Group, a powerful military-industrial corporation.

    Among the senior advisors of Carlyle is former U.S. president George Bush, and until the September 11 attacks its executive board also included the Bin Laden family".

    The tangle of webs between Islamists from the Middle East, members of the American elite and Turkey’s use as a middle ground are all to be found in the path towards a great Albania. A nationalistic aim that will facilitate the entrance of “Green money” into Europe along with the complete devastation of the Balkans from a new round of wars and the consequent involvement of Russia that would want to safeguard its newly founded energy routes.

    On overall the present article aims to pin point some elements of the great Albania discussion, which was also commented in a previous article in Serbianna. It is an issue that encompasses the future geopolitical architecture of the Balkans and it is also related with the aims of Western economic interests that are collaborating with Islamic ones. Certainly is a matter that will be highly contested and debated for years to come.

    As Christopher R. Hill noted: "We spent the 1990s worrying about a Greater Serbia. That's finished. We are going to spend time well into the next century worrying about a Greater Albania. ”

    Hill was a US Ambassador to F.Y.R.O.M in 1999
    When you are in it up to your ears, keep your mouth shut.

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    kuku Maska e brooklyn2007
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    Sorry, Not Interested

    Jo dhe aq lajm i mire nga nje prej revistave javore me te famshme ketu ne USA

    Serbia refuses to give up Kosovoeven if it means giving up its shot at entering the European Union.

    By Michael Levitin | NEWSWEEK
    Jan 21, 2008 Issue | Updated: 11:14 a.m. ET Jan 12, 2008

    There's a dark joke going around Serbia these days: "Russia finished the cold war with Americaso Serbia is carrying on with it." Given the hostile stance of the two former superpowers over Kosovo, the assessment may be close to the mark. This week Washington heads to the United Nations Security Council's debate on Kosovo, with most of Europe alongside it, pressing for independence. But Serbia's Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected any future EU-imposed mission in Kosovo, and stands with the support of Russia and a growing list of countries including China, Indonesia and South Africa in its refusal to part with the regioneven, according to Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, if it means shelving EU membership talks.

    Serbia, it seems, has flipped the tables on the EU. For the first time, a European country outside the EU is not clamoring to be let in, but, on the contrary, making demands of its own, insisting Europe continue negotiations over Kosovo until an agreeable solution to all parties is met. To the Serb on the street, it's a perfectly rational move. When they look toward the EU's newest members, Romania and Bulgaria, they see their neighbors, admitted in 2007, with crumbling infrastructure and a lower average monthly income than the Serbs themselves. In a recent poll, 75 percent of Serbs rejected giving up Kosovo in exchange for EU membership.

    Now Serbia is demanding Europe line up "with us or against us" on Kosovo, and a number of EU states are leaning Serbia's way. Those opposed to a unilateral Kosovo declaration of independence include Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Greece. They argue that to forcibly separate the 90 percent ethnic Albanian and largely Muslim province from an unwilling Serbia will undermine stability in the Balkans and set a dangerous precedent for other separatist movements.
    Click Here

    For its part, the United States officially supports Kosovo's independence. But opposition has sprouted up. Former Navy admiral and Joint Chiefs of Staff adviser James Lyons warned this month against setting up a "Taliban-like state in the very heart of Europe" that "has known ties to the global jihad movement and organized crime." Its independence, he noted, will lead to a "train wreck" in relations with Russia. Last week former U.S. secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger cautioned against carving Kosovo away from Serbia for the repercussions it would have on future global policy.

    At the same time, Belgrade is tipping further from the West. It has recently talked with Russia's state-controlled energy giant Gazprom about selling it 51 percent of Serbia's state-owned oil company. Tomislav Nikolic, a leading candidate in the Jan. 20 presidential election, has been in discussions with Russia about establishing a Russian military base there.

    What to do? Serbia could generate some sympathy from the West by handing over war criminals like Bosnian Serb military chief Radko Mladic to The Hague. In return, the West might improvise a diplomatic solution of the sort that already exists in Taiwan and northern Cyprus, says Andrew Denison of Transatlantic Networks, a think tank in Bonn, Germany. "We don't really allow their independence, but they can say they're independent," he says. But until then, the Americans and Europeans will have to play shrewd power brokers and apply the brakes to their stated promise of Kosovar independencea promise many believe should never have been made.

    Meantime, things could become even more volatile. In this weekend's presidential election, Serbs will choose between Boris Tadic and the ultranationalist Nikolic. Tadic has long said Serbia's future lies with the EU. Yet the idea of giving up Kosovo is a nonstarter, even at the risk of further delaying entry into the European club. Nikolic takes a harder line. Kosovo, he says, must remain with Serbia, and he believes the European project is more or less irrelevant to Serbia. Russia is the neighbor that matters. For now, Tadic appears to be the front runner. But an upset victory by Nikolic, and the arrival of a hard-line government, may send negotiations spinning further out of control. His Radical Party could forge an alliance with Kostunica's far-right Democratic Party of Serbia, throwing EU prospects even further into doubt. With so much at stake, the West must ask itself whether a free Kosovo is worth further humiliating a volatile, Russia-backed Belgrade in the heart of the Balkans. This is one small, poor Eastern state that the EU may eventually want more than it wants the EU.

    2008 Newsweek, Inc.
    ABCDDhEFGGjHIJKLLlMNNjOPQRRrSShTThUVXXhYZZh (Alfabeti Shqip, 36 grma)

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